Demonic Amor

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Dravin and Hedriah

Romance / Fantasy
Queen 9
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Chapter 1

Romil’s pov

“How fickle minded you are dad, she just died with heart-ache, and you are choosing a bride
myself to marry with. So ashamed to call you my dad" viraaj yelled at dad when he was busy chatting with group of people airing his cigar. He got up ragefully slamming his hand at the table. while I was Continuously looking outside window admiring night Beauty.

"You are wasteful!" dad roared after slapping him and continued, 'a dead can occupy the place in heart and memories, but not in words. How could a wretched brat think, I’ll forgot you
mom. You still need pulled yourself together and behave like one of diodara’s, or learned that from your big-brother.'

I could see my agitated brother, snickered the moment, he just disappear in one go. I, myself didn’t bother to look at him because that could uplift his anger more. I tried best to remain Ignorant turned to whine looking at twinkling stars, hoping mom finally got blessed by almighty after seeing daily fight between us brothers. She went somewhere too quiet, solitude as like the place mom wants. I wished her happiness silently in heart as I know Wherever my mom is, that place itself a heaven.

I looked at dad blowing cigar while discussing some documents with his friends and frowned looking at me and complained.

'Your brother argued for pointless issues, he doesn’t value bond of blood as you, if he could
as 1 % of you, then I don’t have to trouble myself with our problems.' He sighed. i sipped my portion of wine listening his thoughts. because I have that endurance inside me, unlike my brother viraaj. he continued 'Anyway, there’s a girl who’s stars are perfectly aligned with yours, I took me 5 years to find that girl Romil, just watch out for her!' He said showing his photo!

well I'm not so into marriage as I'm still 18 just. So, I blindly looked at girl, she appeared in around 12 to me, I scoffed. "Are you telling me marry a kid of 14? She probably die….before we.. ' I scoffed looking at her naively expression of joy! I could say one word to signify her is purity.

"Fine! What you else need beside of untainted woman, my boy? she's born to your that's my decision. will you go against me too?"

"No.. l just like to re-check few things personally, dad, may i?"

"Fine, I will be calling her parents to meet me out this weekend, just get it done what you want." I smiled back, here comes my chance. I was desperate to meet that, most honoured
girl of town who was handpicked by father, especially.

Viraaj’s pov

my brother was calmly starring enjoying the view of night with his favourite glass of wine as usual like some other day. I couldn't stand his attitude of being so cold towards our mom and happily planning for marrying just after her death. this bull shit i can't tolerate anymore, then we all have huge brawled over it, father with group of his men were sternly watching with their scornful eyes, I was only one who was f*cking rebeling otherwise all of them were throwing harsh words on me as if I am misbehaving like two years old kid.

" As a dead ringer of your great father, you’re
nothing like him. The soft-hearted man can never dreamt to rule the this unsympathetic​, cruel world nor can take place in our empire." are cruel words of my dad.

These unpalatable words didn’t taste bitter as
I learned to swallow them from years, my mom witnessed this discrimination between us brother’s and she dies to protect me. she favours me instead of him, her wish was to see me over ruling this empire but father gave this enlightenment to elder, Romil. F*cking assh*le big brother. Saying he’s more suitable. Though he’s gifted with some abilities so what he isn’t using them for right cause. He just stand remains at the corners while I, do things on behave of him, he’s nothing besides those heavenly powers, while I am could do everything on my own. I smash all antique furniture the rage was too swallowing me.

I looked myself in the mirror, sweat dripped my nose, I enchanted spell of turning to listen the talks of father & my brother. I chuckles listening something about girl chosen for him, again, he's getting undue benefits over me, everything for his sake, then about mine? Am I not flesh of him or he doesn't bother to have my opinion listed. I clenched my fist smacked at the mirrors, it breaks into hundreds of peices, pain of Knuckles was nothing compared with Peircing heart adorn with numerous arrow Because of his bias. Only venting angered this way could rest my chaotic feeling, I was hoping to turn this in my favour.

If somehow I could possess her or steal her then, maybe I could change father’s decree. Then my mom’s half-dream would turned truth. I was maddened with psychotic laugh. My impatient eyes were strolling for first look, I was wonder how could I get that girl for myself, i should first get to her more first. Though, it seems unjust to snatch away brother’s girl but like the saying goes-
<EVERY THING IS FAIR IN LOVE AND WAR> and between us there are all conditions fulfilled.

Unfairness! Love! War!
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