Finding Her Happy Ending

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History of Awrunia

Autumn has arrived in Awrunia after being here for a month. When I open the curtains of my room I see the beautiful autumn leaves shine from the morning sun rising over the horizon. The once green leaves are now orange, yellow, and red on the trees around Awrunia, and with Halloween just a few weeks away although Henry told me that there’s always a harvest festival during the first week of fall. Before I forget I decided to look up the history of Awrunia before Henry, the Queen, the spoiled princess or the maids and butlers wake up. I walked to my bed, grabbed my IPad unlocking it, and went on to the main Internet app that I began to type.

“History of Awrunia.” I said as I type it, and found ten thousand results on its history, and tapped on the right one.

“History of Awrunia: During the era of Great Britain a group known as the Awrunians were falsely accused of attempting to murder the royal family by those that despised them. King George after they were gathered had them be banished to an uninhabitable island, and be left there to die. Weeks after their banishment the Awrunians discovered gems, gold, and diamonds that with it they built a settlement using the priceless gems they discovered selling them for supplies, and food that they created a kingdom. Decided by a unanimous vote Seferen, and his family were chosen to be the Awrunian Royal Family, and they declared the island to be named Awrunia. King George, learning about this, sent his army to turn Awrunia into a British colony, but the Awrunians fought back, driving the army back, and Awrunia gained its independence by 1879.”

“Poor kingdom blamed for something they didn’t do, and were banished for it.” I said as I closed my iPad, sighing and watching the sun fully rise from my window. After I watched the sunrise I decided to take a hot shower in the bathroom next to my room, and noticed my clothes weren’t in my backpack. I nearly panicked till I saw that they were put in the drawers. Most likely the maids put my clothes in there so that I grabbed the fall clothes.

Once I put them on I heard a knock on the door after I finished changing into my clothes.

“Come in.” I said politely as the door opened that it was the queen.

“Oh good morning your majesty.” I said politely bowing to her.

“Good morning to you too. I wanted to speak with you.”

“I would love to. What would you like to talk about?”

“Henry told me about you running away from home.” I then became scared I didn’t want to talk about it, but I didn’t want to be disrespectful to the queen.

“Yes I was the second born, and considered a black sheep in the family along with being abused, bullied and even neglected by my teachers who believe in false accusations to me.”

“I know what it’s like to be a second born. When I was your age I was the youngest of five children. My older brother and sisters in my parent’s eyes were perfect, and were praised by our parents that they spoiled them non stop til they were spoiled rotten brats. Whenever I do something successful instead of being praised I get scolded instead of trying to surpass my older siblings since they have plans for them.”

“So what did you do?”

“I ran away from home. I took a ship to Awrunia not knowing about the country or the kingdom till I met Henry’s father, and we fell in love that he crowned me as princess of Awrunia that we then got married becoming the king and queen of Awrunia.”

“What happened to your family?”

“I disowned them. I cut ties with my family, and forbid them from entering Awrunia.”

“I’m so sorry about what you went through.”

“It’s okay. When I saw you when you and Henry arrived I could tell what you went through, and that you have feelings for Henry.” I then blushed when she said that.

“That was the same thing I went through with his father. He then created a new law that the prince or princess is allowed to find the person they fall in love with. I should be going. I need to get ready to declare the opening of the harvest festival.” She said as she left my room. I then left the room as I walked, seeing Henry in the hall.

“Good morning.” Henry said as I smiled seeing him.

“Good morning to you too.”

“I thought I would take you to the Harvest Festival, and enjoy the festivities.”

“I would love to.” I said as we left the hall to the main hall.

“Good morning Henry.” We turned around to see Lacey behind us.

“Oh she’s still here.” She said in a rude way.

“I should go prepare for the harvest festival. So adieu.” Lacey said and left. While she went to get dressed we both quickly left the castle to attend the Harvest Festival.

“Your mom the queen told me what she went through, and I kinda read the history of your kingdom. I’m so sorry for what happened to your ancestors.”

“It’s okay we have moved on with our dark chapter of the kingdom, and just look forward to the future.”

The Harvest Festival began, and we both walked around seeing the festivities, especially the food, drinks, and games that everyone was having a fun time. I was also having a fun time the first time I ever felt this way in my entire life. After what the queen told me about her story I started to think about living here.


“Yeah?” I answered when Henry asked me the question I didn’t expect to hear.

“I was wondering if you would like to live here in Awrunia?”

“You mean it?”

“Yep, but not just living in Awrunia, but living in Awrunia as my princess?”

I couldn’t believe it. Tears were starting to form in my eyes. All the years I abused, bullied, neglected, and mistreated I finally got my chance to be happy again that I could only say one thing.

“Yes. I will be your princess.” I told him as our feelings were getting close that we had our first kiss.

“Let’s go let my mother know to begin arrangements for your crowning as princess in November, but for now let’s enjoy the festivities.” Henry said as I nodded, and we held each other’s hands as we walked throughout the festival.

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