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What happens when Mallory a simple girl gets tired of her toxic and abusive family, and decides to take a huge step all alone in this world all by her own, thinking the drama in her life would end but little did she knows, when she met Noah, it was just the beginning of the drama! Noah changed her life, she changed his What happens when your brain denies but your heart not? What happens when a guy is stuck in a phrase you can't get him out of? What will happen to Noah and Mallory? TAKE A LOOK AT THE STORY TO FIND OUT . All the characters are owned by me [ONGOING]

Romance / Drama
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1 home not so sweet home

I was in a room, there were lots of business man's and women's also I was giving them my presentation after my presentation everyone in the room was giving me applause and giving me big smiles and I gave them back

And after that, I went to my cabin talked to my assistant about few things and she told me that I have to attend a red carpet

So yeah I went to my mansion and my stylist dressed me and my makeup artist did my makeup when I reached there

As far as I could see everyone was looking and me and adoring me and my beautiful black gown with golden glitter on it starting from the bottom and ended up towards my waist

Paparazzi were continuously screaming

" Mallory looks here, Mallory look here pleased!" But suddenly someone threw water at me and I woke up (*_*)
I struggled to open my eyes because of the water which has gone into my eye

Somehow I opened my eyes and saw my mother standing in front of my bed crossing her hand and looking at me furiously

She said " oh finally Princess is awake! " With the sarcasm in her voice, I could understand how mad she was

" MOM ! couldn't you wait for a second, " I said in a childish tone to calm her but I guess she was not buying it right now

"No I couldn't that's why I threw water at you and if you still wanna get wet fully then tell me," she said while she was arranging my blanket

"Okay okay calm down, "I said to her in a warm voice to handle the situation but I still can't understand why she woke me up so early on a weekend

"Go get fresh" she yelled while standing at my door

"But why mom it's weekend I want to sleep more, " I groaned

"Yeah it's the weekend for sure but it is also the family day !"

Her words rang in my ears and I stood up immediately and headed straight towards the bathroom and banged my hand on the wall

I don't like family days because everyone in my family takes me for granted and I can't be myself in front of them they always critics me for everything I do I never understand their love and more politeness towards my brother, they never gave me my freedom and my privacy I can't do anything without their permission

I wore a decent top with my ankle-length jeans.

I was nervous because—

"Are you coming down or I have to come to get you " I heard my mother yelling at me

I was going down as I heard my grandmother saying"where is Mallory?"

"I'm here !" I said with a firm smile on my face I reached her she was sitting on a sofa kissed her on her cheeks

she knew that I don't like this day so she always accompanies me then my aunt called us for the breakfast
(Yeah I have a joint family and we are 9 members in this family ) we all sat as my dad and uncle sat next to each other I was sitting next to my younger brother and sister ( I just love them both so much)

"Ahem ahem, I was thinking that if she should have a phone or—"
He was cut in between when my uncle spoke

"no no I don't think so, there is no need for that," he said without averting his eyes from his food,

I know this sucks I don't have my phone they don't allow me to keep one but my brother has a phone why?? Because he is a boy that's why! Something happened a few months ago, that made everyone not to trust me—

"Have you finished your breakfast Mal" I heard my mother

"Yeah I have," I said to her
Something that happened was terrible and nobody wants to trust me I don't know why however it was not that bad for me they overreacted that thing—

Stay tuned

Till then...

Thank you for reading

You know you love me


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