Luna Scarlett

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Welcome to Scarlett Moore’s world, and join in her adventure of self-growth and love. Scarlett is the middle child of the previous Alpha and Luna of the Crescent Moon Pack and the sister of the current Alpha. In the werewolf society, she-wolves aren’t allowed to train as warriors. However, Scarlett has convinced her friend, Mark Reed, the Beta’s brother, to train her. She believes that all she-wolves must know how to protect themselves and their loved ones, even if it means killing someone. What makes Scarlett different from other she-wolves are her secret training, keep her virginity to her mate, do wolfsbane to control her heat, and put down a group of rogues that dared to attack her. Scarlett will have a hard time ahead of her after an accidental overdose of wolfsbane when she lost her connection with her wolf, thereafter all her werewolf abilities, including speed, strength, and even how to recognize her destined mate if she meets him. Will she be able to reconnect with her wolf? Will she be able to reconnect with her wolf before she crosses paths with her destined mate? After many hardships and challenges, the icing of the cake in Scarlett’s life is when she found out that her so-awaited destined mate is Matthew King, the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack, an arch-enemy pack.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 01 - First Kiss

{Scarlett’s P.O.V.}

“Scarlett! Scarlett! What’s wrong with you today? Scarlett!” Mark scolds me, bringing me back from my daze.

We’re both sweating hard and breathing heavily because we’re sparring.

Although she-wolves aren’t allowed to the Army or train attack methods, Mark could not refuse my request to train me in secret. She-wolves are entitled only to self-defense classes thrice a week, but I firmly believe that the better defense is the attack, is to neutralize any threat.

Mark is the younger brother of our Beta. He’s 24 years old and unmated. I know he has a crush on me since he gained his wolf at the age of 17; maybe before that, but it was at 17 that he has grown a pair of balls and started to hit on me. What never prevented him from whoring around, as I’ve never given him any chance or any false hopes.

I’m the Alpha’s sister. The middle kid of the former Alpha and Luna. I’m also 24 and unmated, but, contrary to Mark, I’m saving myself to my mate. I’ve never kissed, made out, or had sex, but I’m far away from being innocent and naïve. I read and talk a lot about sex with other she-wolves, and they always mock me for being a virgin at this age because we, werewolves, are too sexual. It’s very rare a virgin, male or female, at the age of 20 or above.

My she-wolf friends mock me, but they envy my self-control and my determination to only giving myself to my mate. It doesn’t matter when I’m going to meet him if today or in 5 or 10 years from now. What they didn’t know is that, year by year, it’s being hard to keep it in my panties, mainly because I gained my wolf at the age of 15, and the heats are become more and more intense and painful – real torture!

To control the intensity of my heat, I’ve bought a magic wand. It helps alleviate a little the need for mating; however, lately, I’m using a resort a little bit drastic when I’m on the verge of getting insane: I’m injecting wolfsbane to knock me down and numb my wolf.

Nobody knows what I’m doing during my heat as I lock myself inside my chambers. Neither my mother, my little sister, my best friend, my brother, my sister-in-law, Mark, nor even the pack’s doctors.

No one.

It’s my little secret. I’m not that almighty and powerful daughter of an Alpha that people think I am.

“I’m okay, Mark. Let’s continue.” I answer him.

“So, focus! Ready?” I nod once, and he attacks me. As my mind is all over the place today, I ended up pinned on the floor quickly, under his muscular body.

Mark keeps me still, holding my fists up my head and straddling me with his weight. There’s a moment of silence; only our heavy breathes can be heard. I’m lost in his beautiful ocean blue eyes. I’m not indifferent to him at all. Coming from a Beta bloodline, he’s more handsome than the average werewolves. The only two things are that he’s one of my best friends and that I’m saving myself for my mate. Otherwise, I would have succumbed to his charm from long ago, especially with his persistence in hitting on me.

I start to get flushed with the proximity of our bodies, and I feel his bulge increasing in size against my crotch. His eyes move from mines to my lips, back to my eyes, back to my lips, and back to my eyes. Mark leans forward till our lips brush softly against each other. As I don’t move or try to push him away, he gets it as an okay to advance and kisses me passionately. He nibbles my lower lip, asking for access, and I grant it. His tongue invades my mouth, and our tongues fight for dominance. His wins, of course. His tongue explores each centimeter of my mouth, and I’m letting go in this indescribable heavenly sensation.

Mark slides one of his hands through the length of my arm until it reaches my side and rests on my waist. With the other hand, he keeps both of my writs in place, still pinning me on the ground, under his muscular and tall body.

In no time, as our kiss gets even more heated, Mark slides his right hand inside my T-shirt and gropes my left breast over the fabric of my sports bra. I let out a little moan of pleasure when he starts to caress my protuberant nipple with his thumb and pinches it over the fabric softly.

‘What am I doing? He’s not my mate…’ I think to myself, as the realization hits me.

I turn my face to the side, ending the kiss. I’m feeling utterly embarrassed. I’m getting as red as a tomato. Mark senses my abrupt change in humor and lets me go from him.

“Sorry, Scarlett. I shouldn’t have overstepped the boundaries.” Mark apologizes, getting on his feet, and passing his big strong hands through his jet black hair, worrying that it may put an end to our years of friendship.

I stand up fast, turn my back to him, hiding my shame, and say quietly, “Training is over for today.” and I rush out of our secret place of training before he could utter a word.

I’m flushed and embarrassed. It was my first kiss, and my first make out, and it wasn’t with my mate… I heave a stressful sigh. I don’t know what’s up to me; my heat is not due for the next 3 or 4 days.

I enter the packhouse running, and I bump into my brother while I’m rushing up the stairs.

“Whoa! Cooldown! What happened, Scarlett?” my brother asks me.

“Nothing!” I blurt out, trying to get rid of him, as I’m as red as a tomato, and I don’t want him to find out what happened, or Mark would be dead in the next minute. Literally.

Scott sniffs the air and deadpans, “Your heat is about to come. I think you should lock yourself in your room, sis.”

“Heat?” I ask in a daze, and he nods. “But it isn’t supposed to be due by today…” I trail off.

“You know that, sometimes, it can come early, right, Scarlett? Why I’m telling you this? Our mother never explained these things to you?” he says, scrunching his face, as heat is a taboo subject to men.

“She did.” I answer quietly.

Scott approaches me, sniffs the air again, and asks me, not so happy, “And why are you smelling like Mark?”

I get even redder if it’s possible. But Scott can’t know that Mark and I have kissed and made out because my brother is a little too protective over me, mainly because of his Alpha blood, and because he doesn’t want his sisters whoring around like most of the she-wolves.

If he only knows about what our younger sister, Shannon, is doing…

“You know that Mark and I secretly train together, right? I was sparring with him just now.” I answer him, turn around and continue to rush up the stairs to my bedroom, not waiting for any other question or comments coming from my brother as I’m unable to explain to him anything else.

Although I train in secret, apart from Mark and I, only my best friend, my brother and his brother knows about it.

Arriving at my room, I lock the door and call my two female bodyguards to guard my door against any male that would try to enter my chambers while I’m on my heat and to prevent me from going out too.

Yes, females on heat are dangerous.

Then, I go to the bathroom, strip from my sweaty and dirty clothes to take a cold shower to cool down my hormones, as I’m still flushed because of Mark and our little make out.

“Heat, you traitor! Because you’re coming earlier, I succumbed to Mark’s charm!” I scold myself.

Then, I touch my lips with my fingers, still feeling his warmth against them, and it makes me as red as a tomato once more.

I’m starting to consider following Jazz’s advice of having a boyfriend until I find my destined mate, as he would never expect or believe that a she-wolf at my age would continue to be a virgin. And the only man I can think of being my boyfriend is Mark Reed, the Beta’s brother.

“I think my heat is fogging my mind…” I talk to myself and shake my head from one side to another in reprove, in having such unholy thoughts with someone else that isn’t my destined mate.

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