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Alice and the wolf

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Alice and the wolf

Back in time no one knew about the warriors of the east coast some people say that the were killers who always think about them self's but not Alice, Alice was a kind and honest person who loved animals but here father the chief and the leader off the coast warriors Alice father hated humans and was planning on attacking the village and killing all the humans in it. Alice wanted her worries and the humans to get along but it was hard when her people wanted to kill the humans and the humans wanted to kill the worries Alice tried to talk here father out of it but he won't listen no here father said I will make sure all the village is covered in blood I will make sure the humans pay for what the did too your mother. Said chief Carlos but father said Alice the humans don't deserve this yes they do mumbled Alice father they burned your mother in front of me and I want my revenge there was nothing Alice couldn't do but feel bad for the humans one day Alice was walking around the forest. And was singing as she go and a wolf caught his attention and was looking at her his name was zeldris. Zeldris was a leader of the wolf squad and never loved anyone until now he found his true love Alice stopped after zeldris said your voice is amazing. thank u Alice said Alice lookse and zeldris and loved his pink eyes and she was falling in love am and your name is a Alice replied zeldris and you replied zeldris and you Alice coast that's my name. you have a nice name zeldris said and after that Alice and zeldris fell in madly love with each other and went to the forest to together every day and she found her self pregnant with a baby and there was war going on with here people and the humans again tried talking here father out of in but he would not listen war started the humans were fighting hard and the cost worries were hard Alice and zeldris new that the had to stop this Zeldris turned into a wolf and said get one I will carry you there zeldris was running really fast then Alices father was just about to kill the one who burned here to her death stop father no more Alice said. Alice go back replied Alices father. no I won't become I am pregnant with a wolf baby and I don't want my baby growing in war said Alice. who is the father I am and I happy to be with Alice please stop this said zeldris Alices father broke down in tears I am so sorry Alices and zeldris I never knew it ok father for give and for get and on that day the humas and the worries of the east coast got along and Alices and here new husband zeldris had a baby girl who was a half wolf and half worrior the end

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