I Won't Fall For You

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When the cab stopped near the office building after what seemed like an eternity for Evelyn ,she hurriedly payed the cab fare to the driver and walked out of he car. After she stepped out of the car the hot and humid air touched her skin .The contact of the hot and humid air with her skin made her sweat immediately as her skin lost contact with the cool and chilly air of the air conditioner that was on during the whole ride. She immediately regretted her decision for not bringing her sunscreen with her as the sun rays burnt her skin all the way from the pavement till the way she walked to the glass sliding door of the huge office building . After entering the office lounge, she took a deep breath imagining of all the consequences once again and walked towards her boss’s cabin. She raised her fist to knock at the huge cabin door separating her from his office .She knocked a few times but she got no response .Thinking that he might be too busy to respond ,and thinking this as an opportunity to enter ,took a step forward to open the door but halted her steps when she heard a very familiar sound addressing her.It was the office receptionist Clara .A mid aged women looking looking professional in her office suit smiling widely at her. ‘’Evelyn ,boss is not in his office . He left just a few minutes ago for his blind date .he waited for you for some time but seeing that you didn’t arrive ,he took Rachaels ( who works as an intern in her office and the sole enemy of Evelyn .She has a crush on her boss Issac . She didn’t like Evelyn because she thought just like the other colleagues that Evelyn was very close to Issac. And for this reason ,many times she even attempted to plan some tricks to make Evelyn leave her job but failed in vain . And now just perfect, she took this opportunity to make her lose her job . ) .’’He took Rachaels with him and he asked me to tell you that he wants you to enter his office and look at the folders lying on his desk,’’ she said .Evelyn thanked her in return she smiled at her and left . Evelyn could easily imagine the scenario of Rachael trying to seduce him and doing what not and even attempting to fill his ears about Rachael’s carelessness in her work. This day was already bad for her and now it was turning into the worst. Drifting her mind away from the various thoughts ,she took a deep breath in order to control her nerves and she opened the door in front of her separating her from the office.
.After opening the door, she scanned the office with her eyes and was shocked to find that the office table was filled with files and folders scattered in a disorganized way organized way all over the table . It was a very unusual scene to find things in a disorganized manner in the office of Issac Raymonds himself except for the fact when he was super angry on someone or something . ‘’TODAY HE MUST BE VERY ANGRY TO DO THIS.’’ ,Evelyn thought to herself and started cleaning and organizing the files in the huge office cupboard according to their name tags .While cleaning the table ,she found a note lying at the side of a folder .She took it and started reading it.The note read ,’’I GAVE YOU A SMALL TASK AND THAT TOO YOU COULDN’T COMPLETE.I GIVE YOU ANOTHER CHANCE TO SAVE YOUR JOB .ARRIVE AT THE BELOW DESTINATION WITHIN AN HOUR .’, READ THE NOTE AND BELOW THE MENTIONED LINED AN ADRESS WAS WRITTEN WITH NEAT AND CLEAN HANDWRITTING . Of course it was the handwriting of that arrogant person and after rolling her eyes ,she took the mentioned note and stepped towards saving her job.

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