Begin Again

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She had all the love in the world, the love of her parents, her friends and everyone around her. Despite witnessing her parents successful relationship she never believed in love. She knows IT exists but she is convinced that IT is just not for her. All the pain that comes with ‘falling in love’ she didn’t want that. She’d rather be alone than to fall in love . . .again. While He, He believes in love, even after everything he’s been through, he believes that love exists and everyone deserves to be loved and to have someone to give love to. Despite his dark past he continues bringing sunshine to everyone’s lives. If these two crossed paths will he be able bring his rays of sunshine and love past her walls? She’s broken and He loves fixing things. On the other hand both adores proving people wrong. He wants her to believe in love again and she wants to prove him that she’s better off living without it. Will she be swooped by this Prince Charming or will she draw her sword, fight back and penetrate his armor, only discover what’s inside the shining armor of this knight.

Romance / Drama
Age Rating:

To catch herself a slimy frog prince

“Sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed and rearranged to relocate us to the place we were meant to be”



“You may now kiss the bride” Akira kissed her husband and everyone cheered. Akira in her beautiful wedding dress, her little tiara, vines decorated on the isle the seats and the altar. Birds singing can heard from outside. This is her happy ending.

People cheered once more when they kissed again. Everyone was so happy for the beautiful couple. I am happy for Akira too but unwanted memories came flooding, I just feel drowning.

“People loud mommy” Ianna shouted as she covered her ears. Somehow she is my current life buoy in this happy event. I feel you kid.

“It’s okay honey, they’re just happy because Aunt Aki is getting married” Ianna nodded and looked at me.

“Are you next Aunt Tia?” I laughed at her innocent question, while Lianna looked at me worried.

“No baby, Auntie’s never doing that” I said and pointed at the happy couple at the altar.

“Why” she asked as she tilted her head. Aww she looks like a puppy. Lianna warned me.

“Because it’s too expensive sweetheart, Aunt Tia’s broke remember?” She nodded knowingly.

“But never too broke. . .” She began

“To buy ice cream!” We both exclaimed. She laughed heartily as I ticked her in Lianna’s arms.

“Now I know why people won’t believe me when I say Ianna’s my daughter. She’s even starting to look like you now” She jealously eyed our matching butterfly earrings I bought for her birthday.

“That’s because you always drop her at my place every time you go on a da- you go to work” her jaw hung open as I almost expose her to little anna. She keeps telling the kid that she’s at work at Sundays but in reality she’s on a date.

I don’t mind having anna at home, we just binge watch disney movies and dive on some pancakes and ice cream.

Akira sent us a little wave as they walked down the isle towards the exit. My heart swells seeing her happy, we spent months of preparation to make this wedding ‘like a dream come true’ as she would say.

As children the three of us watched tons of princess movies, I’m just happy at least one of us got their happy ever after.

(A week after the wedding)

“And they lived happily ever after” I closed the book and looked at anna who’s half asleep on her bed.

“One more story?” She shook her head and turned to her side to face me. “Who’s your favorite princess aunt tia?”

“Well, there’s Merida, Moana and Queen Elsa” her half asleep eyes turned confused.

“But Aunt Tia, they didn’t have Prince Charming” Anna pouted. I tried stifling my laughter but I failed.

“Hear me out okay? Moana saved her people. Merida saved her mommy and brothers, and Elsa saved their kingdom. Sure the last two kinda have caused it but you get the idea right?” She still looked confused but nodded nonetheless so I continued explaning

“Meanwhile remember snow white? Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella they were saved by their prince charming”

“So you don’t want a Prince Charming because you’re broke?” I was about to school the child on I how I don’t want to depend on someone for my own happy ending and that I can have my own without a Prince, but maybe that’s too deep for a three year old right?

“You know it sweetpea, aaaand I want to be a strong princess that saves people, I don’t need a prince to save me” her face lit up like she had biggest idea ever.

“You can be rapunzel, Aunt Tia. She saved flynn many many times with long looooong hair” she was smiling so wide I can see the cavities in her molars.

“Or you can be Tia with the frog prince. They saved each other in the end. With a kiss!” At this point she was jumping on her bed, too happy she found a prince suited for me.

“Eww you want me to kiss a frog and marry a broke prince so we can be broke together?! I’m not kissing a frog! Come here” I softly tackled her back to bed and attacked her with tickles.

“I thought the goal was to put her to sleep and not send her energy levels sky rocketing” Lianna was in the doorway with her hands on her hips.

“Mommy mommy! I found Aunt Tia a price charming. It’s flynn or naveen” Lianna raised an eyebrow at me, and I shrugged. I can’t say no to her little angel.

“Alright. You need to sleep Missy. We also need to let Aunt Tia get her beauty rest so she can catch herself a slimy frog prince yeah?” Lianna tucked her in while I went to her fridge and opened the wine bottle I left yesterday.

“I thought you forgot about that” Lianna chuckled and grabbed herself a glass.

“Nah I can’t sleep without having a glass plus my doctor wouldn’t let me get sleeping pills like before” she hummed and took a sip.

“W-well about Ianna, I- I’m sorry I k-keep telling her to s-“

“You don’t have to, it’s fine. Don’t take away her childhood. Remember when we used to believe in fairytales and Prince Charmings?” Just like that we were back in the old days, on how we wore blankets into gowns, pillows in to forts with headbands as tiaras. We chuckled at the memory.

“We thought that they’d come in and rescue but all they did was put you in a worse state. Don’t get me wrong Ianna is my angel and she is so sweet but you know? I- I would have wanted to have her in a more perfect time. Where I’m secured financially and I’m sure that her dad won’t run away when she arrives” we both took a big gulp and sigh.

“Still can’t reach him?” Lianna chugged her drink and started cleaning up anna’s toys.

“I stopped trying year ago, if he really wanted Lianna he would’ve returned years ago” we stayed there in silence. She cleans up and I went for another glass of wine until I fell asleep on the couch.

(Next day)

“Aunt Tia Aunt Tia Aunt Tia!” I heard anna’s high pitched voice and felt her diapered butt on my back as she tried to break my already weak spinal cord.

“I’m up! What do you want kiddo” the moment I opened my eyes her smile took over my vision.

“Breakfast!! Mommy went to work already, can we go to your bakery and bake a cake?” I asked her before she wanted to join while I was baking and she always refused, this would be the first time she asked me.

“Totally, and today’s Fairytale Friday, they had little mermaid last week, I wasn’t sure what they had planned for today” my crew and I noticed that we had a lot of children customers every Friday because of our decorate your biscuits day. So to lessen the cost on our icing palettes. We turned it into fairytale friday, so we’ll only need certain colors available and just baked the princess in different poses, sometimes we do their pets too. Like last week we had ariel as a mermain, then her with two feet then sebastian and flounder too. One kid even asked for ursula so we had to rush that one. He never left the store until she got her sea witch.

“I hope it’s elsa Aunt Tia” she said as she sat across the living room.

“Alright let me take a bath. you too, you need to take a bath, then let’s go?” Her grinned widened and went to her room to choose her outfit.

After we both have freshened up, I grabbed my keys and were off to the bakery.

As expected more kids came in today than last week. Everyone’s waiting for my crew to reveal what fairytale we’re having today.

“Whiskeys! What’re we having this week?” The twins looked back at me with wide grins on their faces.

“You’ll know boss! It’s a surprise” Jacques and Daniel answer simultaneously. Ianna and the twins winked at each other then giggled like school girls.

Something tells me, that I’m not going to like it.

“Who’s on mascot duty?”

“It’s Cassie today. Don’t look at me like that we rolled the dice for this. And she skipped mascot duty for a months now” Diego answered after he put up his signature chocolate cake.

“Choco cake!! Favorite!” Whiskeys came out of the kitchen with cloth covered baskets.

“What? I thought you LOVE our cheesecake more than that sad chocolate excuse of a cake” it’s funny how Ianna had all my worker wrapped around her tiny fingers.

Jacques the older twin with more muscles picked anna up like a doll. While Daniel who’s a bit more taller pouted like kid while anna explains how her tastes on cakes depend on the weather.

I was cleaning up the tables when Jacques held the microphone and started the countdown for the reveal of today’s fairytale. Every kid was screaming at the top of their lungs, even Ianna joined in.

“3…2….1. Let’s welcome Prince Naveen of Maldonia” every kid screamed when the mascot came out then it suddenly subsided then turned into murmurs.

“Uh well I think we have a problem kids, Prince Naveen has been cursed by the Shadow Man and now has turned into a frog! Now he has to find her Princess to turn him back to his handsome self” the little ladies squealed at the thought of kissing a frog which is a little disgusting if y—

A frog? I looked at the three who seemed to be waiting for my reaction all this time. Ianna seemed to be the happiest when she saw my shocked state. I scrunched my face to show my disgust and she laughed louder in Daniel’s arms.

Seeing the kids busy decorating their biscuits, I snuck behind ‘prince naveen’ and squeezed her ass. Cassie let out a small squeak inside the mascot then turned around to see who the culprit is.

“That’s what you get for ganging up with anna and going against me” Cassie just shrugged.

“Cassie send me that booty workout you’ve been doing later m’kay? I wanna have a dump truck like yours” I slapped her butt as I walked and and she cutely jumped and squeaked.

After a few minutes, some kids finished decorating their frog biscuits. I’m surprised no one did Tiana’s first. They all presented it to the frog, which he all approved.

“Alright who wants to help our handsome frog return into his handsome self?” Every kid raised their hands even little anna waived hers wildly.

“All our slimy frog prince needs is a kiss! No! Not from our beautiful little princesses, we need a much older princess! If you can bring me a princess with a sunflower print on her dress or shirt. Our handsome prince shall reward you for helping of course. Now go princes and princesses! Help Prince Naveen be human again” every kid search the room they looked at their mothers, aunts and older sister.

One particular kid is running up to me with a determined look. While little anna was chasing him.

“Noooo!! that’s my Aunt Tia!” Anna outrun the kid and dragged me. And then I realized why she’s dragging me towards the frog mascot.

“Whiskeys! I’m not kissing this frog!” I whispered at the two. While they snickered and high-fived anna.

“It’s not an actual frog, just a mascot” Jacques covered the microphone and whispered back.

“Fine” I gave up. It’s Cassie inside anyway. I also don’t want to ruin out event.

“Okay Bos- I mean Miss. May we have your name?” I subtly rolled my eyes at him and answered his question.

“Princess Tia! Will you kiss our frog prince and help him be human again?” All I did was nod and kissed the part of the mascot’s head which was supposed to be where the mouth is.

“ yaay Aunt Tia!” Anna cheered while reaching out to from Daniel’s arms. I took her and tossed her in the air once and earned giggles from her.

“Yaaaay! Aunt Tia kissed the frog! She finally found her prince” I tickled her with my left hand while my right was steadily supporting her weight.

“Boss Tia kissed who?! Why does good things happen while I’m gone” Cassie’s voice came out from the kitchen while fixing her apron and we all laughed.

And all at the same time everyone realized..

If Cassie came out of the kitchen..

Then who was inside the friggin’ mascot?

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