Love, Vogue and the CEO

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If you are a fan of 50 Shades Of Grey then this book is for you! Ace Brightly is the CEO of Pure Fashion Industries and Pure Fashion Magazine, would be considered a great catch! Unfortunately, this successful, handsome billionaire is also cold and arrogant. He believes all women are selfish, gold diggers. Enter Zurielle Summers. In contrast, she thinks all men only want her for the wrong reasons! She has had to start her life over after experiencing a terrible tragedy. She is trying to make ends meet by working two different jobs, including one at the notorious bar for bikers called 'The Snake Pit'. One day, Zurielle and Ace cross paths with each other in awkward circumstances. Curious, they try to break each other's walls down and find each other's hidden pain and secrets, only to realise they have feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Zurielle is in danger of her stalker who had murdered her parents. To her horror and shock, she finds that there is a link between her customers, a bikie gang called the Savage Serpents, and her parent's murderer. However, the CEO'S brother also wants Zurielle for himself. He tampers with the 'Live-on-Air' Fashion Show, hoping to humiliate Ace and ruin the reputation of his brother's company. Zuri and Ace have a fallout and Ace's Live fashion is now in jeopardy. Will Zuri's broken heart cause her to let him suffer the cons

Romance / Drama
Jazz Ford
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Can also be read on Wattpad Author name: JazzFord7

Hello to all my beautiful readers, I hope you enjoy reading my first Billionaire romance novel. I am currently working on the sequel and check out my other romance shifter werewolf novels :P

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A handsome Ceo Billionaire is cold towards everyone and thinks the whole world is against him, he is a fashion designer and owns his own fashion industry and even has his own fashion magazine. Ace unexpectedly crosses paths with a young woman who stands her ground with him. They absolutely cannot stand each other, but keep crossing paths in bad situations. Zurielle ends up working at his company and over time they learn unexpected things about each other and realize they have feelings for each other. During his fashion show live on T.V his brother tries to sabotage the show to cause embarrassment and humiliation to his company. Ace does something for Zurielle that he has never done before to show how much he cares for her, she accepts the gift, but it backfires due to information she finds out about him, she leaves upset only to later find out it was a lie, she wants to apologise and tell him she has fallen for him, she makes it up to him and does something drastic that saves the show in the end from it’s potential bad hiccup on Live T.V. This book has everything! from Biker gangs to glitz and glamour! with a bit of everything else love, suspense, humor and more!

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