Bruiser (Saints MC Book 1)

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Spend A Little More Time

“Hey, Madison.”

Madison turned around to see Bruiser standing in the kitchen doorway.

“Yeah, Bruiser what’s up.”

She smiled.

“I got one of the prospects to tow your car over to Little Mac’s garage, so when you’re finished here let me know and I will give you a ride home.”

Madison smiled again.

“Okay thank you, Bruiser.”

Bruiser nodded his head and walked out. His heart was beating fast and all he could think about was Madison’s smile. He wanted to do something to make her smile at him like that again. Then he shook his head, what was he thinking? Madison is Bouncer’s old lady and he shouldn’t be thinking about a brother’s woman like that even if the brother has been dead for two years.

Three days later Bruiser wondered how he had gotten himself in the predicament that he was in. It was something he had never thought about but enjoyed way too much and he didn’t want to stop.

“Hey, Bruiser would you like gravy on your mashed potatoes?”

Bruiser smiled and rubbing his hands together.

“Of course your food is way too good it’s going to make me fat.”

Madison laughed.

“I hope not, I would hate to turn your six-pack into a keg.”

Bruiser grinned she had been checking him out. The thought pleased him to no end, maybe just maybe she could want him the way he wanted her.

“Have you been checking me out?”

Bruiser saw Madison blush before she turned her head away to add the gravy to his mashed potatoes.

“I wanted to thank you again for getting me to where I needed to go.”

Madison sat the plate in front of him and sat down to her own plate.

“It’s okay darling, you’re ours and we take care of what’s ours.”

Bruiser thought he saw a small flash of disappointment in Madison’s eyes but he couldn’t be sure it went just as quickly as it came. He wondered if she was disappointed that he didn’t say mine, but he couldn’t she was Bouncer’s old lady, and no matter how much he wanted her he couldn’t have her.

“Do you want to watch a movie after this?”

Bruiser smiled.

“Sure, what do you have?”

He was excited to spend a little bit more time with her.

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