The Runaways

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She's leaving home for college, missing the mountains of Utah and her dad. He's staying home to help his family, missing the future he could've had. Both of them trying to escape from something, but two negatives make a positive right?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Pain In Leaving

Why leave home? Leave him? What’s out there for you, that isn’t here? Who do you think you are abandoning all that’s here? These are the questions that I’ve been asking myself since I got accepted to SeaBreeze Academy. No one at home has made me feel bad. They actually encouraging me to go. Home is Gravel Stone, Utah up in the mountains. Now it’s Delica, Florida, where I know nothing except that it’s where I’ll be for the next 6 years.

My dad dropped me off at the airport earlier this morning. We sent my stuff down to Florida in a U-Haul, but they pleasantly informed me they broke down halfway there. So, I’m not even sure if my stuff will be there when I get there.

Everything is going so wrong. Before I even hopped in the plane, my bag fell apart at the weighing station. What made it even worse was that the employee was some hottie and he saw all my intimate items scattered across the floor. Next, I got off the plane and my Uber was two hours late. Luckily, my roommates covered for me when the RA came by and asked where I was. Now I’m standing outside my dormitory, wondering what the hell I’m walking into.

I messaged the group chat between my dorm mates and I, and asked if someone could come let me in. Due to my late arrival, I wasn’t able to get my ID card that allows me in the building. Luckily, one of the girls saw my message and came down to let me in.

When I first saw her walk out the doors, all I could see were her red curls. I’ve seen the photos we’ve all shared to know that she’s Lucile. Her hair is even more red in person.

“Hey, Isla! It’s Lucile.” Her voice was so soft that if I didn’t see her, I wouldn’t have even noticed she was talking to me.

“Hey,” I said when a small smile. “I’m sorry for asking so much of you guys. Traveling far from home for school is turning out more difficult than I thought it’d be.”

“No worries,” she offered me a kind smile. “All us girls were so excited for your arrival! Our room is on the third floor, third room. Eden is already up there.”

With that, she guided me into the building, up the stairs, and to our room. When she opened the door, I was smacked in the face with fumes of the devil’s cabbage.

“Omg hey!” I heard a girl yell, but I was unable to see her from all the boxes stacked up in front of the doorway.

The girl walked around the boxes. I saw her long, jet black hair that was pin straight. Although her hair was dark, her clothing was everything but that. She was wearing a short, pale yellow camisole dress and white vans to match. She even had butterfly clips in her hair.

“You must be Isla!” she said as she stepped closer to me. “I’m Eden”

“Nice to finally meet you,” I say with a small smile.

It’s odd to finally see everyone in person. We all just messaged each other over the summer and gave each other our Instagrams, but that was it. We only ever talked about things we were all buying for our dorm. That way we all were even on costs. Other than that, this is really our first time actually talking.

“All of us girls were just talking about how hungry we are,” Lucile stated. “Would you wanna go grab something with us at the food court?”

“Yes, I’m starving. Airport food is outrageously expensive,” I laughed.

That’s when I noticed something.

“Where’s Kendal? She here yet?” I asked.

“Yeah, she just left to go grab something from her car. She had to park on the other side of campus. She’ll meet us there though,” Eden said.

The girls and I left the dorm and walked our way to the food court. The walk was quite silent. I don’t know what else I expected. We only just met. I just wish I wasn’t so quiet. I hate feeling that way. Like I have to fill the silence.

The food court had tons of options. They had multiple known restaurants to choose from. Lucille decided on getting a sandwich from Subway. Eden and I got some Chick-fil-A. We all sat at the table and ate our meals in silence. That was until Kendal arrived

Kendal took a seat by Lucile. Eden , who was beside me, introduced me.

“Kendal,” she said motioning towards her, “this is Isla. Our other roommate. She’ll be rooming with me on the back room,”

“Nice to meet you,” I said to Kendal, who just nodded at me.

Kendal raised from our table without a word and went to grab some food.

“Did I say something?” I asked worriedly.

“No, not at all,” Lucile assured me.

“Since we’ve been here, we noticed she likes to stick to herself. That’s okay though, this is all a big change for everyone,” Eden chimed in.

Once Kendal came back, the conversation was just small talk.

Eden is 18 and a freshman. She’s from California. She likes Def Leopard. She’s also the reason why I smelt weed in the dorm.

Lucile is also 18 and a freshman. She’s from North Carolina. She likes all the Nicholas Sparks movies.

Kendal is 19 and a sophomore. She’s from here, Delica, Florida. She likes the color red.

I hate small talk, but it was a step into getting to know them. When it came to my turn, I blanked. My head literally said “empty” “no thoughts”.

I answered by stating that I'm 18 from Utah and like ice skating and sad movies.

We all indulged in conversation over our interests and home towns. Simply just enjoying getting to know one another.

After we all ate, the girls went back to the dorm to finish unpacking. I really just wanted some alone time. So, I stayed behind at the food court.

Once they were gone, I felt like I could finally breathe again. Like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The pressure of presenting myself as collected, whilst I feel like I am falling apart. It’s miserable.

I figured I should probably grab some coffee to give me some energy. From packing all my things, the plane ride, waiting for my Uber, and just all changes I’m exhausted. It’s not even 6 yet.

I got up from my seat and walked over to the Starbucks across the court. I stood in line for what felt like forever. I think it’s crazy to wait 30 minutes to just place an order, but I can’t really judge. Because I’m doing exactly that.

Once I got to the front of the line I placed my order for an americano with two shots of creamer. I honestly don’t like coffee that much. I just really need to wake myself up.

When I finally received my coffee, I sat back down in a booth.

I felt a tap on my shoulder.

Please just leave me alone.

Another tap.

Why is someone tapping me?

Another tap.

Then it hit me. I had fallen asleep. My eyes jolted open. How did I pass out like that? I must’ve been more tired than I thought.

“Um, can you get up now?” I heard the rude tone from behind me.

I turned around in my seat to have my brown eyes meet a pair of grey ones.

“Hello?” His hand waved in front of my face.

“Oh,” I stuttered. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize I fell asleep.”

“It’s whatever,” he said annoyed. “We’re closed and I need to clean this table so I can go home. So go.”

“Sorry,” I repeated myself. I couldn’t bring myself to look him in the eyes. I hurriedly grabbed my things and left.

I don’t know what came over me. A part of me is telling me I shouldn’t find out.

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