The Mafia's Handicapped Princess.

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Chapter One: The Meeting

Seline's POV.

Ughhh. Every morning I wake up with a splitting headache. It's like my condition gets worst as every day unwinds.
Oh! Hi, I'm Seline. I'm 22 years old. I love to sing, read and stroll in my late mother's garden every sunset and I'm disabled.
I wasn't always like this though. When I was 2 years old, my parents and I went out for a charity ball and on our way back we wer-

"Seline" said Mama Imelda "Come downstairs dear you're father wishes to see you in his office".
Wow if my dad wants to see me it means either I'm in trouble or there's important news.

"Okay mama Imelda. I'm coming." I got down from my bed and made my way to the closet to get a change of clothes.

After putting on my clothes, I made my way down to my father's office. Before I could twist the doorknob, it was flung open by none other than Mr. Fritz Montoya himself.

"Selly, we've been waiting for you. There's someone who would like to meet you." Said my dad "Dad? We?"I asked him "Yes my dear. John, please meet my lovely daughter Seline Robyn Montoya".

Let me tell you. I wasn't prepared for the sight that I beheld when the tall greek-god looking hunk turned around. The 6ft7 tall man that looked back at me had brown eyes that could pierce into your soul and reveal all your secrets. Long brown hair that ended at his neck which he tied into a bun and was dressed in a designer Armani suit. To cut it short, he was BEAUTIFUL.

"Hello Wife!" Immediately as those words left his mouth I could faint.


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