Bruiser (Saints MC Book 1)

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Care More About A Dead Man

Madison walked through the parking lot to her car. Her shift as a security guard for a real estate company had ended and she was heading to her little cramped hole-in-the-wall apartment. She missed her house, she still didn’t know what to do with it, She tried to decide if she should sell it or rent it out. She was living in a new city and wasn’t sure where her life was going to go. It was an impulse decision to come here after hearing the club give Bruiser that ultimatum. She never wanted Bruiser to have to choose between her and his club so she made the decision for him.

Madison pulled into her parking space and just sat there staring at her building. She didn’t want to go in, she hated it here. She didn’t want to feel the walls closing in on her as she thought about Bruiser and how much she missed him. Oh, how she wished that she could crawl into his arms and just forget about the outside world. The one time she didn’t fight for love was the one time she realized that it was true love. Madison sighed and got out of the car, she walked up the step and froze.

“What do you want?”

Big Mac, Little Mac, Porky, and Diego were standing outside of her door.

“We wanted to speak to you Querida.”

Madison pushed past them and unlocked the door. She stepped in and looked at them, then slammed the door in their faces. Diego knocked on the door.

“Madison. Querida please we need to talk to you about Bruiser.”

Madison grabbed the doorknob and jerked the door open.

“Ha, don’t act as if you care about Bruiser. You care more about a dead man than a living one so get away from my door.”

Madison moved to slam the door again but Little Mac blocked it.

“Look little girl we are sorry about that, we shouldn’t have interfered, that’s why we’re here.”

Porky finished shame covering his face.

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