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THIS IS A BOYXBOY, GAY STORY! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN DON'T READ IT! Caden is the head Lacrosse player at Harrison High School and Novak is an Omega that no one really knows. Novak had recently been talking to someone online and wished they would meet up in real life but he knows it won't ever happen. He could only wish. After getting assigned a school project together, Novak and Caden embark on a journey of love and acceptance. Will the α and Ω end up together? Or were they doomed from the start?

Romance / Drama
Angelbutterfly 🦋
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There were many days when Novak Sawyer did NOT want to go to school. He was up way too late last night (or rather this morning) for his liking, and was now cursing at his alarm clock for waking him from his slumber. He yawned and stretched his arms as he looked up at the ceiling.

This was his life. He would stay up until four o'clock in the morning playing Steam, League of Legion, World of Warcraft, watching video's on YouTube, gaming on his Xbox or PlayStation. Sometimes many of those things at once. When morning would come, he would roll out of bed, trip of the pile of books he has yet found any time to read, throw on a shirt at random, skip breakfast and race to school, even though he was already late.

But, as chaotic as it was, Novak was happy with his life. He only had one friend (besides the few online) that he talked to throughout the day - Lewis West, who lately was "too popular" to hang out with him.

Lewis and Novak both had gotten on the Lacrosse team, but Lewis was much, much better than Novak. He was just happy to be on the team and if that meant that he was only went into a game now and again, he was fine with that. He knew his dad wished for him to put more of an effort into the sport, but Novak was just preoccupied with more important things. Now, those things may or may not be reading the newest volume of Wolverine or chatting with CW online.

CW was a godsend. They would always chat on Steam and text throughout the day. He just met him a few weeks ago, but they have been talking constantly since. He was actually sending him a text right now as he walked into the school:

looking forward for another gr8 day in hell

Novak just hit the send button when he felt something hard crash into his left shoulder. He dropped his phone and his backpack fell off of his shoulder, causing the papers that were loose to fly everywhere. He needed to stop carrying his backpack on one shoulder.

"Watch it Sawyer." He knew that voice. If Novak was at a police station right now and it was the middle of the night and the cops wanted to know who had just tried to murder him and was asked to identify the suspects voice with a blindfold on, he could tell you immediately that the voice was none other than Julian Jen.

Now, Julian would be a great guy if he wasn't suck a dick. In fact, he was biggest dick and douche in the history of Harrison High School. His whole posse was out to get Novak. They all were the reason he refereed to this school as Hell. They were some of the best lacrosse players that have ever been to the school, and they don't let you forget that.

Julian was the second most popular kid. He was dating Kenya Mindy who was Novaks' long time love. Kenya deserved so much better. Yes, Julian was pretty good looking, but looks can only get you so far! Novak didn't understand why she was even with him. He was a jerk to anyone and everyone. There was only one person Julian would listened to - Caden Decom.

No one ever crossed Caden. He was the head lacrosse player, dating the head cheerleader, and could easily put someone in their place. He was an Alpha that only associated with other Alpha's and few Beta's. Novak had only said one sentence to him and it will haunt him for the rest of his life-

Would you consider dating me?

Now there is a story behind this. Novak had a bet with Lewis that he could get a girlfriend - or boyfriend - with who ever he wanted to. Lewis dared him to turn around and ask the next person he saw that question, and Novak did just that. Only, what Novak didn't know what that Lewis knew who was walking behind him.

A certain Caden and Novak couldn't stop the words once they started flowing out. Caden was completely surprised by this, smirked and replied simply with - I already have a girlfriend.

That wasn't a no. Which Novak will mention to Lewis on a regular basis. But Novak didn't have many friends. Lewis just recently got himself a girlfriend, Zoey Ryker, and that was around the time when Nivak met CW. He didn't know much about the other person accept that they lived in California. They really only talked about small things. Things like why they loved Marvel movies and Stan Lee's cameos. They argued for hours on end about why country music was better than rap once. CW had taken the side of Rap while Novak had to fend for himself. He eventually won (But who was he kidding, of course he was going to win).

But there were days when he wanted to meet CW. He wondered what he looked like, talked like, acted like. Novak didn't want to face the idea that maybe the person he was talking to was a fake. He didn't want to even think about it... So he wouldn't.

"What are you deaf?" Julian hit his shoulder again. Novak rested on the floor to pick up his fallen books and papers. It was going to be fun trying to find his homework in this mess. Yeah, Julian was a dick.

"I can hear you loud and clear." Novak replied. He saw his phone light up with a text. He tried to grab it before Julian saw but it was too late. Julian leaned down with a smirk and picked up his phone reading the message out loud.

"'Could be worse, you could have to put on a mask everyday.' What the hell does that mean?" Julian threw his phone back to Novak who surprisingly caught it. Julian's smirk dropped a little. He obviously expected Novak to drop it as well. "See you in English, Omega." Novak sighed and continued picking up his books. He walked to class forgetting to reply to CW.

Thankfully, he didn't have English until after lunch. English was Novaks' favorite class because knew most of the people in there. The only one he didn't care for was Julian.

Novak jogged over to sit with Lewis and Zoey. Even though they were in their own bubble, they would occasionally stop and talk to him.

"I'm going to go get some pudding. Want anything?" Novak asked getting up from the table.

He watched as Lewis was clearly flirting with Zoey whose face was less than a few inches from Lewis'. Ew, PDA. Did they even hear him? "Okay. Sounds great, good talk." Novak walked over to the lunch line.

"Hello, Silvia darling! Got my favorite today?" Oh ya, Novak was on a first name basis with the lunch lady. Things were getting pretty serious.

"Save one just for you." She got out a clear cup filled with vanilla pudding. He gave a silent moan as he began salivating and his taste buds went to heaven imagining the beautiful, fluffy taste of the cream hitting his tongue.

"Thanks, hun! You're the best!" Novak grabbed it hearing her giggle.

"Don't forget a napkin!" She told Novak who thanked her again. She was a nice woman, about fifty years out of Novaks' targeted aged, but he wasn't complain. Any attention from a woman was good attention - so he told himself.

Novak looked down into the soft, heavenly appearance of the fluffy, creamy pudding. It had a few vanilla wafers inside it which added to its amazingly great taste because they were saturated in the pudding adding a moist texture but they weren't soggy. He hummed to himself.

Novak was so caught up in the pudding's appearance that he forgot where he was. He wasn't watching where he was going and tripped over his own feet spilling the pudding onto something in front of him.

NO! Beautiful food wasted! No use crying over spilled milk...

Novak grabbed a napkin he had and started whipping the strangers shirt. "Shit. Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going. You've got really nice abs, do you work out?" Novak looked up to be met with two blue eyes, Caden Decom's eyes. He could feel his face heat up as he jumped back at the sudden proximity.

"C-Ca-Dude, I am so sorry. I will pay for your dry cleaning and-"

"Don't worry about it." His voice was stern as his lips formed a straight line. Oh no, he made Caden mad.

"No really, just let me-" Novak held up his hand to help clean off his shirt again when Caden's hand grabbed his wrist. He couldn't stop the shiver that ran down him. It started like a spark on the skin that Caden was touching and spread like a fire throughout his body.

It must have been the fact that an Alpha was touching him. An Alpha ending up with an Omega was very rare. It only happened in noble classes or if they were absolute true mates. People didn't look down on Omega's, it just some wolfs thought they were louring Alpha's in for the kill. There was a time when wolves were killing Omegas because Betas were afraid that Omegas were going to try and disrupt the power the Alphas held. Ever since then, Omegas were ignored and treated as social outcasts.

Novak has never in his life had any physical contact with an Alpha. Caden noticed the way the younger boys body tensed slightly, pupils growing wide and a new smell adding to his current scent. He couldn't stop it, it was his nature. Caden's grip tightened. Novak didn't know what to think. He knew his body was reacting out of lust but Caden looked mad, pissed. Novak thought he saw hurt flash in the Alpha's eyes like he thought Novak was afraid. He must have imagined it.

"I got it." Caden spoke harshly. Novak nodded and tried to shake out of the others grip the Alpha was holding. Eventually he let go with a heavy sigh and turned his head. Novak was avoiding eye contact and headed back to the table with Zoey and Lewis, who didn't even notice he was gone.

He looked back over his shoulder to see where Caden had gone but couldn't find him in the cafeteria. He was probably with his girlfriend and lacrosse friends or cleaning his shirt.

Chelsea Ryker, Caden's girlfriend, was a sociopath. Novak had no solid proof of this but it was just a weird feeling he got from her. She was Zoey's cousin and was a bitch. Everyone in the school knew that. Why Caden Decom was with her? That was on him. Literally.

He just wanted the day to be over already...

But it wasn't. In fact, it was far from being over.

When he walked into English, he knew it was going to be a horrible class. He could tell just by the fact that Caden had changed shirts and looked like was about to erupt into flames at any moment. He wasn't talking to anyone and everyone had their bodies turned away from him. Novak walked over to his usual seat behind Lewis, opposite side of the room from Caden, Chelsea, Julian and Kenya.

Lewis leaned back and whispered him a question.

"Why does Caden look like he's about to punch someone?" he whispered but Novak noticed how the Alpha's head turned slightly towards them and raised himself up in his seat. He then decided he wasn't interested and pulled out his phone instead of eavesdropping.

"Probably my fault. Kinda spilled my dessert on his shirt." Novak whispered back, eyes still on the Alpha.

"You what? When?" Lewis looked so confused. Novak looked at him accusingly.

"Oh right. This was when you were too busy with you girlfriend to notice me running into Caden with my pudding Silvia had just given to me! Thanks for that." Lewis rolled his eyes and the teacher came in with a huge stack of papers in her hand.

Novak felt his phone buzz and he pulled it out, hiding it in his history textbook.

CW- What? No reply?

NN- Sry, got distracted

CW- What could have been more important that talking to me?

NN- Okay wow. Narcissistic much?

CW - Ha ha ha so funny

"Today. I am assigning a partnered Project." Ms. Line threw down the stack of papers on he desk causing everyone to look up at the sudden noise.

Lewis looked back at Novak with a smirk on his face. Novak nodded. "I will assign everyone a different Shakespearean play and you will have to write a paper and presentation about it. I have the pairs already assigned. "

Lewis' and Novaks' bodies dropped at her words and they let out a sigh. Lewis' eyes looked back over to Novaks with sadness. He clearly wanted to be in the same group with Novak. Novak gave him an apologetic look. His phone buzzed again.

CW- I gtg to class. talk l8r.

Novak didn't reply but closed his phone with a smile. Whenever he talked to this mysterious person he felt better. It was weird- he didn't know exactly how to explain it. Maybe it was just the fact that it was someone else to talk to. He really only talked to Lewis at school and his father at home. He was be able to talk to this man for hours on end without letting a smile fall from his face. He felt safe talking to this stranger.

"Okay... Martin and Zoey - Twelfth Night. Make and Julian - Romeo and Juliet. Chelsea and Burt - Hamlet. Caden and Novak- Macbeth." Novaks head snapped up at his name. He couldn't have hear the correctly... He looked over at Caden who was already staring at him. Damn.

He tried to avoid Caden but by some cosmic being, Caden found him at his locker. "We're partners for the English project." He stated, arms crossed over his shoulder and body tense.

"Thank you for your helpful input in what I already know." Nivak snapped back. He notices how suddenly, everything got quiet. He turned around to see all eyes on him and all the people in the hallway stopped. Caden's gaze was held tight. Shit. He forgot he was talking to an Alpha.

"When do you want to work on it?" He asked trying to get the conversation to become normal again. Maybe if he allowed the Alpha to pick the time and place, people would stop looking at him as if he just punched a baby.

"Come over today after school." Caden replied already half way down the hall before Novak could object. Apparently, he was going over to the Decom house today.

Great. Just great.

"He's going to kill me."

"No he won't." Lewis attempted to reassure him. He was failing miserably. Novak felt his backpack jingling over his one arm.

"Yeah. He will. If you don't hear from me by... 11, call my dad." Novak slipped into the drivers side of his gray toyota corolla rolling down the window and shutting the door.

"11?! Isn't that pretty late?" Lewis laughed.

"Yes but maybe he will show pity and just hold me hostage and I can escape by then." Novak flashed a smile before driving off towards the Decom house. He had never been there before and honestly never thought he was going to. He met most of the Decom's (except Mr. Decom, Caden's father).

Jade and Paige were both very popular and Novak had never uttered a single word to either of them. They both resembled Laura Decom who was beautiful. She was the nicest Decom of them all in Novaks' opinion but he didn't dare tell anyone else.

If the time came down to it, She would show no mercy if her family was involved. He pulled up to the lively house with a smile.

The house itself was elegant and reminded him of one from old movies he'd watched. He couldn't shake the feeling that he had been here before once with his father, but that was impossible. It was an older house but nonetheless beautiful. It was big and colorful with many different tasks going on at once. He could see people inside moving around.

He spotted Jade in the top right window, sitting at her desk. She was writing something down in a notebook and had headphones in. Her brown hair was pulled back into a loose ponytail and she had workout clothes on. In the window on ground level to the right, he saw people setting up for dinner, servants maybe.

Benefits of being a Alpha.

Novak felt his phone buzz as he got out of his car. He looked down to see a text from CW. He didn't open it. He was too worried about the task at hand. Caden would either A- do absolutely no work and give it all to him B- refuse to let Novak do any work C- have Novak as the main course.

He walked up to the front door and started to knock. The door was thrown open and he was shoved inside without even the slightest hesitation. His vision was blurred and his head hit the back of the wall hard.

"You're the Lawyer's son." A man Novak had never seen before was suddenly very very close to Novak's face. Novak tried to back up but the man's grip was way too tight on his arm. He was a somewhat younger man - probably in his late thirties or early forties but too young to be Caden's dad - with his brow fused together in a stern look. He had a tan complexion that resembled Caden's in a way. His hair was slicked back and he had stubble around his chin. His eyes were flashing a threatening shade of blue.

"Uhh... Yes?" Novak answered and the mans face twisted into a smile. His teeth were a blinding shade of white and the blue in his eyes faded.

The man's smile faded slightly and he took a deep breath as if he was smelling Novak. "What are you doing here? I told him this was our territory and not to mess-"

A deep voice interrupted him. "Andy. Get off him." Caden stepped down the steps, hand not leaving the rail.

"He should know his place when walking in here." The man - Andy - snickered smelling Novak again. "He's an Omega, Caden. Why's he here?" The question hung in the air for a few seconds, no on answering.

"School project." Novak felt the words slip from his mouth before he could stop them. It wasn't a secret but why did Caden looked mad all of a sudden? Andy's eyes landed on him again and the man licked his lips. Novak was officially creeped the fuck out. He did not like being this close to the strange Beta. Even though he was only a Beta, Novak knew he couldn't take him in a fight. He wasn't weak or anything, he would just be too scared to actually throw a punch. This man was obviously someone important, he was living with the Hale family.

"Hmmm... A rather brave one you've got your hands on, Caden." He let go of Novak's arm but didn't step back. In fact, he leaned closer to Novak. "I'll be in the room next to Caden's if you get tired of him." Andy's hot breath stuck to Novak's ear. Novak felt his eyes widen and he had never wanted to be further away from another wolf in his life than right now.

Caden let out a low, warning growl. "Andy..." Caden's voice was low and inhuman. Novak swallowed hard, mouth suddenly became every dry. He knew they both could hear his heart beating rapidly in his chest. He couldn't help but start walking towards Caden, wanting to get away from this man. He wondered why Caden's voice was so low.

Caden didn't say anything. He just turned up the stairs and allowed Novak to follow him. They walked down a small hallway before turning into the first door on the left.

"Nice room." Novak said as he threw his bag on Caden's bed. He couldn't help but jump onto it, throwing his arms out to the side. The bed was soft and smelt like Caden. Caden's room was a little bigger than Novak's and a lot more boring. He had white wallpaper, a white bed and desk, a white chair, white carpet, doors and windows.

Everything was a sad shade of white. The only color that was in the room was the book on Caden's desk, a picture that was hanging over his bed that Novak had yet to get a good look at but looked like a picture of Caden and his family.

He rolled over onto his stomach and inhaled Caden's scent. He smell good... He liked the subtle smell of musk and forest that was perfectly hidden by the heavy smell of his cologne. He could just wrap himself in it all day and just sleep. Why was he so tired all of the sudden?

"Off the bed." He felt a hand tugging him at the collar of his shirt.

"Awww, but Cade... Just a few minutes." He teased. Fuck, did her really just give Caden a nickname? He knew he really, really shouldn't be acting this way towards a fricken Alpha but he had already said it. He couldn't take it back now. He heard the older teen let out a sigh but he didn't say anything.

Novak sat up and shuffled to the back of Caden's bed, messing up the pillows and blanket on his way. He heard Caden let out a slightly annoyed sigh but again didn't say anything.

"Whatcha wanna do?" Novak asked looking at Caden who was being a bump on a log, just sitting there in his desk chair. Novak was so tempted to go under the covers. He was so tempted... Don't do it Novak. Resist the temptation. This was an Alpha's bed, not a Betas. You weren't in Lewis' room who wouldn't care if you rubbed your scent everywhere.

His inner thoughts, no matter how smart they were, couldn't stop him. He lifted up the comforter and shuffled his way under the bed and brought a pillow down under his head. He heard Caden give off another growl but not nearly as threatening as before. A smile tugged at his lips and his eyelids felt heavier. He opened them before he got any ideas of sleeping.

"Your bed's warm." Novak stated filling the silence. Caden didn't comment. He could hear the steady breathing of the other wolf and the faint heart beat that was very soothing. He found himself closing his eyes again as sleep overtook him before he could stop it.

"But Mommie!" Novak wined. "I don't want to be here! Don't leave me here!" Novak could feel the tears running down his face and his breath coming out in pants. He didn't know where he was or where his parents were going but he wanted to go with them.

They had never left him before and he didn't understand why they were now. Why were his mother's soft and gentle eyes filled with tears? Why was his dad refusing to look at him as though he had done something wrong? He ran faster and pulled at his mother's long, white silk dress.

"Please Mommie!" Novak could barely see now, everything was blurred together. He couldn't breath through his nose and he was choking on his own tears. He didn't want them to leave. Why were they leaving?

"It's okay baby. It's going to be okay." He heard his Mother's angelic voice from above him. She place her gaunt hand atop his head and ran her gentle fingers through his hair. Her hands were shaking slightly but she had a smile on her face which was stained with a single tear.

"Everything's fine. Mommie will see you soon." She spoke so quietly that it sounded more like a whisper. A whisper of words only meant for them to hear. He put his hand up grasping onto hers. Her face flashed with pain and she flinched. He cried even harder.

"Don't go!" He said in between sobs. He was still holding her hand as her smile returned.

"I won't baby. Never." She spoke, voice slightly louder this time. He wanted to hug her, bury his face in her dress and cry. He knew that he couldn't. "Be a big boy while Mommy's gone, okay?" She removed her hand from his head and slipped out of his grasp. He wanted so bad to grab at her again.

"Promise you won't forget about me?" He asked afraid to look away from her. He wanted to remember everything about her - her slim figure, white dress, pale skin. The way her eyes had so much hope and he could see himself in them. He wanted to remember her smell, lavender with a touch of
pomegranate which were her favorite fruit. The color of her lips were always matching the pomegranate color even on days like today. Her skin would be a scary pale color and face thin but her lips would be bright.

"I promise, Novak." She whispered, only intending him to hear. She gave him one last smile before disappearing with his father in their car. A father who still hadn't looked at him. The tears only fell harder.

"-p" A low, rough voice was heavy in the quiet room. Novak felt so warm... He buried his face further into the warmth of his bed.

"Few more minutes Dad..." He mumbled before turning over keeping the cocoon intact.

"Get up." He blinked his eyes open a few times before they adjusted. They seemed to have crusted over slightly as though he had cried in his sleep. He freed his hands and rubbed his eyes wiping away the dried tears. Why was he crying? He focused his eyes again around his room. Why had his dad-

"Oh shit!" Novak quickly untucked himself from the covers and jumped out of the bed. "Caden, I am so so so sorry. I have this habit of not really thinking about what I'm doing until after I've done it and that happened again. Kinda like the time in the hallway when I first spoke to you?" Caden raised an eyebrow, lips in a frown and face still stern.

"Yeah, sorry about that. Lewis dared me to ask the first person I saw to date me and I just turned around and there you were but I know you have a girlfriend and I'm pretty lame and an Omega and fuck, I was just in your bed-"

"Novak, Dinner's ready." Caden turned to leave the room.

"You know my name?" Novak asked completely surprised. "Oh and I got to get home. My dad's probably back from the station and stuff. Plus, I couldn't possibly-"

"Novak. Shut up." He found his feet moving, jaw closed, and stumbling down the steps before he could say anything else. He was not going to upset an Alpha for the third - no, fourth time today.
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