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This is a story of a guy named Sam, who is heartbroken and has not yet moved on from his past love. He meets his childhood friend zee, who loves him and will heal his heart. ............................................................................................................... COPYRIGHT- all the copyright of this is owned by Dhawal Vora (Arth). If you find this book anywhere else, then do mail me at [email protected] Instagram - @dhavaldirects.

Romance / Drama
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The first date

Zee is at the last table in the cafe. She is waiting for Sam. She looks at her clock and it has been one hour. Sam is very late, and she gets annoyed and stands up to leave the cafe.

But Sam enters the cafe and says, “I’m sorry for being late. I never meant to keep you waiting.”

Zee humbly replies - “that’s ok”

Sam pulls the chair out for her, she sits on the chair with a smile, Sam takes the seat in front of her, He calls the server and orders two coffees for both of them.

Sam is nervous, and he licks his lips and breathes heavily, says while stammering “I known this feels pretty awkward, getting a date fixed by our parents just because they are family friends.”

Zee chuckles and says - “hmm I don’t think so.. it’s ok our parents are family friends and even we have known each other from childhood, so why not we give a shot at this?”

Sam gets surprised by what she said he leans towards her and says - “You don’t mind getting married to me? Don’t you have a boyfriend or crush on someone like that?”

The server comes with coffees and he keeps the coffees on the table and leaves, Zee takes a sip of the coffee while looking straight into Sam’s eyes, Sam gets uncomfortable and Zee says - “well I had a crush but later I found out that he is not a good person and you are I know you from second grade Sam and yeah I don’t mind marrying you, you are a good person”

Sam leans backwards and exhales heavily, looking down and says, “you not getting it. I’m not the correct choice for you, you deserve someone better don’t get pressurized by your family or anyone.”

Zee replies in a furious tone - “look no one is pressurizing me and why are you acting like this, it’s okay if you don’t want to meet me or date me, excuse me I might take a leave now.”

Zee gets up, takes her bag and walks out

Sam stops her saying - “hey wait, I’m sorry I didn’t want to be rude to you. Please sit down, please..”

Zee nods her head and sits down on the chair as she curiously asks him - “what happened to you? You were so happy-go-lucky kind of guy, always smiling, cracking jokes, never being serious about what happened. Why in the dark now?”

Sam looks down, chuckles, and says, “Nothing. I’m the same idiot person. What will happen to me? I was saying all this just for your good, you know.”

Zee - “hmm.. okay.. so what is Mr. Sam doing nowadays?, still making those short films?”

Sam replies in a heavy tone, “no I have joined my dad’s business. I have realized that it was just a hobby,”

Zee gets surprised and points her finger towards him and says, “I can’t believe that’s coming from you! Sam, who loved films and filmmaking, you have come to a long way, Sam,”

Sam smiles and replies - “ugh it’s nothing like that, I was a kid back then and your passion slash hobby will not pay your bills, I guess. Well, leave that. What about you? What are you doing these days?”

Zee gets excited and her eyes shine bright as she enjoys telling about how good her life is - “well even I’m working for my dad but that’s part-time, my full-time job is being a teacher, I’m a teacher at disabled kids school, It’s like serving god himself,”

It surprised Sam, and he says - “well that’s an amazing and challenging job, I guess,”

Zee replies - “actually not, it’s fun if you enjoy helping others,”

Sam says, “I see, so I’m with a philanthropist right now. The honour is mine,”

Zee laughs and says- “stop teasing me”

Sam replies, “no I’m serious, well what would you like to eat?”

Zee slowly says- “here?”

Sam replies, “yeah, why anything wrong here?”

Zee replies, “no but would you mind if I buy you dinner tonight?”

Sam agrees to her and pays the bill and leaves the cafe.

Both walk outside and they both go in different directions towards their cars. Sam stops and says, “aren’t we going in my car?”

Zee replies, “well the dinner is on me. Why don’t we go in my car?”

Sam thinks for a while and says, “hmm, who will come back for the car? I think you drive ahead and I will follow your car!”

Zee replies - “okay sounds good to me ”

They sit in their car, Zee starts her car and dive it, where Sam still tries to start his car but he can’t

Zee stops beside him and says- “any problem?”

Sam - “yeah I think my car has broken down ”

Zee “well I think now you have no choice”

Sam nods his head and gets out of his car, locks his car and gets in Zee’s car and leaves the place.

Sam is sitting with his legs crossed, having nervousness on his face.

Zee asks him, “won’t you ask anyone to pick up your car?”

Sam replies, “hmm no, I will do it myself ”

Zee nods her head and increases the volume of the music in the car

After driving for a while Sam asks, “when will we reach there?”

Zee replies - “ugh hear we are” she stops the car and gets down

Sam gets surprised and wonders why she brought him here to the street food corner

Sam asks, “why are we here?”

Zee - “well Sam, this is the best place in the world for eating. I used to come here back in college days and I still come here, so let’s go”

She takes him to every food stall, Sam enjoys the food, and he gets surprised, knowing that Zee calls every stall owner by their first name.

They have their food, and they get back in the car. Zee drops Sam at his place.

Sam - “how the hell did everybody know you and you know them?”

Zee replies, “I told you, I’m coming here since my college days.”

Sam says, “well the food and place were amazing. Uh well stop, that’s my house there in corner right, I can walk till there.”

Zee - “okay wait, I can drop you there” she stops the car in front of his house.

They look at each other in their eyes. Zee wants to kiss Sam. She is waiting for him to kiss her, but Sam pivots his head and leaves the car without saying bye.

Zee gets disappointed, and she is looking at him, and suddenly notices Sam’s house and how messy it was for a businessperson to live in. She droves off the car in deep thoughts, thinking about Sam’s behaviour.

Sam enters his house. The house has empty places with little to no furniture in the house. He goes to bed with his shoes and clothes on.

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