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A broken girl in the streets of Newyork

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Dont judge this book solely by its title.It is'nt all a sad story .Also Includes college life,pranks,parties,friendships,mean girls graduation,trips. Savannah Hashtings who has a horrible past goes to new york alone leaving her horrible parents behind in search of starting a happy beginning but how a small town broken girl survive in a big city alone ? Did I mention that she is broken not only in terms of money but also mentally . All she wanted is to have a happy life,pursure her career and move on from her past. What happens now that she moved to newyork but was alone in the streets with no money? How can she get a place to stay?Can she have a dramaless college life?what happens when she grabbed the attention of Aaron Brown aka the school's typical popular football player?She hate him. He hates her.I wish things are this simple .But what if they are having mixed feelings?Will Savannah let all it figure out?How will she act when she faces her abusive parents from whom she escaped again? How will she react when she discovers all the lies her parents told her? The question is will all these circumstances allow her to get a life she wants?Can she really be able to move on from her past or will it haunt her life forever?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Im Savannah hastings {though I am not a hasting anymore} and now Iam in the streets of newyork alone leaving my haunting past behind.I dont know what gave me the courage to finally move on ,well may be its partially because of my scholarship ,but to start a new life in a completely new city is not a easy task and it is almost impossible when you are broke emotionally and financially.Trust me,it sucks now, to not have a place to stay ,staying on the streets thinking of what to do,but I dont wanna live anymore with my parents and let them make my life a living hell. well,you guys may say me to live in the college dorms but guess what; fate is not completely with me.Although I did get a scholarship and got into nyu ,unfortunately all dorms are currently taken.Well ,what would you expect when you are joining late to college.

So now Iam here thinking about what to do.After much dilly dallying ,I got myself a job as a waitress at a local restaurant near the university.Thank god the owner was a kind human to accept to rent me the house he owns{but,we didnt have a agreement ,So he can kick me out anytime}.And it is a pretty simple house with a small living room ,kitchen ,a bedroom and a bathroom with a good furniture included.He also agreed to rent me the house for a small amount for sometime until I settle in the city.I know there is no going back now ,so I immediately thanked him and shifted my baggage into the house.If you are wondering the location of house,it is just a 10 minute walk from the restaurant that Iam working at now and 20 minute walk from the university.{picture of house above}
After I moved into the house,I dont know how I fell asleep but now when I woke up, its already 7.00 am,just a hour more to my first class.why did I forgot to keep an alarm ?In addition to that,Iam not a morning person at all Anyway,I managed to get up from the bed and its already 7.20am.So much for a great start for school!!!

I quickly got up from the bed despite my laziness and did my morning rituals.I wore a pink tee which I bought recently.
{if You are wondering,I also used to work in a cafe at my hometown}And paired it with a blue denim jeans.

I picked up my walking pace and reached the school on time. Once I saw the campus ,I was on the cloud nine upon me studying in here.I went to the office and asked for my shedule.I have to wait for a while and I finally got my shedule.I got a plenty of classes with mathematics being my first period (Ah!what a great start to school.)You cant blame me I dont even like mathematics.Especially algebra ,come on "Y" Your "X" is gone stop asking us to find her.Later,I have english and then P.T today.

The campus is huge and I have no idea where is the maths class.I somehow managed with the school maps that are given to me to reach my locker.But Me being me couldnt reach to my locker without causing something clumsy.I bumped into a hard wall.Wait!!! Its actually a boy of nearly my age who is muscular."Im sorry ,I didnt mean this to happen but"-I was cut off by him just moving away without giving me another glance. What does he think he is?Iam trying to apologise here and he just walks away.When I turned around,I see all the people gossiping about the scene that just happened now.

What the heck are they even gossiping now? Then I see a cheerleader captain kinda girl giving me weird warning glances.I dont even done anything to her.Then I see a cute girl standing beside my locker.Im thinking that the locker beside me belongs to her. She seems very nice and Iam already feeling friendly vibes from her.She understood my confusion about whats going on here and
She said"Hey,Im Grace Simmons,You can call me gee, ,nice to meet you.I replied to her by saying my name.She asked "you have no idea whats happening here,have you? I just shook my head as a no.She replied"omg!you dont know who you just bumped into.He is Aaron Brown ,the popular football player of the university .Im sure this thing will be gossiped around for few more days."Why in the world did I get myself into this school drama by bumbing into some typical popular player?Why the girls are giving me deathly glares?Come on, I dont even know him
enough to actually turn head over heels upon him .And I dont think I will ever do that.I am quickly snapped out my zoned self by Gee saying that the bell had rung.I asked "Do you know where the maths class is?"She said that she is going to be in same class as me.So we both ran up quickly to get to the class.I dont want to have detention for being late on my first day of school .

I went to my next class which is english after saying goodbye to Gee. Now,We have to listen to "the romeo and the juliet" .The teacher suddenly asked us to be partnered up with the person beside me.When I turned to see who is beside me,its a girl with blonde hair .I introduced myself to her.She said"Hi!Iam alexandria brown ,you can call me lexi.And then we decided about the article we should write about " Romeo and Juliet".We also exchanged numbers .

Lexi and I are on our way to cafteria right now to have lunch.When I entered the cafteria ,I shouldnt be suprised about the number of people there.There are different types of groups:the jocks,the cheeeleader girls,the nerds,the football team aka popular boys .Iam wondering where to sit.When I was being again zoned out ,I was snapped out of my thoughts by Lexi. She quickly pulled me into a corner table where Gee is already sitting.I think they arent attention seekers.I am so excited to see her again and we three sat and talked for what felt like hours.

The rest of the day went by blur.There has been nothing interesting happen except for the P.T period where we have to run 10 laps.I know ,its painful.

That's how my first day of school ended.Now Iam at the cafe where Iam supposed to work in the evenings during school days.I currently changed my outfit to the waitress dress. I see the same boy who I bumped into earlier walking into the cafe.Lets see what else is in store for me today.

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