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MAFIA/ROMANCE BOOK The García and Rodríguez Family are one of the biggest Mafias in the world, and for many years their past generations of family have been swore enemy's. Amelia García is a high school senior and a ballet dancer who is very good active student, top of her class and of course the only daughter to one of the Mafia's biggest leader. She didn't had much freedom growing up after what happened to her mother when she was a baby that left a scar on her father. Alejandro Rodríguez heir to the Mafia throne, and Son to the most dangerous Mafia criminal in the world. He may look aggressive on the outside, but inside of his own world it's damaged and his past childhood was nothing but abusive by his father. One day, fate will bring these two together but when it does.. will Amelia learn to walk through the broken mirrors in Alejandro's life and learn to discover that there is precious things in his life after all. Every broken arrow needs a Hero..

Romance / Action
Age Rating:


The García Family
Dom García (Father) - Vin Diesel
Isabella García (Step-Mother) - Sofia Vergara
Antonio García - Ian Somerhalder
Anthony García - Paul Wesley
Amelia García - Addison Rae

Lorenzo García (GrandFather / Dom's Father) - Kurt Russell

Brian and Mia Castro (Uncle/Aunt) - Paul Walker & Jordana Brewster

Maddie - Lauren Jauregui (Daughter of Brian and Mia)


The Rodríguez Family
Roberto Rodriguez (Father) - Luke Evans
Catalina Rodriguez (Step-Mother) - Nicole Scherzinger
Adriana Rodriguez (Step-Sister) - Adrienne Balion
Alejandro José Rodriguez - Stephen Elijiah

Johnathan - Random guy from Pinterest

Security Guards

Josh - Nick Gamroth

Cole - Max Hamilton

Ally - Lily Collins

Elle - Sofia Carson

John - {Random Guy on Pinterest}

Rosita Alfonso - Sofia Oliveira

Atarah - Random Girl from Pinterest

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