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venge·ance /ˈvenjəns/ noun punishment inflicted or retribution exacted for an injury or wrong. "il mio amore, you know I love you, I will never try to run from you again, I have given myself to you Si?, you are the only one for me" I cup his face between my hands as I press my lips against his. Desperately trying to distract him from hurting my friend Maria. I am his, I will always be his, no matter how much I try to run from him he will always find a way to catch me. Seize me by my hair and 'teach me a lesson' to never try leaving him again. "Yes, you are mine, all for me tesoro" he growls against my lips. "that is exactly why I'm going to make sure you never forget that, every time you look at your little friend here, you'll know never to try leaving me again." "Roman please, Per favore, I beg of you" I clutch onto him, crying onto his chest as he kicks me to the floor, I wince in pain as I push my weight up on my elbows, my vision blurring, watching him break my friend to pieces. The hate within me is growing bigger as everyday passes by. The demon within me is begging to be released. I want to Make him hurt, just like he did to everyone I ever loved. I will be the one to escort him out of this world. Drag his corpse among the families in sorrow, justify everyone he has ever hurt. I'll Mark him with my 𝑺𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒕 𝑽𝒆𝒏𝒈𝒆𝒂𝒏𝒄𝒆.

Romance / Erotica
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00/ʜɪs ǫᴜᴇᴇɴ

𝑨𝒖𝒓𝒆𝒍𝒊𝒂 𝑹𝒐𝒔𝒂𝒊𝒏𝒆 𝑨𝒓𝒎𝒂𝒏𝒊

“Maria are you there?” I whisper, peeping through the little hole I carved into the wall.
The other side of this void is pitch black, the only sound being the distant patter of a leaking tap.

Roman would bring me in here every time I ‘misbehaved’

So the last time he brought me here I decided I wanted some sort of relief, a little addition to keep me assured that my friend was alright.
So I carved a hole in the wall with a screwdriver I had found in the corner.

So that I could see her in the other room.

But for some reason, she is not answering me...

Is she okay?... I begin to wonder.

I gulp down all the negative thoughts and try to step closer to get a better look at what she is doing but I regret a second too late, hearing the click of the machine and
the massive chain wrapped around my throat is yanked back to its position making me collide with a harsh slam against the wall.

It is clawing at my senses making it harder to breathe with every second that passes by.

It’s always there, and I have been in here countless times but I am still not used to it.

I feel like it is pressuring me to just end it all, kill myself before he eventually gets bored of me and, the rest is a mystery.

A brutal unknown truth

I have memorized every part of this room.
Every crack on the walls, every loose floorboard that squeaks when you stand on it.
even the number of rats in this filthy dump.

I have been living here for a while, but this lifestyle is all too foreign for me.

Roman is a friend of my father, mastermind of an underground drug cartel.
And a filthy rich Millionaire, he was born into wealth and luxury.
Never had to worry about a thing in life.

Once his father passed on, he took over the family business, with his rights of being the eldest son.
He built an empire above his father’s, a regime where your words become a reality.
fear and bloodshed, coated on every wall.
danger always knocking at your door, forever knocking.

And once he has completed his sinful desires, killed every innocent soul, we will stand upon the ashes of what we used to love, looking for our old selves, lavishing in ill memories of when we were still sane.

When we weren’t affected by De’ Luca.

I curse him, he will die by my very own hands.
I will fück him over till he regrets falling for me.

His wildflower.

His little queen.

I will carve my name onto him, brand him with my Sweet Vengeance.

Make him never forget all those times he left me at death’s door.
All the torture and abuse I’ve had to endure in order to stay alive.

My pleasurable thoughts are cut short as I hear the rattling sound of the heavy chains knocking onto the metal door as they are being unlocked.

Roman steps in, his powerful aura emitting out of him.
No matter how much I dislike him, his Looks have never failed to amaze me.

He is a very handsome man.
Green eyes that turn dark and dilated whenever he was turned on or angry.
His sharp Jaw and deadly smile couldn’t help but make you question his brutality.

He looked like he had just climbed out of the deepest pits of hell.

What a waste.

striding towards me, his dark eyes are piercing into my soul as he displays his visible displeasure with me.

“Well...we shouldn’t have to do this again my love, now isn’t it?” he strokes my cheek as I smile up at him nodding my head.

If I want to stay alive, I have to be his good little girl, but
This mask of joy I was wearing was itching to be let free.
Tired of concealing the nightmare.
It was just a matter of time before the demon within lashed out.

“That’s my girl” he presses his lips against mine and I kiss him back with just the same passion, that the wounds on my lip start opening up.

breathing the air he has inhaled, is dangerous...he is twisted in so many ways.


And after living with him for all these years, giving myself to him, I see just how
Damaged this human is...it felt like a violation to even label him as one.

Because he is not, there was no speck of humanity in this man, he was a demon, the devil.

“As long as you behave yourself, nobody gets hurt” his grin fades away as he stares down at me with such deadliness, such darkness, I should be scared.

“Come now” he pulls the chains and it automatically snaps open, releasing my neck.
I rub the red bruise spreading across my skin as he grabs my arm, dragging me out of the room.

“Roman, my love, if you please, where is Maria?”
He seems almost startled as I question him, displeased with my curiosity.
“And why does it matter?” He stops dead in his tracks and turns to scowl at me.

“I just-... you know she is with child, I want to make sure she’s okay” I gently cup his face, pressing a seducing kiss beside his lips, earning myself a guttural sound from him as he smirks against me.
grabbing my ass, he pulls me against him.

The hardness between his legs is poking at me as I push back the urge to vomit.

Plastering a smile across my face I tell him how he is my one and only, my King.

“I fucking Love you” he grabs me lifting me over the dresser.

I’ve learned to take everything he gives me, after being here for years, I didn’t have any other option.

His hands trail up my dress and he pushes the fabric away, quickly sliding down my panties.
Before I can even think of an excuse, he is inside me, his arms wrapping around my waist as he buries his face in my cleavage.

Pounding into me, as I take everything, clutching onto him.
The salty tears are running down my face.
And I question myself, why am I crying?
I am familiar with this constant abuse, so why shed tears now?

He has done this to me more times than I could remember, but it still feels new, I wonder if I will ever get used to it.

“You’re all for me, God, I fucking love you” he groans, holding me with a few thrusts before pulling out and releasing all over my lower stomach.

“I love you too Roman” I cup his cheeks placing a kiss on his lips as he pulls me closer for more.
“May I-, may I see Maria?” I ask him, as he stares down at me, his intense gaze is making me nervous but I stand my ground.

“You’re lucky I’m in a fücking good mood today” he pulls away, kneeling down and wrapping my legs around his neck.

Being aroused is the last thing I will ever feel when I’m with him.
Those hands he’s touching me with are the very same he used to murder the innocent.

I throw my head back digging my hands into his hair, telling him how good he makes me feel as he rolls my clìt in his mouth.

I fake my moans clawing at his hair as he smirks against me.

“Yes, Yes just like that” I whine as he begins fucking me with his tongue.
He holds me down as I roll my eyes shaking underneath him.

He pulls away, standing to his feet, under the impression that he has pleased me so well.

“You can see her, but only for a short while” he pulls me against him, kissing me one more time.
Fully opening the cuts on my lips as the blood begins running down my chin.

He grabs me by the arm and I am led into a quiet room.
Thrown into complete darkness.

I groan clutching my stomach as I sit up straight, wincing at my bruised stomach.

Once I regain control over my senses, I stand to my feet and take a look at my surroundings.

I had never been in this part of the Mansion in all 7 years of living here.

“Maria?” I call out.
“Lia?, her voice is small, but I cannot see her.
Whatever Roman did to her, it was not good, it never was.

I slip my hand into my bra, pulling out the little keychain I kept there, it had a little flashlight on it.

I switch it on, and a sob catches in my throat as I follow the trail of blood, leading into complete darkness.

Maria is laying in the corner her skin has gone pale.
If it wasn’t for her occasional slow blinking I would almost think she was dead.

“Maria-, W-What happened?” I kneel down beside her, pulling her head onto my lap as she smiles up at me.

“I thought you’d never come” she chuckles, cursing under her breath as she irritates the fresh cut on her arm.

“W-was this Roman?”
“No” she shakes her head, “if it was...I don’t think you’d be talking to me right now” she jokes.

Then it was Fucking Caleb.
I’ll make sure to deal with him later.

“Maria quit messing around you’re in pain, come, we have to get you out” I wrap my arms around her helping her up.

“What are you crazy?, Do you want to end up worse than me?” She raises a brow.

“You are pregnant”

“Lia, never” she squints her eyes “ever put your life at risk to save me, you know what Roman is capable of.”

“Forget Roman” I roll my eyes, “Is anyone preventing you from leaving?”
“Caleb” she lets out.

“Okay I-I’ll get help” I stand to leave, but she grabs my arm pulling me back down.

“You know the sick bastard, he will be back in a bit to let me out, just go and stay safe lia” she whispers.


“Go” she interrupts me, raising her hand to clarify that she doesn’t want me speaking to her anymore.

I hesitantly stand to my feet and began treading towards the door.

Caleb was Roman’s second in command, a rich prick with a mind so closed I wonder how he manages to comprehend things.

And He’s always mistreating Maria.

Despite the fact that she is carrying his child.
The kid he forced into her.

I see Roman’s shadow on the outside of the door, he is standing outside, waiting for me.
With his hands stuffed in his pockets.

I want to get back at Caleb, teach him a lesson for hurting Maria.
A thought flashes across my mind. And I smirk to myself.

Opening the door and stepping outside to look up at Roman through blurry eyes.

“Why are you crying?” He asks me, lifting my chin up to look at him.

“quell’uomo, he-...” I whimper clutching onto his suit jacket as he holds me.


“Caleb, he is forcing himself onto me, Yesterday night while you were away, he let himself into our room, in excuse that you requested his presence there, I didn’t think much of it mi amor, but he was Harrasing me, I am scared” I cry out as he holds me, telling me I’m fücking beautiful and that good girls don’t cry.

And how he is going to rip Caleb to pieces.
I watch as he pushes past me, loosening his tie.
His hand slips into his back pocket as he pulls out a gun.

The Anger is radiating from him, even his walk is screaming danger, the servants scatter as they see him heading their way.

With one thought on his mind.

Kill Caleb.

That’s the only good thing I gotten out of Having Roman’s Love.

In his eyes...I am never a liar.

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