Bruiser (Saints MC Book 1)

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Madison smiled, it was refreshing to her to hear that from a man.

“Would you like some dessert?”

Bruiser was surprised.

“When did you make dessert?”

Madison grabbed his plate and put both his and hers in the dishwasher.

“It’s a store-bought apple pie that I have been keeping warm in the oven.”

Bruiser rubbed his stomach.

“That sounds great.”

Madison walked over to the oven. Her house was an open concept so she could cook and still talk to Bruiser at the table.

“Do you want whipped cream and ice cream to go with it?”

Bruiser groaned.

“That sounds like heaven.”

Bruiser wondered what whipped cream would taste like if he was licking it off of Madison’s body. He wanted to taste her so bad, but he couldn’t she wasn’t his. Bruise watched Madison moved throughout the kitchen. He loved how her jeans fit across her a*s and her breasts looked so good in the tank top she was wearing.

He wanted to walk up behind her and pull that top-down and play with her tits. Then bend her over the counter and f*ck her until she screams. Bruiser looked up at the ceiling and groaned while adjusting himself.

“Bruiser are you okay?”

Madison turned back with a plate of pie.

“I’m good darling just ready for you to come over so I can eat your pie.”

Madison froze and blushed, she didn’t call him out on what he said, not sure if she heard right. She took a deep breath trying to get her hormones under control, she would like nothing more than to have Bruiser’s mouth on her. She set his plate down in front of him.

“You’re not eating any?”

Madison passed him a spoon.

“No, while you’re enjoying, I am going to take a quick shower and throw on my nightclothes.”

She put her hand on his shoulder and walked to her bedroom. Bruiser gulped down the pie and stood near her bedroom. He rubbed his hand over his growing bulge as he thought about Madison naked and wet in the shower. He hurried back to the living room when he heard the shower cut off. Bruiser sat on the couch flipping through channels when Madison walked back into the living room. He almost choked when he saw Madison wearing nothing but a spaghetti strap shirt with no bra and the tightest shortest shorts he’d ever seen. He didn’t realize that her nipples were pierced until he could see the barbells through her shirt. He wondered if her pussy was pierced too, he had a Prince Albert piercing and would love to use it on her while feeling her piercing rub across his cock.

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