Bruiser (Saints MC Book 1)

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“Oh my God, I hate you so much. Bruiser, you are the worst man in the world.”

Bruiser grimaced Madison had been screaming at him for the past thirty minutes.

“I know baby but we still need you to push.”

Bruiser held Madison’s hand and tried to get her to push, they were having their first baby. He was so glad they took those classes and they warned him about Madison screaming at him.

“You will keep that anaconda dick to yourself from now on, we are never having sex again.”

Bruiser laughed especially when the nurses tried to sneak a peek between his legs.

“One more push baby.”

Madison pushed baring down and soon as she did she heard a cry and their little girl Amber Marie was born. Bruiser looked at their baby and then looked back at his wife and kissed her on the forehead.

“Oh, baby she’s perfect.”

Bruiser watched as they placed the baby on Madison’s chest for the skin to skin contact. Bruiser placed a kiss on his daughter and his wife’s face. Then he walked outside to tell his brothers. Halfway down the hall he stopped and looked up towards the sky.

“Thank you Bouncer for allowing me to be the one to make Madison happy. I appreciate your blessing brother.”

Bruiser smiled up at the sky then walked towards the waiting room.

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