The Mafia's Handicapped Princess.

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Chapter Two: Marriage.

Seline's POV.

I couldn't believe my ears. Did I just hear him call me his wife? How is that even possible I'm not even established yet as an individual and now they want me to be tied to another person for the rest of my life? Why? and what's worse is I'm being given as a wife to JOHN DERES. The Mafia leader of the Dark Knights and not to mention Italy's number one playboy. This guy has slept with almost all of the female population in Italy.

"Now baby girl, I know this is all so sudden and everything but I know John will take care of you."

"But dad, how could you do something this outrageous without consulting me first? I know you're worried about me and my condition but I also know pushing me to get married isn't going to solve the problem."

"Hunny, I'm just trying to make sure that when I'm gone, you'll still have someone to look after you. Was it wrong for me to think of my daughter's safety?"

"No dad but -"
"Then it's settled. You are getting married to John in 2 weeks." "Mama Imelda?" shouted papa "yes sir?" "Make preparations. Our little Seline is getting married!" and with that said, he walked out of the room leaving just me and HIM.

Seems like there's no getting out of this one. How can all this be happening to me all of a sudden.

John walked up to me and bent down to my level "I know we haven't really met before but I just want you to know that this marriage means nothing to me. I'm just doing this for the money which could benefit my mafia if both your dad's company and mine come together"

When those words left his mouth, I don't know what came over me but I was heartbroken. It's true I'd never seen this man in my life but I just wanted to believe that he was doing this out of his own free will and not because of the size of my dad's bank account. I guess I was wrong.

My dad came back in with Mama Imelda not far behind holding catalogues of designer wedding dresses while she was on the phone with our family event planner.

"So, I've decided as my wedding present to the both of you, I'll pay for all the wedding expenses and have booked you two a honeymoon trip to Hawaii for a week" I looked at my dad like he had grown two heads.

How could he force me to marry this hunk of a male even though I would love to but not this way. So I decided to do the one thing that came to mind RUN AWAY..

........2 weeks later...........

Well guys here I am infront of this length-mirror admiring myself in my strapless floral white wedding dress with my best friend ogling at me like I'm some star fallen from the sky. We were at John’s beach house and the wedding service was by the ocean. I was about to jump out the window when my dad walked in to meet me before the ceremony started.

"Oh my, my angel, you look so beautiful. If only your mother was here to see you all grown-up. Come now child, it's time to take you to your husband".

I was prepared to walk down the aisle with my father and unwillingly give my life to someone else. Once we finally made it to the alter, my father handed me over to John.

The wedding went by pretty fast with me faking to mean everything I was saying in my vows and next thing I know, I’m being swirled and dipped to kiss my “husband “ to seal my faith with him.
When he was done violating my face, he grabbed my hand and practically zoomed me through the room and also forgetting that I was partially handicapped and that’s when he turned around and lifted me into his arms and carried me bridal style. Those who witnessed this thought that we were just impatient to be with each other but while John just didn’t want to stay for the reception.

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