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I Won't Fall For You

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ISSAC RAYMONDS ,one of the top renowned entrepreneurs and CEO of RAYMOND CORPORATION PRIVATE LIMITED is well known for his cold personalitytowards everyone and his extraordinary good looks. He is issued in the business magazines as the most eligible bachelor of America for his success and being the sole receiver of the prestigious business award .He is famous among girls for his personality as bad guys are in demand . Girls practically swoon at his sight and await for a piece of him. However there is one girl who doesn’t like him in any way but infact hates this handsome badboy with all her guts and that exceptional girl is EVELYN ,his Personal Assistant. The reason behind her hatred towards him is because she knows him to well to like him .She doesn’t have any kind of feelings towards that cold demon and according to her it doesn’t require any genius to figure out that he also hates him n a mutual manner as he doesn’t leave even a single chance to taunt her for her carelessness in her work and insuted her whenever he got a chance. Will their attitude towards each other change or their hatred towards each other will increase more? Read this book to know more

Romance / Fantasy
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STARTING OF THE CHAPTER......................
Evelyn is sitting at her office tapping her perfectly manicured nails against the keyboard of her computer ,aiming to complete her task of reviewing the file of the Raymond corporation private limited ( the company for which she workes.) .She hates her boss with all her guts . Issac Reymonds , well known as the head of the Reymond Corporation Limited ( a leading advertising company who was more than 80 percent shareholder of each leading advertisement agencies ) . Behind her huge marble and wooden carved office desk, there is a huge wall clock making a tick tock sound indicating the time twelve eleven and also hinting that office lunch time is soon to be around. The large massive office table on which she is working is located nearby a large window from which one could view the whole area of Raymond co –operation’s large acres of Greenland forests i.e. the huge office building’s backyard ( the huge office building is situated in very large acres of land behind which green forests are located ,that Greenland forest area also belongs to Raymond Corporation Limited entirely ) . The white transparent curtains covering the closed window because two large air conditioners are on, making the huge room cool and chilly in the extreme hot and humid weather .She tries to her best to complete her work before 1 ‘o’ clock as she doesn’t want her boss to lose his calm and insult her by raising his fingers on her sincerity.. Yes! She is talking about the asshole and rude boss of hers i.e. ISSAC RAYMONDS. Issac Reymonds well known as one of the richest personalities in America and also an arrogant playboy who changes his girl companions just like changing his damn clothes. He reflects a cold demeanor and is well known for his seriousness for his work .he couldn’t stand lazy people and that was the reason why most of his employees had a hard time in satisfying his working preferences .Some of his rivals were so scared of his cold personality that they were even scared most of the times to question him back.

. Despite having a cold and rude personality, Evelyn couldn’t understand the reason behind girls clinging to him everytime like a leech and anyone knowing him well could surely figure out that he was very much fond of one night stands but was not at all supportive of anything more than that . Many times his one night stand chicks would come crying at his office building and ask for him and from their very condition one could tell that they expected more from him .For once a girl named Lyra (one of his one night stands)of course, Evelyn didn’t knew her name before but she came to know her name after she gave her name to the office security( who in return told her about this whole situation as I am Issac’s PA and I was in charge of handling his affairs both personal and official as you can already figure out) in the hope that Issac would allow her to enter his office after what they did the night before (YOU CAN GUESS AHEM! LOL), well in reality he asked me to handle the situation and gave one of his credit cards and that asshole even had the guts to order me to settle this situation by offering her a blank check and she could fill up whatever amount she wanted and on top of that even asked me to tell her that he had nothing to do with her anymore .I felt bad for that girl because from her teary eyes with mascara streaming down from her lower lashes to her cheeks ,anyone could figure out that she had been crying before and I guess that his reply was just a new shock for her. Well this was another of her specific reasons for her hatred towards him. He was an ill mannered ,arrogant prick who treated girls like his dolls and changed them like his damn clothes .Yes this name suited him very much .Although she hated him with all her guts but she couldn’t surely deny the fact that he umm( she didn’t want to admit from her own mouth anything good about that person but whatever it was a fact) that he was definitely attractive . She has been working for him for about two years and you might ask me that why she hated him or what was the reason behind her hatred for him? Well she had every proper reason to hate that arrogant person. First of all he doesn’t let her to rest even on Sundays as
she has to accompany him even in his blind dates . And apart from that she even has to buy
gifts for his blind dates , of course he would just mindlessly throw his credit card at her for
buying gifts for his not one but countless sweethearts which she of course didn’t liked as they
were also fake and irritating like him with all those fake accent of theirs . Once she selected an
expensive two thousand dollars priced vanilla and rose scented cologne for the girl who he was
having a blind date with.
but that arrogant and rude bastard scolded her by saying that he was allergic to rose and
anything that has to do with it and on top of that he even questioned her sincerity for her work
and threw that , can you believe 80 dollars priced cologne on the floor and then he asked her
to clean the mess for which she was responsible. All the girls that worked in his office practically swooned
at his sight and were ready to throw them at him at any moment because he was definitely
good looking( I repeat) with those god like features of him ,those hazel coloured eyes ,golden locks that
fell above his long eyelashes and his red rosy lips that would look cute if he ever pouted and if
he ever smiled which was definitely almost near to impossible and his long pointed nose as well as his sharp jawline that would cut anything thrown at them
,of course it seems unbelievable but he was one of the most attractive creature
in the whole country .The media and the various business magazines showcased him as one of the most eligible bachelor of the country. His parents Mr and Mrs Reymond would every month take up the task to set up a blind date for him despite his protest ,in the hope that their capable son would soon select a beautiful girl to be their daughter
in law but despite their efforts ,the result would be null(a big zero ) as their beloved son would just go in that blind date ,meet that girl and under very rare circumstance
would spend a day with her and then would forget about that girl making reasons like that girl
was nasty , possessive as well as irritating ,the qualities that he obviously disliked in a girl. But however they were also never tired of his reply because then after listening to their son’s reply also they would still give their best efforts for finding their daughter in law. Because they obviously didn’t want to die before seeing the face of their grandson or grand daughter( literally every parents wish from their grown up son or daughter, though LOL!)
Once again Issac was getting ready for his may be 100th blind date
in his huge dressing room, he word dressing room was an understatement as his dressing room was a huge space that had around nine to ten walkin closets full of numerable costly
coats ,and all the other fashionable branded attires that would cost million dollars or more than that and other
walk in closets full of branded shoes ,wallets and watches. He was so rich that he even had a full
wardrobe filled with expensive perfumes and colognes of different essence and even including
the rose one which were probably imported from France, Germany and other places exclusively for him .There he was stepping out of his huge mansion on his way to his garage, garage was only a name but we could call it a car showroom as it had many different models of expensive cars parked in an organized manner ,yes these were all his (OMG SO RICH J). He looked at his watch and there was his driver ,opening his door for him. Issac was looking
,looking like a model straight out of the magazines wearing a long sleeve white shirt and a half
navy blue coat that covered his wide and muscular arms and his huge muscular chest packs ,
paired with navy blue pant and gold watch that complimented his appearance much
more . As he entered his office building ,practically every girl gasped in her mind and had her eye rooted on this attractive creature all the way strting from entering the office buildim till him entering his huge office through his large wooden office door that read ”ISSAC REYMOND – CEO OF REYMOND’S CORPORATION LIMITED) .Evelyn was sitting at her office cabin in a rotating chair
,her almond shaped pretty eyes with a light shade of blue like that of the deep oceans, focused
on the screen of her laptop ,her straight ,long blonde hair tied in a neat bun with some strands of hair
at her sides , covering the sides of her forehead and her slight taned cheeks with a slight red
tint that was naturally present in her cheekbone area and tiny freckles that were present on the edge of her doll-like
small nose , thick lips which had lip shade of dark red which complimented her tan
skin tone in a beautiful manner .She was dressed in a tight professional looking red skirt that
came till her knee and a long sleeve white shirt paired with a red blazer ,that embraced her figure in a
beautiful manner and that made her look even more professional . As she was focused on her
office work ,she heard the voice of her phone ringing with the name “boss” i.e the name of the devil himself
flashed on her screen. She swiped her long slender fingers against her phone screen ,accepting
the call putting the phone in speaker option ready to earn a scowl or two her conscience telling her
that he might not be in a good mood and not a single employee of the whole office coulddeny the fact that only in very few occasions oe was lucky enough to see a small smile tugged at his lips ,that is either when it was his birthday or it it was during the time when they would receive the most prestigious business award every year otherwise he was a complete arrogant asshole to his employees .”EVELYN ROSS!! IF YOU ARE DONE BEING LAZY AND UNPRODUCTIVE, WILL YOU GIVE ME THE HONOUR OF PRESENTING YOUSELF IN MY OFFICE “, came the sharp and masculine voice from the phone
speaker and Evelyn now mentally thanked her conscience for somewhat indicating about her boss’s foul and unpleasant mood and also helped her save her ear drums from getting destroyed. (ok enough of the sarcastic remarks) . In response, she practically rolled her eyes and answered ,”yes sir ,i--- --” and not waiting for her full response, he cut the call at her face. “ RUDE ,UGHH “,she thought to herself and she mentally prayed to god to save her from this rude devil’s anger ,stood up from her chair and went towards her boss’s office which was located about three or four walls after her office and there was a reason behind which she had her office next to his because obviously she was his PA and she had to do every amends for him.
She knocked on his large office door and waited for his response ,she was doing this because once when she had to ask him his views regarding an advertisement project ,she didn’t think that it was important to knock on the door and afterwards she was completely embarrassed at the scene before her .She saw a lady ,sitting on his lap ,facing him and sitting on top of him in a not so good position ( I THINK YOU COULD ALREADY FIGURE IT OUT. LOL!) and after seeing this scene with her eyes ,she was at loss of words . When he saw her standing before them , staring at them, he got furious and questioned her basic etiquettes like if she didn’t knew that she needed to knock on the door first before entering as it was a question for privacy and blah blah blah. Of course she knew that what he meant by privacy . So here she was ,knocking on his office door this time waiting for a response allowing her to enter as she didn’t wanted that awful incident to repeat once again . “Who is that?’’ ,he questioned im a bored way from his office . “Sir it’s me , Evelyn ”,she replied . ‘’ I was waiting for your majesty to arrive and bless us with your gracious presence “, he said with with a slight hint of sarcasm in his voice .Evelyn rolled her eyes at his sarcastic remark and with a gentle push forced the door open and entered his huge office .There he was sitting at one of his huge comfortable office couch holding a cup of black coffee with his left hand ,were he wore a gorgeous gold on his muscular wrist and his i pad on his right hand ,his long slender fingers typing against the screen with a slight smirk on his face which told anyone that he was busy texting or we can say flirting with someone special maybe one of his flings . Evelyn cleared her throat in the effort that he would stop doing whatever unimportant shit he was doing for some time and tell her the reason behind which she was practically scolded for being unproductive and was called to his office. He raised his sight from his phone screen and looked at her and immediately that smirk that he had on his face while he was texting was replaced by a scowl .She gulped inwardly at his sudden change of expression and looked at his eyes .He had a cold and mighty demeanor to him which sometimes even made his competitors to think twice before disagreeing to him and here Evelyn was just his employee to start with. he raised one of eyebrows and gave that same cocky expression that he usually had when he is bothered about something but doesn’t want anyone to know that he even has problems to start with. ”Today I have to attend another blind date because of my dad’s orders . So pick a good present from Gucci or any other good shop for her”,he said in a bored expression towards her and threw his credit card at her but however she was too quick to be able to catch it in the right time. ‘’not bad “,he responded with that same cocky grin that he had before when he was texting someone special in response to her quick action . “Can you tell me her likings or what is she like so that I can pick a good gift for her” ,she asked him confidently as if it was a regular work for her to shop for his dates and yes you are right it was specially her task to pick gifts for his dates and she could never understand clearly that if she was his personal assistant or his maid because shopping for his flings was not present in the job requirements when he hired herbut she could no say anything because firstly he was an arrogant demon in the first place and secondly she was able to earn fair amount of money from her job as his PA .She was just waiting for a far more better opportunity to get a better job that will pay more money and then she will just throw her resignation letter at his face with a confident smile. “It is your task to find out what she likes or hates. It’s not mine “,he snapped at her and added,” just bring anything that you like ,I don’t care and dress more nicely because you are also accompanying me there ,if you want you can shop some sober clothes for you too because I don’t want anyone to raise any finger on me that I do not care about my employees” ,he said after looking at her from top to bottom as if he was staring into her soul and then he raised his hand dismissively at her indicating her to leave his office and with that he was once again busy in his phone ,may be texting that same chick of before.
Evelyn was practically shaking in rage at his words but she was trying her best to show or fake a calm expression in front of her boss ,she knew that he was an arrogant asshole but insulting her for her fashion sense was somewhat new and something she wasn’t expecting because among her friend circle ,she was one of the most fashionable one and even sometimes her friends would ask for her opinion before buying their clothes and here ,she is practically insulted for here fashion sense just wow. “What! You are still here ,my blind date is in 40 minutes and you are wasting your time, staring at my handsome face “, (another thing that she disliked about her boss and that is his self obsession) ,his voice practically shook her out of her thoughts and she was practically alarmed at her boss’s words ,” what! 40 minutes but sir you didn’t tell me that earlier”, she shot back . “But I told you now ,didn’t I ? ” he fired back .His tone was much like he questioned but was not at all interested in what she was going to answer ,as if he had finished listing the important details already and didn’t want any further interrogation . She took a deep breath and sighed to control her anger and nervousness that gathered in her mind because of this arrogant person’s carelessness in listing the right time of his blind date.She couldn’t understand whether he did this on purpose in order to provoke her of that jerk really forgot to add that detail to her . She cooled herself down mentally and faked a sweet expression on her face and with a too sweet to raise blood sugar level voice, she replied ,” yes sir “.He nodded slightly just for the sake of replying but he still had his full attention to his phone screen as if his phone was definitely more important than her important questions regarding his blind date event .After receiving a bored and dry response from him, Evelyn practically controlled her urge of storming out of his office and walked out of his office in a quick pace repeating to herself as if it was a mantra to cool herself from exploding then and there , ” Now it’s not the right moment to be angry ,”she muttered under her breath and planned mentally that how she can shop within 20 minutes for her boss’s date and in addition to that in what way she could arrive at the event 10 minutes prior can after changing her clothes to a more SOBBER one, (she mimicked him in the part SOBBER ONE )and after being able to cool herself down to a certain extent ,She decided to hail a cab from near the office building and execute her plan of managing time.

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