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2 Focus on the past

Flashback 1

So yeah, there was a boy named Chris I hated, he was my enemy because he cheated on my best friend Diana they were dating for one year almost but he cheated on her with her best friend, he wasn't always my enemy we were close few years ago but then something happened and changed everything

It was Navratri ( for those who don't know what Navratri is: Navratri is a Hindu festival that spans nine nights and is celebrated every year in the autumn. It is observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian cultural sphere. )

My friends and I were very excited as we always stayed up till morning singing bhajans and laughing at each other's lame jokes we were sitting in the back corner we were five friends DIANA, KIM, OSHIN, ELSA AND ME

when he came to us he was standing so close to me, that was irritating me "can we join you all" he said with a smile on his face I looked at him furiously and that look was enough for him to take back his smile, he was going back a disappointing face but then

"hey? Why are you going back come join us!" I heard my friend Kim saying this to him and his jerk friends!

I glared at her and her smile faded
He took one chair and sat by my side

"Is that okay !?" He said while looking at me and giving me a nice smile

God what's wrong with me why is he looking at me so adoringly why???

"Yeah, as if I said no you gonna get up from here" I snapped

"No, if you want-" I cut him in between

"I told you it's fine now shut the fuck up " I snapped without even looking at him suddenly all went silent and his friends were shocked

I was controlling myself from not getting frustrated while his friends and my freaking friends were talking to each other

"You don't talk much, do you? " He asked me looking at me

Like how can he be so sweet to me when I not even giving a fuck about his conversation!

"I don't talk to jerks, you know they irritate me," I said looking towards him with a fake smile

"Well how many jerks you know," he said and chuckled

"One is already talking to me," I said looking at him again with a fake smile

"What have I done to you why are you so rude to me !?" He said with a puppy face

"What have you done!? Huh? "I yelled at him and suddenly all of my friends and his friends were looking at us

"it's nothing dude we're just talking you peeps continue," he said with a fake smile as he didn't want anyone to listen to our conversation but still Diana was looking at us

I don't want to make eye contact with him because if I do so I will lose my confidence

Why will you lose your confidence you can't lose it your strong inner me said to me

"Why are being so dramatic what have I done to you," he said with making eye contact with me

Don't lose it Mal don't lose it I keep saying this in my mind

"I'm not being dramatic Dumbo I'm just being mature," I said breaking my eye contact with him

"I just wanted to be a good person-" I cut him in between

"oh please! You can't be good while you have cheated on someone who loved you " I snapped at him

"You think I have cheated on your friend?" He said being shocked

"I don't think so, I know so !" I said looking at him

"But who told you this ?" He said still being shocked

"I don't need to explain anything to you, pervert !" I said and got up to go somewhere else without waiting for his answer

I can't even imagine Chris would do something like this to someone like how could he, the Chris that I have known would never do this, I guess that Chris had changed

I walked away from them while everyone there was still looking at me confusingly I was standing near the pole where else people were singing bhajans beside me

At last, the night ended, I headed straight to my bedroom because I was so tired
My friend Roma called on my mother's phone

"Hey, Mal !" she said

"Hey! Roma"I replied still being confused

"I and my few friends were going out tonight are you coming with us?"

"... I don't know let me ask "

"Mom, my friends are going out tonight can I go with them ?" I asked firmly

"No "she replied instantly

"But-" she cut me in between

"No buts I said not that means no" she yelled from the kitchen

"Sorry Roma but I can't come, "I said with a disappointing voice

"Oh, girl! It's okay maybe next time, bye dear!" She said and Hung up the phone

"Mom, dad !" My brother shouted

but I ignored him as I was not in my good mood to hear his shitty things so I walked towards my room to do my homework

I grabbed my sketchbook and all and started doing my work, I loved to sketch when I'm stressed or sad it helps me a lot, I almost didn't lift my head until I was thirsty so I went to the kitchen grabbed a bottle from the fridge and looked out of the window and it was already 6:00 pm so I went to the hall to watch something on the TV when I saw my brother walking out of the door with his friends
I called mom immediately

"MOM!" I shouted from the hall as my brother stopped and turned to look at me

"You guys wait for me downstairs I'll join y'all," he said to his friends as they did what he said
My mom came after a minute as she was in her room

"where's Danny going ?"I asked pointing towards him

"That's none of your business Mallory!" He spat

"I'm not talking to you!" I said

"Oh, he is going to a friend's party," she said and started to move towards her bedroom again as he smirked at me

"who gave him the permission ?" I asked angrily

"me and your father of course," she said very calmly

"But why you didn't give me the permission and gave him ?"

"Oh so you are jealous that you didn't get to go out with your so-called friends" he scoffed


"You can't handle yourself and he is a boy he can take care of himself, Mal, I can't risk sending you out with your friends and especially not without Danny," she said

"MOM! we are almost equal HE IS ONLY ONE YEAR OLDER THAN ME, and why do I need to take Danny with me everywhere I go why can't I just go along like he does "I snapped

"Because I'm your big brother and I'm a boy," Danny said

"Just go do your work I can't let you out with some boys whom you call your friends," she said

"They are my friends, and Danny also have some girls in his group, "I said with a very frustrated look

"So what they are not like yours," he said

"if you are going to argue like this then, you are grounded!"

"Yes mom, she is forgetting how to behave," Danny said shaking his head

"What !? Seriously mom you are going to behave like this ?"I said

"Yes now go do your work," he said smiling sarcastically

"Will you just shut the fuck up you asshole!"I snapped at him


She slapped me across my face"Mallory Brown! How dare you speak like that with your big brother" she said

"Right I'm your big brother show me some respect," he said

"Apologize now!" She said
as my uncle entered the hall and noticed him shouting at me

"What happened?" My uncle asked me and my mom

"She has no manners of how to talk to someone—" I cut her in between

" you didn't allow me to go out with my friends and you allow Danny while he was with his friends all day and I was sticking my ass down on my chair in this hell and all my friends were having fun " I yelled at her

"Language, and apologies to Danny now!" She said

"No, I won't!" I spat" stop taking his side every time, why are you being such a bitch!" I added, as my brother's hand slapped his mouth, this earned me one more slap from my mom

"Mind you tongue Mallory," she said

"Behave yourself, Mallory," my uncle said"Now do what your mom is saying"

"Really uncle, "I said with an angry face

"Apologize to him! Now!" She said gritting her teeth, I didn't say anything I was just standing there holding my tears back

"I said now!"

"I am sorry," I said in my breaking voice

"Good now go in your room," my uncle said

I walked straight towards my room and snapped the door close

I pressed the pillow over my mouth and screamed I didn't realize when the tears started coming out of my eyes and rolled through my cheeks I cried hard

Why me God why me? I thought in my mind still crying
I want my freedom please help me I don't wanna live here please someone helps me

After few minutes everything went blank
I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to go out as I was living in a building and luckily on the first floor I made a long and broad rope from clothes and tied it to my balcony's grill to climb down I somehow managed to go down I sat on the bench which was below my balcony and got lost in my thoughts when suddenly I heard a voice...

Was that too long?

Well stay tuned for the next chapter

Till then...

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