The Mafia's Handicapped Princess.

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Chapter Four: Honeymoon Fever(Part 2)

John's Pov
As soon as I heard the doorbell, I knew it was Monique. She has been more of an on and off fling than a hook-up. She is super clingy and your typical gold digger. So let's just say she wasn't too happy when she found out I was getting married.

"Well well well. If it isn't mister I want to get married and settle down. You have a wife now Johnny why call me again? Isn't the Mrs doing her job?" She said seductively.

"Go to the guest room and wait for me there. I don't want to have to tell you twice. Got that?" I yelled.

"Yes daddy" winking at me she strode out of the living room. All the while in my peripheral view, I saw "her" looking down at me from upstairs. If she thinks I'm going to change my lifestyle for her, she has another thing coming. I headed to the guest room to vent out my frustrations.

Monique had already stripped down and was waiting for me on the bed. I made my way to her while removing my clothes. I didn't wait once I was in-front of her in all my naked glory.
"Ohhh John, yess. Deeper John harder Ohhh" her moans were loud and I know "she" heard them too making me even more determined to take things to another level. When it was over I told Monique to get out and stayed sipping on a glass of whiskey. I didn't understand what was happening to me. Normally Monique had the power to take away all my stress and give me pure pleasure but right now, I felt even more void and empty than before and while Monique was beneath me all I could think about was Seline. "I need to get this girl out of my system. It's too soon to feel like this" I groaned in frustration I need to get this girl out of my system.

Seline's POV
I heard everything that was going on in the guest room considering that it was just below mine. I was so shocked that I didn't even know what to do again. How could he bring me to his house and still treat me as though I were some replaceable object or an ornament. When all of that was going on, I took out her novel and I drowned myself in it trying to escape the misery and deception I had found myself in between.
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