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Enemy's Brother

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Makenna was enemy's with Lily Waldron, also Lily was her best friends/love of her life's sister. How will she be able to live seeing Lily all day at school and at her best friend:Luke Waldron house when they hung out and then Lily tries to jeoprodize there relationship,what will she do to get luke to be friends again and beleive her again. Find out in this book

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

It was the first day of my senior year at Roosevelt high. I dicided to wear white ripped skinny jeans with a turquoise crop top and my usual converses.

I was already going to be late if I took any longer so I decided to brush my hair and eat when my brother, Jordan, drove us there. He was my twin brother. 17 years old and he was 30 seconds older than me and took that advantage to make fun of me for being younger even though it wasnt really a big difference.

What his friends don't know is he still calls me in the bathroom to kill spiders that get in sometimes.

"Makenna hurry up!!" I heard him yell from downstairs. "I'm coming you big dummy hang on!" I grabbed my best friend braclet luke had given me 2 years ago for my birthday. And grabbed an apple and headed to the jeep with my ,unfortunately, brother.

"Took you long enough" he said starting up the vehicle. "Shut up before I make you" We headed to school and I brushed out my rats nest of my hair down straight. I had Butt length dirty blonde hair and peircing green eyes. Thankfully I ended up being a little tall at 5"7.

"Race you to the door?" Jordan asked "I'll win of cource" I said back to him taking off to the front of the school.

"Told ya, see you later" We had 3 classes together ,2 of them was before lunch the other 1 was after.

"Makennaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" I heard that and immediately knew what was coming my way. I was takled to the ground by my 2 other best friends besides luke, Ava and Haley. "Get off of me!" I yelled at them and they got off and we all hugged eachother.

Then everyone in the halls started to make a clearing in the middle including Ava and Haley but I just continued to stand there. "What are you doing here get out of my way!" That high pitch screeching voice of my enemy,Lily Waldron, said. " oh sorry but I dont recall this ever being a runway for bitches, I must've missed the sign" I said to her with a smirk on my face. "Ugh!!!" She yelled going around Me with her "side partners" as i would call them but in other words Annie staritt and Sara Webb.

Then all of sudden while I was chatting with ava and Haley I heard a "boo!" And knew it was luke but I wasnt expecting it so i may or may not have nocked him out and got detention for 2 weeks, but oh well, he should know by now not to sneek up on me and that I punch.

"Oh my God luke are you ok?... Luke?" I asked but heard no anserw. I felt bad for him not only because I knocked him out but because his friends would be making fun of him all week for getting knocked out by a girl. But they knkw if they took it to far they would be in the same position.

The only reason I was able to knock him out was because of my extra werewolf strength. we never had any problems with other wolf's or rouges because no one in my small town ever got executed and no one really knew about this town either. So everyone knew I was a werewolf, everyone in this entire town was.

Some students went to get some water and threw it on his face and he immediately woke back up. "I told you I punch" i said to him. He just rolled his eyes at me we hugged. We had 4 out of 6 classes together but that's because he sighned up for advanced math and me advanced English.

"So long time no see" I heard a voice behind me say and I was beyond livid because I knew exactly who it was. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT NOW!!"
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