The Mafia's Handicapped Princess.

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Chapter 3: Honeymoon Fever ( Part 1)

John’s POV

I can’t believe I married this “thing”. It’s true that I shouldn’t be saying things like that but that’s just the truth. She is a handicapped girl who I bet can’t do anything for herself and now I’m forced to look after her like some servant boy. I just couldn’t deal with that, so that’s why directly after the wedding I carried her back to “our” home because I needed to blow of some steam. I grabbed my phone and called Nicole one of my puttanas to relieve.

She came 15 minutes later and I took her straight to my room and all this happening in-front of little miss crepple-feet. LOL.
When I was satisfied, I chased Nicole away and went downstairs to find that Selina was nowhere in sight. I looked for her everywhere and at some point I got a little scared (emphases on a little). It was just left with the garden, so I went there and before I could see the person, I heard sobs and when I went further I saw Seline seating down on a bench crying her eyes out. I felt a little pang in my heart and for some reason I just couldn’t bear see her cry.

“Seline what’s wrong? Why are you crying?” I asked “Are you really asking me that John? We haven’t even been marred for a day and you’re already cheating on me to my face. You don’t even have a little respect for my feelings” she shouted and really I wasn’t surprised.

“Seline you knew what you were signing up for when you married me. This was a marriage for business and not feelings. I don’t love you and I know you definitely don’t love me. So what’s with all the drama?”
I got up to leave her but then I halted in my tracks and before I could control the words that left my mouth, I said it “pack your things, we’re going to Santorini tomorrow” and when I was done I walked away.
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