What It Means To Love You

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She was fire, but he was the flame that caused her to burn brighter.! He was a raging storm, but she was his most gentle breeze.! She was human; He was a Lycanthrope. She was humble; He was royalty. Together they were destined for nobility and would accept nothing less.! This is the story of Skylar and Christian..! "I desire nothing more than to walk away, but yet I'm here and held in place, why.?!" She looked torn on what to do, but curious as to why I continuously asked her to remain. I knew if she walked away now, my heart would break, shattered, and forever remain as broken glass, thrown away. "Because Princess, YOU...ARE...MINE, just as I am yours and I'll be damned if I allowed you to just walk away, before you have heard ALL that I have to say.!

Romance / Fantasy
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Beautiful Beginnings


It was raining hard the night I first laid my eyes upon her. Shivering in the cold, with no form of protection, as she took unsteady and tedious steps.

My heart clenched seeing her in such a state... WHAT..?!!?!

Since when have I cared or felt anything besides pain and hate, and for a stranger, someone I’ve never seen or met!

But, try as I may, my conscience refused to let it rest, so I found myself rolling down my window as I slowly approached her.

“Excuse me, Miss, are you OK, may I help you?”

She looked up, startled to see me there, as she shook her head.

“No...No, Thank-You, I will be fine. I am actually waiting for help; I misplaced my car keys and...and I...I...”

She began to trail off and look around as if she had forgotten something.

I released a heavy sigh and got out of my car to assist her.

“Why don’t you wait in my car, while you wait for your help to arrive, I am sure you will be much more comfortable there.”

“No..No..Thank-You, I assure you that I am fine; I don’t mean to be rude, but you may leave.”

At this point, I am skin wet and slowly becoming frustrated with her constant refusals.

“You are clearly not fine, nor are you thinking properly. It’s dark, it’s cold, and it’s late and I am only trying to help you. So, let me help you; please get in the car and stop giving me push-back.!”

She just looked at me, intensely might I add, turned around, and walked away.!


Fiddlesticks and Mushrooms..!!

Arrghh...I shouted over and over.

It’s raining and I am stranded; to top it off, I have misplaced my car keys!

So not only can I not start my car, I can’t even get inside to protect myself from this torturous downpour...Arrghh..!

This has been one hellish day and it just keeps getting worst.!

Arrrghhh.!!! Why me, why now..!!

I felt like crying at my dismal state.

I called Triple-A and they said that they would send someone to assist me within the hour; that was 45 minutes ago. I am now wet, freezing cold, and miserable.!

I am walking around to keep warm, but I feel drained; I know soon I will be sicker than I was, this only aids in further annoying me.

Suddenly, I see a black sleek and very expensive, two-door car pull up and I wonder what it’s doing and why it’s here.? The pharmacy closed an hour ago.

Slowly it approaches me and I start to become anxious.

What do I do, what do I do...No, no, nooo.!

“Excuse me, Miss, are you OK, may I help you.?”

A strong, accented, sexy voice asked me, NO NOT sexy dangerous, he could be dangerous.!

“No...No, Thank-You, I will be fine. I am actually waiting on help; I misplaced my car keys and...and I...I...”

I am trying my best to distract myself, but I feel myself slowly becoming scared, I have nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.

It is hard to see in the dark and harder still to see through the rain, but looking at him, even in my hazy state, I can tell that he is very handsome with a very dark aura.

He continues to insist upon helping me, but I know how this could end! NO Thank-You!

So, again I refuse, but he is unrelenting. Finally, he says to me,

“You are clearly not fine, nor are you thinking properly. It’s dark, it’s cold, and it’s late and I am only trying to help you. So, let me help you; please get in the car and stop giving me push-back.!”

I was left speechless at his attitude and could only stare at him; why couldn’t he just leave me alone? I didn't know what to do, so I turned and walked away. I tried my best to wipe the tears away, but my body ached as my mind raced. Lord, please help me.


Stubborn, Stubborn Girl.!

I followed after her, slowly approaching her body as she begins to tremble. Suddenly, I was very worried.

“Please, I assure you, I mean no harm, I only desire to help you.

She turned around and looked at me; again with an intense stare.

“OK”, she says and slowly follows after me. I open the passenger side door and close it as soon as she is settled in; I then run to the other side and get in. Turning the heat on to warm us both as we wait.

Thirty minutes have passed and no one has arrived, I look at her and frown. Her face is flushed and she looks sickly, I slowly lift my hand to touch her and I am concerned about the amount of heat that she is radiating, yet she appears to still be shivering. I am now strongly debating on my next move.

I put my car in gear and drove off, hoping upon hope that I was making the right decision.

As I drove I couldn't help but wonder...Who is this girl and why is it that I feel so strongly concerning her.

I NEVER get sick, so why did I feel compelled to stop at a pharmacy?

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