Journey of the Split Xoul

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Ever since Rhonah started attending Knytefall in the third month of the term, there have been questions circulating the school. What was Rhonah, really? He said that he was human but was he lying. Because of bad luck, several supernatural creatures far stronger and faster than a mere human challenged him and lost. Jayden couldn't get her out of his head ever since that first night during the Blood Moon. Before she disappeared, he marked her as his. The very next day, there is a new student who smells just like her but is a man or is she dressed as a man. Then Jayden glimpses his mark on Rhonah's shoulder. Why did she feel the need to hide her gender and how come she isn't glowing anymore?

Romance / Fantasy
Yna Pham
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: New Student


Our story takes place on a world called Tyria, which is a world parallel from Earth. It's completely identical except for a few things:

1. There are three moons.

2. Half the creatures on Tyria are supernatural and have some sort of elemental power.

3. There are six seasons and 480 days in a year.

4. Time passes faster than it does on Earth.

We start our story off on the campus of Knytefall Academy, a university for all types of creatures to attend in hopes to learn trades that help them pursue careers suited for their abilities. The year is 1021 and it's almost the month of Nura, the second month of the year.

Students are bustling to and fro as they grab their books for their first class of the day from their wooden lockers and head to class. The first clang of the bell has rung and in five minutes, anyone not in their class would be given a demerit by the strict hall monitor of the week, Mrs. Guidling. She clicks her tongue as a male student rushes by her,

"No running in the hall!"

On the west wing of the third floor of the main building is Mr. Northwood's world history class. Mr. Northwood is in his early thirties but looks much older because of his silver hair and stern demeanor. He briefly exchanges a few words with someone outside the door before walking into the classroom of tittering students, most of who were out of their seats and grouped amongst one another based on species.

In one corner are the undead - a ghoul, two vampires, a zombie, a phantom, and a ghost. Near the window are a few bird beastmen - a falcon, a hawk, and a raven - all of which were girls. At the front of the room are three vampire men all of which are more than a century old. On of them had golden hair and dark blue eyes. He's in a foul mood and chooses to keep quiet while the other two catch up on the events that had taken place over the weekend. In the middle of the room is a pack of rogue werewolves. These four young men had been abandoned by their fated mates and had to live the rest of their lives without a true mate because of this. The youngest wolf strides over to a motionless wolf who seemed to be sleeping at the desk almost at the back of the room and nearest to the wall of large windows. He places his hand on the man shoulder and shakes it.

"Gosh, Jayden! You never really were a morning person, but come on! It's not even that early. Wakey! Wakey!" The shaking continued, increasingly getting rougher by the second.

"Leave me alone, Spence!" the man mumbled through his arms. "I had a long night, okay?"

Spence smiled and cocked his head to the side. "Oh, last night! I wonder what was so special? Oh yeah! It was the blood moon. So..." Spence stopped shaking him. He crouched down in front of the desk where he rest his arms, his chin on his hands. "Who did you do it with?"

Jayden finally looked up at his blood brother. His shoulder length black hair was tied in a ponytail and his deep grey eyes momentarily turned silver as he recalled the night before.


Jayden hated the red moon every since Cassie died. Cassandra was his fated mate and they always made love on the blood moon, when every beastman was struck with the urge to mate. She was a blonde wolf with beautiful emerald green eyes. Six months ago, she was struck by a strange illness and no one seemed to know how to cure. She kept throwing up inky black blood that smelled foul. Her veins showed like black cracks beneath her skin. Cassie's once rosy complexion because sickly and pale. Not only that, but she was mentally starting to lose it. She constantly was looking in the corner of her eye at this "black shadow" that was coming to "take" her. No one else could see it. She kept waking up from nightmares screaming bloody murder. Two months later, she was found dead by her parents on the floor of her bedroom with a vial of poison in her hand.

That night, Jayden finds himself holed up in the large closet of old abandoned art room. He'd been doing this for the past few months. When the blood moon shined it's brightest, he would unzip his pants, and palm his cock until the heat was over. He glances at this watch. Two more minutes until midnight.

Suddenly, there's a loud CRASH! as the boarded up window shatters and the light of the red moon floods in behind a glowing white wolf. She is the most beautiful creature he'd ever seen, next to Cassie of course. Jayden can tell she is injured by the way her front leg is limping. She gets to the middle of the room when she falls to the side. Her breathing slows and she begins to shift back into her human form.

Since she was already unconscious, Jayden takes this opportunity to exit the closet and examine her. She's completely naked, her large breasts covered by her extremely long glowing white hair. He pushes her side-swept bangs away from her face to see an angel. She looks young, younger than him. She has a heart-shaped face, long white lashes, and full red lips that he had a sudden urge to taste the sweetness of.

Jayden looks at his watch. Thirty seconds. Shit! If he didn't get away from here, she was be in danger but he couldn't just leave her here. The clinic was down the hall and just around the corner. Maybe he could find some bandages to bind her bleeding shoulder which was hard to look out without cringing. Whatever bit her there had teeth longer and sharper than a wolf's. Her entire arm looks pretty bad too. It's covered in deep burns that marred her beautiful, creamy white skin with dark red and black swirls. Jayden had seen his fair share of injuries by running a pack of rogue wolves, but this takes the cake. What did this to her? What had she been through?

He had no time to stand around. Jayden gently scoops the girl off the floor of broken glass. It was lucky the glass didn't cut her tender skin. Jayden runs down the hall when the heat abruptly kicks in. The next few moments are a blur. Next thing he knows, he's on his knees with his arms tightly clasped around her. Damn it! How could a wolf smell so sweet? He feels his teeth extend and then his canines are sinking themselves into her unbitten shoulder. Her skin is so soft, there's no resistance and Jayden bites into her like she's a succulent fruit. She moans and Jayden can feel his dick become rock hard. Oh, how he wanted to bury his member in her and ravage her until she couldn't think straight. Once he hit bone, he released her shoulder and drew back to admire the mating mark. Jayden was surprised to find that she was no ordinary wolf. No, because her blood was glowing red like the blood moon.

Then she opens her eyes, glowing amethysts staring into silver. The blow was instantaneous. Her leg comes up and over and then she roundhouse kicks him. Standing at 6'6", he's much larger than her, yet he goes flying through the window and plummets five stories down. Jayden realizes he doesn't want to land on his head so he rights himself but still breaks his legs when he lands. It takes half an hour for his bones to mend. Then he races back up to the sixth floor only to find broken glass in the hallway. She's gone.


"Okay, everyone." Mr. Northwood claps his hands three times. "Please take your seats. I have an announcement: we have a new student today."

Mr. Northwood walks to his desk and places his bag on the chair. He then picks up a piece of chalk and writes something on the board:

Rhonah Zephrel

He turns to the door and speaks softly, "You can come in now, Rhonah."

Rhonah walks in, his footsteps quiet as pin drops. He has black hair that falls over his brown eyes which were framed by thick black glasses. He stands at almost six feet tall and gives off a melancholy vibe. Dressed all in black and even wearing gloves, Rhonah wears a choker around his long slender neck studded with black and white stones.

There is silence as the entire class stares at him, taking in the sight, everyone except for Jayden who didn't care. A new student? That was just another day in Knytefall.

"Please introduce yourself," the professor gestured towards Rhonah.

"Okay," Rhonah said in a soft voice. "Hello. My name is Rhonah. I transferred here from abroad to study at this academy. It's nice to meet you all."

From the back of the classroom, Spence raised his hand. Rhonah pointed at him and said, "You have a question?"

"Yes. Um... what are you?"

The young man at the front of the room opened his mouth to answer but was swiftly interrupted by Mr. Northwood. "That question is inappropriate, Mr. Ellem. We, here, at Knytefall don't discriminate against any species." He turned to Rhonah. "You don't have to answer if you don't want to."

"Alright. Thank you, Sir!" Rhonah gave him a solemn smile.

"Good. Go ahead and take any empty seat. As far as I know, there are no absences today so do as you like."

Rhonah nodded and walked down the aisle of desks to the back of the room. As he passed by, Jayden stirred. It was very faint, but he could smell her sweet scent as Rhonah walked by. Jayden looked up and watched as the new student took a seat behind him.

No. It couldn't be.

Jayden put his head back down.

There’s no way she would come back.

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