Demonic Amor

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chapter-3 brothers betrayal

Viraaj's pov

The next day,

I was shocked with news of updates on his engagement, and I fought with my father over one or other excuse of anxiously marrying him after mom's death! I was bothered. I thought & thought I couldn't think anyone who could help me amend the father's obstinacy and brimming my revenge for him as he has already got everyone on his side while me I'm all alone lonely!

If I want all belongings to me back, I needed to win trust of everybody around me and take away his trustees, I understood how he use to earn them by their f*cking pitiful charity shit! anyway I'll all take what supposed to be mine!

now I'm just waiting for Right hours.


"hey Rom! I heard yuvan need cash, is that true? I called my brother who was checking his signing cheque of 25 lakhs. his lashes up with same aggressive and Suspicious look at me, I immediately pulled fake smirked for my act!

"you switch to again charity social work , brother, should I tell dad, for opening another NGO for you!" saying in my perky voice.

"You again got curious with my life and hired someone to report my works to you Raj! his blankly remark hit the bulls eyes!" I swallowed my anger in!

"ah! I saw your friend near bar he was completely drunk blabbering some shit, then I looked around many people got him in his home, I asked one of them, they told me about his bad situation at home, I feel pain as I understood his pain and wanna help him."

he widened eyes and smile backed, "you wanted to help him, is everything alright with you, did you taken any wrong pill....?" while shutting his tip off pen down.

Wow! I didn't knew, he observe me that much..I growled like my previous self! Did you think only you can do some pitty charity work not me?.....or you think I'll take your seat one day brother, you aren't fearing for me...? I said to provoke him.

he laughed. "fine! If you really wanna help, just hand this cheque to him yourself okay! after all we are brothers, if you want to help him go ahead!"

I easily took that cheque put inside my waist pocket and went away all smiling, then turning it into Ashes with lighter. I would just about to begin the show in-between us.

I called yuvan to meet him, he's from our clan and a childhood friend who used to play together with him , in short, sort of real friends with elder. but now he's became foolish, poor pathetic gambler who loves gambling and s*x, thus he's surrounded with lots of debt and he need an urgent cash or else he would suffer huge losses of property and his pretty wife's life, so he switched help to my brother for help, as like a faithful friend he's ready to help, I couldn't see such kind act of brother so I want to create troubles in his smooth ongoing life ahah!....

he came up at the spot! " so grateful for your brother ROMIL, he promise me to help this last! time." he says all smiling! I could see how needy he is, but that wasn't I want!

"Yuvan! you're not only friends also a brother with him for 15 years and you didn't know anything about my elder?, unbother about his facade friendship" I said crossing my arms around!.

"don't play with scribble words with me, second master. Your brother and my friend's god-like stature can't be smeared with your mere fatal words. sorry to displease you with my words" he says arrogantly.

I unhesitatingly admit that elder's tamed loyal dogs are very impressive, I was hoping to mould him easily with my words but it's not like that, I hate his speech.

"I knew this would be unbelievable, but I am here on his behalf to tell you that everything in this world came with a price, and a gambler like you knows well that, right?" his brows furred with lines on head .

"what does it mean? I'm one of his trained personnel friend served him days and night even had bullet inside by back, does it not count as price?" grabbed one my collar.

I smirked as he began to align with thoughts but still I'm not satisfied. I growled at him breaking his nose with a punch! he scream out badly in pain.

you ass*hole! kicking him hard, " I tried my best to prolong my patience but I forget, dogs can't never forget to bite, you're his b*tch who was tamed to lick his *as how could you know what he did.

he was madly raged quickly.

"If I told you that he's one of the man who made you loose your all penny, especially your illegitimate daughter, who you did gambled her."

"from where the f*ck you know a.a.all this he said stuttering with stunned face.

my brother said he won't give you any penny as a compensation for your own loss and especially your little daughter back, who is in his custody, he knew you are biggest f*cking idiot so its worth eliminating you.

" what !, but why? why he need to do that? i was never on his way, he asked with his feirce voice.

" how could you possibly forget, that, you're our brother, a diodara, so naturally he's afraid if you would create disturbance to him in his way becoming Lord of Diodara clan. his jealousy advancing his new ideas to possess everything near him either hook or crook."

" you're aware that my mom passed away two day before, even her funeral was organised so lightly, not only that, my mom's wish was to see me as Ruler of Clan, Yuvan! but Romil flattery words showed magic in his the ears of father and he's looking forward for his marriage then his crown ceremony" I said with all my fake tears.

Do you think it's so pitiful and unjust to my mom who just passed? he look annoyed and disbelief somewhere.

he was confused with what I'm saying, I know because his marriage was not officially agreed till now, my father is going to do that soon.

"I hope if you're aware about his new cosy private life after destroying yours brother" I said to avoid his mistrust on me.

"I couldn't belief he like devil in disguise, you have my Support viraaj all from this time. he had my trust viraaj over years and how vaguely he pushing me to hell till now with my knowledge! he said adjusting his painful nose .

" we will now show him how he wronged all of us? viraaj, you cleared my thoughts today, I become aware how I was blind with his superiority, magnanimity till this day. now I'll show him the taste betrayal!

I was very happy turning on his Suspicion against my brother.

i faked so well enough that anyone could believe that lie , and yes he gladly buy that, but I won't let him have his revenge now, this all happen at a right time.
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