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Chains (Riders of Apollo #10)

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I want to hit him or kiss him. I can’t decide which one would be better, which one would help me express my mad jumble of emotions that are fighting for dominance. Half of me is on fire from rage, my skin singing and my heart beating a furious rhythm in its effort to fill me with adrenaline, giving me the energy to act on my impulses. The other half is just tired, so tired of hating him, of being mad at him. This side just wants a hug, his lips on mine to calm the absence in my heart. “What do you want, Della? Tell me and I’ll do it, I’ll do anything to fix this.” I heave a breath, recognising the desperation on his face. Desperation for me. Desperation for my reply. Desperation for my final decision.

Romance / Action
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Tane Hunt

I've noticed that my days blend into the next with no real change, the same routine every day even if my hours at the warehouses change or I'm moved onto one of the runs with the high-ranking members. I don't want to move up the ladder, I'm happy making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with little effort and I like having all this free time but it feels flat.

There are only so many times I can go to the club and get absolutely wasted, knowing I don't have to be up early the same day. The club bunnies are boring, they want what they can't have and spend more time pandering to other needs rather than the sexual ones they were hired for. My stupid crush on Farrah - who is now the Queen of the entire Italian Mafia and one of the most powerful people on the planet - is making me think of what I could have.

I see all the other couples together and I think that maybe I could have that, someone who knows everything about me, even my dark past, and love me anyway. To be friends with all the women and be part of the family, be part of my family.

I lost contact with my mom over ten years ago, well I was forced to leave her due to gang ties so I don't have any family. My dad left when I was a child and we never had any extended family, I miss her all the time though.

"What are you doing today?" Bones asks me, hanging from last night as he tries to inhale a glass of water. I can already see Patriot advancing from the side, ready to kidnap it like last time. Bones ended up drinking too much water once, he lost too much salt content and ended up at Diana's hospital, pumped full of nutrients. Patriot almost murdered him for it and yet neither of them have admitted that they want to fuck each other.

I'm convinced they're doing it in secret, even if Bones is out every other night and coming home with all sorts of people. He almost got robbed the other day by one of the women he brought back and Patriot was the one to catch her doing it, I think that's a rather large coincidence that Patty just happened upon the woman that Bones was fucking.

"Recovering. I would've made it through just fine had you not passed me that last bottle of whiskey." I glare at him over my coffee mug and he grins at me, refusing to take responsibility for my idiocy. I should've turned it down, put it back on the table, and walked away but I couldn't help but rise to the challenge, I'm a sucker for a good dare and now I strongly regret every decision I've made up to this moment.

I feel like I have a jackhammer in my brain and I've only been awake for all of half an hour. The sun almost blinded me but I didn't throw up and that's impressive if you take into account the sheer amount I put away last night.

"Stop drinking, you idiot. For fuck sake, do you ever learn?" Patriot hisses, dragging the fourth glass of water away from Bones and dunking the entire thing out into the sink. I want to make a comment but every time we do both of them kick-off and storm out, the only person who can calm them down after that is Adelaide so she's had her work cut out for her these last few months. The poor woman.

"That's only the fourth one." Bones whines, grabbing at Patriot's wrist in annoyance. I'm going to leave the lovebirds alone, I dismiss myself with a wave and grab a small chocolate bar from the highest cupboard in the kitchen, everyone knows not to touch those. I slide it into my breast pocket and head through to the lounge.

It's not very busy, most Saturdays the couples leave the clubhouse and do something with their time. Though today all of the women are out together, leaving the men behind looking lost. I always find it immensely amusing and it is ten times more fun that Forger has a woman because I can mock him endlessly. "Looking a bit put out there, mate. You okay?" I drop onto the couch next to him and receive a harsh glare for it.

Forger is younger than me by a few years, bright blond hair that I had to pick on him for and he lacks many of the murderous traits a lot of the other bikers - myself included - contain. He's well trained and can last in a fight but to me, he's about as intimidating as a toddler, he's even less intimidating when he's pandering over a tiny thief who I consider a little sister.

"Shut the fuck up." Is all I get in return which makes me laugh.

"I suppose Addy is out then." No response other than a middle finger.

"All the women are." Rubble explains like I didn't already know that, I actively fought Mac as he wanted me to guard them all day but the minute Eva said they were going shopping I downright refused. Poor Rocket, he had to do it instead. Since Riley, Eva, Saviour and Nova are all there, they only needed one more to fill the convoy which means Rocket is at the mall with the women and has been for hours.

He's already sent me seven death threats, four gun emojis and threw a shoe at me before he left. The poor bastard, I do feel for him, don't get me wrong but I would rather sacrifice his mental health than mine. Besides, Lexie loves him, they play cards together all the time and sometimes she even wrestles him when he pisses her off. He has more leeway than I do with the women and I don't want to piss any of them off, they're terrifying in their own right, more so than the men in the room with me.

Though I wouldn't test the fuckers sat here about their women, somehow they turn from relatively mild mannered to absolutely feral. I've seen Reign and Bear rip through entire armies to get to their women on the other side, Hunter is military trained and has proved his abilities multiple times, Breaker earned his names by breaking bones with his bare hands, Boulder is calm but his temper is terrifying and when that snaps, no one survives, Rogue smashed a bottle and stabbed someone's hand with it just for touching Nova, Rubble tortured June's ex-fiance - though that was earned - Mac takes bullets incredibly well and Forger punched a random guy in the face for looking at Addy too long.

Yeah, I'm not getting involved, I just work here.

"Wait, aren't you supposed to be on guard duty?" Reign asks me, twirling one of Saviour's knives between his fingers.

"Yeah but then I found out they wanted to go shopping and I did not want to spend nine hours in the mall like last time so Rocket is there instead."

"The poor fucker, I should probably buy him a gift or something to make up for it," Bear says with a wince, rubbing his face soon after. When all the girls are out together, none of their bikers can be put on protection duty, Bear worries about there being favourites. Say Breaker was on duty, he would put himself in front of Cassidy before he even thought about anything else and that would leave the others out in the open, it was a good idea when there was like three of them and now I've lost count.

"I suggest something big and flashy, maybe stop him from getting B&Es this week," I reply, checking my breast pocket for the chocolate bar before bringing my phone out from another one.

"I managed to stop Lex doing it for three days, that's it. She says that he has to beat her at cards first and since he never has, she has to keep giving him the fucking files until then. It drives me insane, I'll just take him off duty for a week or two, best I can offer,"

"I'm sure I'll still be dead by the end of the night." They all laugh at me, knowing that Rocket will be homicidal when he returns from the mall or wherever else they may have dragged him.


"Chains, you little bastard, I'm giving you ten seconds to run to China." Rocket shouts the minute he's slammed into the house, the women skipping in behind them with a hundred bags each and grins on their faces. They're immediately accepted into their bikers' arms while Rocket stands with his hands on his hips in the doorway to the lounge. "You're not running."

"You can state the obvious, I'm impressed." I don't know why I'm riling him up. If we get into a fight, we'll be locked in it for a long time considering we've trained together for years and I can't be bothered. However, he is still my favourite person to irritate and he makes it so easy.

"Oh, you wanna do this now? Do you know what I've been through?" The women all laugh, looking between each other conspiratorially while their men perk up the longer they're around. Whipped. "I had to stand in the jewellery store and be used as a fucking hand model for a whole goddamn hour, I then had to stand in Bath and Body Works for god knows how long and everything in there is so strong that I'm pretty sure I've lost my sense of smell alongside gaining a migraine. Didn't even get to eat until gone four and I was carrying all the bags, including Lexie's little purse. Next time you're doing it, I don't care how many favours I owe you."

"Life debts, dude. If you're gonna be so dramatic at least use the right term," Him and I have saved each other's lives so many times that it's basically become a currency between us.

"I am going to kill you. I'm not playing, I'm calling in your life debt, bro. You're not waking up tomorrow." He throws his hands in the air and storms off, likely going off to plan my murder.

"Sorry, Chains. He's so easy to wind up that I had to do it." Lexie tells me, having the common courtesy to look guilty for everything they put him through.

"Meh, he was gonna kill me anyway. As long as he suffered beforehand then it was worth it," I reassure her which makes the others laugh. I heave myself off the couch, knowing that if I don't start moving now then I'm going to be late for my shift at the eastern warehouse. I'm on with the two baby prospects Louis and Mark, leaving me as the only adult. I don't mind too much, they normally leave me alone and chat together at the back of the room while I watch the cameras.

They're being put through the wringer in terms of training so I figure that they need a little time to decompress. They've both started bulking, they've put on a lot of muscle with Breaker and Reign, and they know how to fight.

"Evening boys." I greet them, dropping into my usual chair and restraining the urge to smash my head on the desk. Mid-shifts are somehow the worst shifts to have, 12-6 wastes your whole day.

"Hey, Chains," Louis replies, already unloading his tech and glaring at Mark. They have a brotherly love for each other where they rip the shit out of each other and scrap as often as possible.

"Chains, I have an important question." I chuckle softly, spinning around in the seat to look at him with a raised eyebrow. "Is building firewalls a more important skill than firing a gun?" Louis kicks the fucker under the table which earns him another vicious glare.

"I'm not saying shit, Romeo does more firewall building than gun firing but he's good at his job." I shrug and turn back to the computers.

Same routine as usual.

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