Bruiser (Saints MC Book 1)

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What Are We

“Well now you have me and I will take care of you and this pussy baby.”

Bruiser slammed himself inside her repeatedly, grabbing her hips in his hands so hard he knew he was going to leave bruises. But, he couldn’t help it. He loved her pussy and the way it gripped his cock as if it was sucking it. It gripped him so tightly that he couldn’t hold on and he spilled himself inside her not caring if he could get her pregnant. He suddenly wanted her pregnant so he had another excuse to hold onto her. Which was different considering it was normally the woman that wanted to hold onto a man with pregnancy, not the other way around.

Bruiser collapsed on top of Madison and then rolled over with her lying on top of him.

“That was f*cking amazing.”

Bruiser stroked Madison’s back, he knew she wasn’t asleep but he didn’t like how quiet she was.

“Are you okay?”

Madison nodded her head but didn’t say anything.

“What’s wrong sweetie?”

Madison just shrugged, Bruiser didn’t like that, he wanted to know what was wrong. Did he not give her enough orgasms, was she upset that he didn’t use a condom? But, he didn’t want to, she was his he felt he didn’t have to. Bruiser lifted her chin and kissed her lips.

“Talk to me.”

Madison sighed.

“What are we?”

Bruiser frowned.

“What do you mean?”

Madison lifted her head.

“What am I to you now after this?”

Bruiser sighed, she was worried about his feelings for her.

“You’re my old lady.”

Madison nodded.

“So, what’s going to happen with the club?”

Bruiser frowned.

“What do you mean?”

Madison propped her head upon her elbow.

“What I mean is, what is the club going to say about us being together or am I going to be a dirty little secret?”

Bruiser groaned, he didn’t think of that and he just had a conversation with Beagle about this very matter.

“Don’t worry about that I got this and I got you. So, you just relax and enjoy what I do to this hot little body of yours.”

Bruiser smashed his lips against hers and showed her how much he enjoyed her body.

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