Demonic Amor

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chapter-2 Impetuous Boy

Risha’s pov

23rd may

9:43 p m

At the drop of the hat, door knocked I jumped on bed with a surprise, thinking who could that be at such late hours. When my parents are out of town this weekend, they’ll be back tomorrow and brother who’s in hospital, only me and my sister taking care of each other for this night. I didn’t waked her up, or else she would whine at me for disturbing her sleep. I stepped out carefully to look. Well though I couldn’t stop racing heart by idolum of robber or gangster man at this hour. This is fifth time that someone has knocked the door. I don't know myself either, keesha , my sister said she was afraid of some strangers nearby, I wonder if there are some thugs entered here who made her cry!

Well, neighbourhood is perfectly safe, but still insecurity anxious me the most.

I opened at little to peek at, "who you’re?" I questioned with low speech. He turns out to be guy of around 20 with a sturdy darked hair, flawless formed brows, tanned guy with slight beard on chin, in short, a cool with his sharp features, that could race anyone’s heart! My eyes bulge out with a shock. He said something in audible voice.

"Sorry you might got the wrong addres.s " trying avert him and closing the main door.

"Don’t be surprised, It’s a marvellous time to known your promising man, sweetheart" he stepped inside with brazenly smiling at my face, shutting the door backwards. "Darling, my love, my babe how do you like me to address you from now!" I was petrified, rebelled with squeaky voice.

"Shameless!. How could you barge in someone else house?" I said blocking his path with my tiny arms. He was busy inspecting my home. Hey! Don’t play deaf...get out before I shout?

Before I could gasped anything, his palm covers wetty mouth. "Your got some lengthy tongue to speak! Let me have a look at you with ease, he gripped my mouth with his fist, and continued with a little sneer, a kitten faced like you were chosen for future for my family, it’s looks bit ridiculous but not now." His mystifying words were playing game and his face was dragging towards mine, while I was amused with his appalling feel of Dominic demeanour who’s presence was scaring me in my house, I Stave off his hand down swiftly, moved ahead.

'Cut the crap!' I shout to warn this young petulant, I call my dad to make you kick out of this house!..saying with blank excuse. His
arms pulled me over him, I could smell his masculinity, "Call your dad, I would gladly met him" , he said with sheered smiled on his face.

I was irate with the continuous messing by an indocile strange guy! I probably thought of
hiting him, but what if he did something to me or my sister out of rash!

"Has anyone ever hold you like this (hugged with backwards sticking my back with chest) or
touch your nape of neck with nose (his nose rubbing my nape with heavy warm breathe), tickle you somewhere in place where you can't name it (his fingertip trailing over bare belly below top) or smashes your cherries lips ( turned me around his face and thumb caressed her lips)…his hands were begin to exploring the different parts brimming up a mix feeling of pleasure and fear. "Answer me!" his evident voice growl at me….

i was subconciously moaned out loud then, I hurriedly snapped myself from stream of desires and denied meekly. he chuckles and kissed me placably.

by this time, he probably knows the weak me to get advantage of, I could feel tensed heart commit a sin. he parted said "We’ll have nice a chat soon but before that, don’t forget to miss me, and its fate has who plot us together sweetheart, just behave like a docile wife from now on."

The word 'wife’ ringed over head! What? He gone with half-truth but left my head with buzzing questions. I remain open-mouth in dazed for seconds, then hurriedly close the door back, checked it twice. I gasp. What was that? Who was he? what does his word meant?

Viraaj's pov

"Can I see her?" I blankly asked a girl of 12, she looked with those fearful eyes dropping up little tears in chubby cheeks. she ran closing the door, I feel like breaking the door, freezing her took her to my chamber and just f##k her holes, but rage isn't nice for myself as cunning mind my brother got is far from my reach, I just have to do something else.

I was wondering, I saw my brother coming steeply this side, I rushed to hide behind shady place. I was somehow curious how could he manage to inside with his normal powers as we were right now strictly banned to use our powers outside world, for the safety of our clan.

he ringed the door bell, a girl with a black silky hairs, doe eyes, with her small face appears like a bird angel whose story I heard from mom. she's exactly like that. he went inside and closing the door in blink of eyes!

curious heart couldn't stop after then, I wanted to see what he's doing to her, if she's being forced, threatened? I hesitantly spell my eyes to see the door, I was amazed he's different with that girl, not like others. Aloof him is so romantic behind the doors.

but unsatisfied hollowness seized me somewhere, I wasn't happy at all! Barbie like her doesn't deserve to be with him. I was jealous for getting elder a prettiest girl of the town and she's no ordinary I could see my joy for her is so different that I couldn't even hate her now.

Is this a trap or so called love?
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