Bruiser (Saints MC Book 1)

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Just A Dream

Bruiser woke up excited, he rolled over, he wanted to show Madison how much he missed her. But she wasn’t there, he went to the bathroom and she wasn’t there. He wondered if he had dreamed last night. He drank a lot and maybe he was hallucinating. Bruiser suddenly became depressed, he was going to put in his transfer to nomad status as soon as he ate. Screw it he was going right now, he couldn’t take it anymore. Bruiser threw his clothes on and walked to Beagle’s office. Bruiser knocked on the door.


Bruiser walked in.

“What’s up Bruiser.”

Bruiser sat down.

“I want to go nomad.”

Beagle looked at Bruiser strangely.

“Have you had your breakfast this morning?”

Bruiser shook his head.

“Go grab some breakfast and take a shower then come back and talk to me.”

Bruiser shook his head.

“I’m not hungry.”

Beagle leaned back in his chair.

“Do what I tell you to do then come back to me.”

Bruiser frowned but got up and made his way to the kitchen to get something to eat.

“He really missed you, you know?”

Madison nodded.

“I missed him also. I have a different love with Bruiser than I had with Bouncer. In a way I think that Bouncer led me to Bruiser, he knew that one of his brothers was going to take care of me.”

Bruiser froze in the doorway. Madison was standing there helping Stacy fix breakfast. She was real, he didn’t dream her up, he wasn’t hallucinating from all of the alcohol. His woman was here, she was close enough for him to touch.

Madison looked over and saw Bruiser standing in the doorway.

“Hey, baby did you sleep well? Are you hungry?”

Bruiser walked toward Madison and cupped her cheek. Then he kissed her with everything he had in him.

“Well, is that a yes I slept well?”

Bruiser didn’t respond, he just picked her up and carried her back to his room. His brothers cheered and whistled behind them. All Bruiser cared about was getting his woman to his room as quickly as possible.

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