Lost but Found

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A perfect girl with perfect life ...thats huge dream for average girl with uptight parents...forced to marry at the age of eighteen Fidha Farookh is running far away from the cage she was in..knowing nothing but that her best friend hudhayjha is there to help What happens when a stubborn,free willed girl become every something she always wanted ..feeling she achieved everything thing but one exact moment every fall apart ... Hi, this me and my lil life ...fidha..who had every thing but nothing she wanted.. A eagle in a gold cage ...who was afraid of the outside world but who soon find her ground build her own empire ..her throne , her crown,her life ..

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 truth found

18th Birthday..

To every girl like me this day is important for some it for driving license, own car and they officially can make there own decisions..to me it was whole different story...

Birthday morning

Today is something I am looking forward to..
Mom told me today our family is all coming together for dinner...
Morning was as usual mom shouting for me to get up from bed...
I did my morning routine and dressed up for the guest ..well not exactly I wore my jeans with simple green Zara sweaters. I went downstairs asked mom if she need help but when she turned her head to take a look at me, she had a disapproving look and I knew what will come after that.
Mom for exactly 5 min and said to wear something more appealing well I did . I according to her I was she said I qoute "a paper bag would do better " .did she new the sweater was one of my newest ..no she she don't because last time I went shopping was 6 months.. you guys must think can a girl go for shopping for that long, well then on rare human being.

Anyway I dressed up as mom said .I wore a red saree with a shall to cover my hair did a little makeup and applied a little lipglows,went down stairs ..exactly at 6:30 people started filling the guest hall slowly. My father made a sweet and lovely speech. Which I clearly ended up crying, when ended his speech he made his way to me and gave me a bone crushing hug and whisper to me my baby panda has grown so fast with a tearfilled eye he did his best not show his weak side in front of people ,I knew there was more in that I eye.I saw regret, pain,fear and moreover his eye told me that the night will be long night.

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