Bruiser (Saints MC Book 1)

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Run Tomorrow

The next day Bruiser woke up lethargic and listless he jumped onto his bike, he rode to the clubhouse to get ready for church. Bruiser dropped his phone into the basket, you weren’t allowed to have your phone during church. They had a prospect man the phone in Beagle’s office in case there was an emergency.

“So, does anyone else have any other business to bring up?”

Beagle looked around the room.

“Yeah, I want to know if Bruiser listened to our advice about Bouncer’s old lady?”

Bruiser took a deep breath to keep himself from hitting Big Mac in the face. Bruiser threw Madison’s letter on the table.

“I didn’t need to make a decision, she was here and heard you guys so she broke up with me and moved away.”

The guys nodded satisfied and Beagle hit the gavel to end church, everyone filed out of the room.

Bruiser was on his sixth beer before Beagle walked up and had Tiny cut him off.

“Hey, Bruiser you need to go to your room.”

Bruiser looked at Beagle through blurry eyes.

“Why I don’t have anywhere to go tomorrow.”

Beagle signaled Tiny to give him a bottle of water. Beagle shoved the bottle into his hands and pushed him towards his room.

“I have a run for you tomorrow so go to your room and get some rest.”

Bruiser looked at the bottle of water and put it back on the bar then staggered to his room.

“Hey, Bruiser I’ll help you get to your room.”

Tiny smiled and pressed her fake breasts against his arm. Bruiser looked at Tiny and sneered, before pushing her away.

“Get your worn-out pussy away from me.”

Tiny looked at Bruiser and burst into tears. Bruiser actually made it to his room and was sober enough to lock his door before he passed out with his clothes and shoes still on. He slept until Beagle knocked on his door the next morning, he gave him the information on his run and sent him out the door.

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