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Over a cup of Coffee

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After getting into an accident Beaumont Alastair Alcazar found himself in the middle of his past and present. With the remnants of the past memories and wipe out of his present activities he's in the middle of choosing on which life he would pursue. The one he remembers but dated three years ago or the knocking family with two unknown kids of responsibility? In the world full of choices will you choose to continue a past you have cherished and dreamed of or accept the doubtful facts of your present? First installment for the Series, Kape de Soleil: A coffee shop series.

Romance / Erotica
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Take 1- Recording

“Do you believe in second chances?” the interviewer asked behind the camera.

“No,” the girl smiled showing her shy smile that accented her big eyes and elegant demeanor

“Oh? Really?” The interviewer’s shock at her answer made her giggle like a girl, her long white fingers brushing her long brown wavy hair as she composed herself. Her white shirt creased as she shifted her way of sitting. “Why don’t you believe in second chances?”

“I don’t know,” she smiled, fidgeting with the pen in her hands. “I just thought that even if you give someone a chance there will be at least 60% of them doing it again and giving them another shot is like risking yourself for another fight that could break you.”

“But what if the person really deserves it? Won’t he or she must be given another shot?”

“I don’t know, I would rather forgive the person in my own phase and live my life in another direction. I mean I could forgive but I won’t take you in again,” she said while nodding her head.

“If you meet your first love in another lifetime, what will you say to him?” the interviewer said.

She tilt her head sideways as she thinks for an answer, the room is filled with silence and her amused eyes watch the interviewer’s gaze as she smile not knowing what to say.

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