Bruiser (Saints MC Book 1)

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He's Not The Bruiser We Know

“Hey, Beagle can we talk to you?”

Beagle looked up to see half the club at the door to his office.

“Yeah, what do you want.”

The guys looked at each other with guilt in their eyes.

“We were wondering if we could maybe ask Cheese if he could maybe find Madison.”

Beagle threw his pen on the desk and leaned back in his chair.


The guys looked at each other.

“Well, it’s been four months and Bruiser looks more and more miserable.”

Another brother piped in.

“He’s not the Bruiser we know, and he’s drowning himself in alcohol.”

The group murmured their agreement.

“So? Why do you guys care? Isn’t this what you wanted when you interfered between him and Madison?”

Beagle shook his head.

“We had time to think and he was right. We would rather Bruiser with Madison than with some other dickhead. At least we know she’s being taken care of by a good man and she is where we can take care of her if she needs us. Bouncer would have wanted her to be happy and she and Bruiser were happy together.”

Beagle looked at the group nodding their heads. He was so quiet everyone began to worry.

“I don’t know. I want Bruiser to be happy, but will you guys interfere again?”

Beagle looked at all of his members and some of them looked everywhere but at him.

“Also if I approve this you guys will not interfere in another brother’s relationship no matter how it pisses you off. If it’s not an old lady cheating and you don’t have proof, you don’t open your mouth, understood?”

Everyone nodded.

“Go find Cheese. And, no one better say anything to Bruiser in case we can’t find her.”

Agreements flowed through the crowd, and Beagle ran his hand over his head.

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