Bruiser (Saints MC Book 1)

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Shouldn't Have Interfered

“Look we’re not together you got what you want, now you’re here after five months telling me you shouldn’t have interfered.”

Madison shook her head, sneering at them.

“Querida please we are apologizing and we want you to come back. Bruiser needs you.”

Madison looked at Diego tears clogging her throat, she missed Bruiser so much.

“I thought you all felt that I shouldn’t be with him, why the change of heart now?”

Little Mac looked over his shoulder to Big Mac.

“Because he’s miserable without you. We didn’t know the depth of his feelings for you until you left. He’s dying every day without you and we are here to bring you back to him.”

Tears started streaming down Madison’s face.

“And how will I know that you guys won’t interfere again?”

Little Mac reached up and wiped the tears away.

“We won’t.”

Bruiser pulled into the clubhouse after being gone for three days on some bullsh*t run that Beagle had him on. All he wanted to do was take a shower and drown his sorrows in a keg of beer. Bruiser walked through the clubhouse and saw all of his brothers sitting around relaxing and shooting the sh*t. He used to love the easy camaraderie with them, but ever since he lost Madison he didn’t quite feel at home. He had decided that he wanted to go nomad, he just needed to talk to Beagle about it. Bruiser walked into his room and saw a body in his bed. He was pissed why didn’t that f*cking Tiny understand that he didn’t want her? He didn’t want anyone that wasn’t Madison.

Bruiser growled.

“Tiny what the f*ck did I tell you? I don’t want your nasty a*s, how the h*ll did you get in my room?”

Bruiser ripped the cover back and froze.


Bruiser looked down at the body in the bed wondering if he had drunk too much. Madison sat up rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

“Hey, baby you’re back.”

Bruiser sat on the edge of the bed reaching a handout. He was scared to touch her thinking that she may disappear. Bruiser began to wonder if he was hallucinating when Madison put both hands on either side of his face.

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