Demonic Amor

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chapter- Life's Tragedy

Two days ago,

Risha's pov

like any other day, I got up early morning, freshen up, dressed by old school uniform and then rush to wake up her, she's annoying like little monkey but still cute then I went to prepare breakfast for my sister and she and me both went to school.

Everyday we travelled by my father's second hand vintage car and he loves them like their own daughter and son, he sell his plot to buy this old vintage as my mom likes to see him driving that car, how sad we can't see her now, she passed away just like a wind even we didn't have predicted this way, this is how normal life comes with silence tragedy.

soon after I grew up more and more, I understood the needs of my family then every thing is under my care, my father treat as his reliable son not Daughter! as I grew too fast then my other siblings.

Age doesn't define maturity, it's the subtle behaviour does. yes, I was getting more pampered more people came to know about us in neighborhood, now everyone in my neighborhood know Risha...

the days in school passed like sand falls from hands, and I rushed to towards home.

in way to home, I was I formed by boy, brown-skinned, black eyes, he ran upto me huffed heavy in the air , " Risha, your brother again quarrelled and faught with Bhanu, now both of them were hospitalised to city hospital".

Bhanu, I heard his name from mouth of people, he use to marry girl of small age, took all her father's property in name of dowry and then threw her out of the house, once he loses his Interest, this kind of selfish Brutally bastard in black spot on our society. they need to be vanished.

I was stunned, Mish hugged me out of danger, I couldn't inform my dad as he was already out of station this weekend, so it was me and Mish, I know she can't live alone at home so we both took next bus to city hospital.

it took almost 2 hours to reached, I asked at reception how Roshan Reddy room, the receptionist showed me room no 207-B, I went upstairs of 3rd floor last room.

I was panicking, thinking about my brothers injury what if something serious gotten with him..... the exposure to hospital always gives me bad vibes, I can't keep my usual calm to myself... I hurriedly searched the room without knocking I simply pushed the gate & went inside.

"brother!...." I uttered

"Rish & Mish. what are you doing here? who informed you here? his words are so cold as if we are nothing to him, my so called big brother.

"how do you expect us to keep calm, hearing you have been severely injured after entangling yourself your peice of scoundrel" I remark back for his selfish attitude!

"Huh!'s nothing serious, just simple fracture I'll be fine in 2 months okay! now go back!"

What a fracture?! don't you think period is too long to recover brother! what if father finds your... I stopped I looked he was getting Annoyed with my questions.!

he can't do anything, am I already being thrown out of the house, why would he care, Risha..? he says blankly.

brother .....

Stop! I am tired. you all should go back.

Why you're so hurt? Misha asked in her Innocently, sitting on his lap.!

" A bad boy, like the one who you beat when he Snatched your hairs !" he said making an animated tone.

"really! you should beat him more then, how could he possibly hit by big bro" Misha in her clumsy manner

"yup! definitely, I'll make sure to hit the bad boy more "

they're quite laughing as like once they used to be our family! I was feeling happy and scared at the same time.

"why? why? are you in hurry to get us out of here, brother! What did Bhanu did to you? why you have to faught him again, after so long?"

" Risha! you shouldn't involve yourself into men business, remember to always stay away from such annoyances. "


" Nope! , look Mish must be hungery after her school, grab something for her from the canteen, I have my pass." you say, brother. he look so upright even being dishonest with me, but I know he must did for a reason for which he's uncoiling before me. it's fine.

I took Mish to canteen, order her favourite sandwiches, but still I feel I shouldn't go back at home. but brother he'll be worried for us here too. so I went straight after returning the pass.

Roshan's pov

I was crossing the street, I saw car rushed into my side, I quickly jumped to the other side of the divider safe myself from being hit. The uncontrolled car failed it's brake striked at street pole at the Mid-day. The front of car was mainly crashed, glass Windows broke with major hit, it seems it wasn't accident at all. but a bit later I discovered there was nowhere who would save me, not even a single man, then it's him opened the door pulled me inside his car!

" so, you got the lesson of rebeling against me again" , my head to direction of voice and looked at him, with my same piercing gaze to him, he pulled dark smirk.

" why are you in such daze, it's nothing like you couldn't offer me Roshan? Do you actually belief I'll admit the defeat before fetching mid way"


he laughed. he wasn't even afraid to death by me, his laugh was noisier in my ears, It was so hard to control myself in front of crazy bastards.

"Roshan! I was impressed to see such good brother behaviour, but offcousrse I know your sister she isn't old enough but still her voice, her body doesn't like Ordinary Woman at all.! for me she fully grown up woman, Roshan! why don't you let me marry her? I promise she'll be queen under my house.


how dare you pushed me, Roshan, I'll have f*cking break that hand of yours!! I shout, but I wasn't scared after his threatening. Guys! all it break his hands for me and take your money? he ordered his men to attack me with his Arrogance

I quite struggled there to save myself, but they didn't listen, I was beaten by such filthy rented men of bhanu who was ungratefully my boss, whom I once work for! since I resigned from him.

but now, I'll have my Revenge now!

I waited for this whole night to arrive to end his game, how could he thought I would have sold my sister to this ill-bastard? I took knife hide in my sleeves looked for next room, he was here too.
he was sleeping soundfully so great, I was about to attack him at his face tears a peice of skin from his cheek with the pointed knife!

my aim was his neck before that I kicked me in stomach hard, shouted with the pain, I hurriedly left the hospital rushed to one of my friends house out of station for few days!.
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