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warning: MATURE CONTENT "Sugar" Check "Toothpaste" Check "Books" Check . . . . . . . . "A packet of rice" Check "Fine. So we have bought everything that was in the list. Let's go" I said grabbing his arm to make him walk. But he didn't even move a bit. I turned back to look at him. He was looking at me with his usual puppy face. I smiled and moved close to him. "What happened?" I asked him politely. "I think we are forgetting something. We need to buy something else also" he said making a face full of childish expression. I didn't understand what is he talking about. I checked the list again. "No, we have not forgotten anything." I told him. " We have forgotten condoms" he said bluntly. My eyes went wide. "What are you speaking? We are surrounded by people. We are in supermarket and you're speaking so loudly about this." Scolded him in a low voice. He just laughed. "What is there not to talk about? Everyone knows about it, buys it and even use it." He said whispering the last part. I looked down. Sadness was visible on my face. "What happened, aru?" He asked touching my cheek with his knuckles. "You always think about sex. Why don't you behave with me romantically more often?" He holds my face in his palms and made me look at him.

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Chapter 1

Arihant's POV

I woke up at 5 am. I have always been a morning person. After completing my morning business and taking my pre workout food, I left for gym.
After working out for an hour. I took the shower and got ready for my office in my formals with tie.

"Arihant, Arihant, come down for breakfast, quickly" my mother shouted while setting up the dining table.
"There in two minutes, mom!" I said in loud voice checking out myself for the last in mirror.

I went down and saw my mother's smiling face. I smiled back. She is the only human on this planet whom i love. She is the best. The way she raised me after my parents split is commendable.

"Good morning, mom" i greeted her giving a side hug. She smiled back.
She served me and herself.

"Mom, how is your restaurant going?" I asked cutting slice of omelette.
"It's going very well. You know? I have hired three more new employees." She told me with excitement. Her work progressing day by day and she is very happy with it.

I never wanted her to work since i started working but she said she loves doing it and she did work very hard when we were left alone. She wanted it to continue.

"Mom...." I was about to say something but she showed me her palm to stat quiet.
" I know what are you going to say but we have already talked about this. I am really not going to merge my restaurant with your hotel chains." She said eating.
" But why? This will benefit both of us" i explained.
" No means no. Your high class staff and advance way of working will ruin my homely gesture from that restaurant." She said trying to explain me and there i lost this battle like everytime. I nodded looking down at my plate. She looked at me and put her hand on should.
"Arihant, you know this restaurant is like home to me and i want to continue it in that way only." She said expecting me to understand and I also smiled back giving her assurance.

I left for the office in my car playing my favourite tune. M not fond of music but this tune,there is something very soothing about it, something very relaxing.

I don't take personal calls during working hours except my mom's. I had few missed calls of Jake. After returning from the meeting, i had few minutes for myself. I called him back.
"Hey man, where have you been?" He said in his usual annoying tone. "Dude! You know it's my working hours" i said. "I know I know, well! i called you to invite. We are partying." He said. "Let's see. If i get free then i shall surely join you" i said looking at some papers. " Cool" he said and disconnected the call.

It's 9:30 pm. Work is done for today and i am driving to the party where jake invited me. It was our regular pub and same old friends. I am not a heavy drinker. We took some drinks.
"So Arihant, still alone. No date" david ask. "Well! This is how you see it" i said while gulping the drink down my throat. "Ohh, you can pick anyone from here. Any girl would die to get a single look from you" he said. "You know, I don't believe in paid fuck." I reminded him again. "You are getting me wrong. I meant to say is that have a girlfriend and enjoy your life. It's high time to give yourself a break." He said. "He is right. We all have seen you working so hard. You have been working for last 15 years every single day." Jake said with lot of proud in his words. "That's why I am able to make it so far" i said looking to all of them. "Let me go guys, i have to get up early in the morning. See you" i hugged jake after grabbing my coat from the sofa.

I played the same tune again and started driving. It's not like i never had a girlfriend. I had few girls i dated. Three of them were my girlfriends. It got serious sometimes but still destiny was something else. We parted our ways. I had girls in my life but I have never been considered as playboy or casonova. It's because for me a woman can be a trophy to win but not toy to play. My mother is compelling me to get married as soon as possible. Well! I am 32 years old. But i have still not found that girl whom i can say that 'yes ,she is the one'.
This is me Arihant Chauhan and my perfect life.

I was driving with ab average speed. Suddenly i saw someone came in front of my car. I immediately applied the break. It took me few seconds to register what happened. Fuck! Someone met accident with me.

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