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4 Never forgive

Flashback 3

Chris P.O.V.:

"I missed you," she said closing her eyes and drifted off to sleep

"I missed you too"I whispered underneath my breath, kissing her head

She looked so calm while sleeping she always remind me of my late sister Elle and her late best friend
I still remember how they both used to play together and tease me every time and Mal always used to say that " I WISH I COULD REPLACE MY BROTHER WITH YOURS "

But when she committed suicide two years ago and so, Mal was broken completely destroyed

She pushed me away and didn't talk much but I can understand her best friend was gone, we were all sad and devastated by that, at least back then she had Elle to share her feelings, but now no one was there for her

I decided to give her some time so that she could stable her mind and heart
she is just like Elle

She is like my sister that's why I never got mad at her insults

Mallory P.O.V.:

I woke up suddenly
He was still holding me as I got up immediately cause it was something like 5 or 6 in the morning so I ran towards my house and as I entered my grandmother was sitting in the hall

"Where were you my dear?" she asked

She always talks so sweetly to me she is not like other members of my family!

"I was just gone to take a walk," I said nervously

Then suddenly it clicked to me that the rope which I have made is still hanging

"SHIT!" I cursed

"What happened dear," she asked

"Ah-Umm... Nothing I was just going to take a bath real quick-"

Then I Untied all the clothes and put them back in the cupboard as fast as I could

Later that day

"Hey guys," I said looking at my friends

"Hey Mal," Kim said

(Kim was the sweetest and Elsa was the most creative one AND AND AND Diana was the biggest CHEATER )

Diana wasn't there so I was in my Normal mood I decided to tell them about her and just as I was about to speak

"Hey guys " I heard Diana

"Hey D," Kim, oshin, and Elsa said with a smile while I looked away but not her

"Hey Mal," she said confusingly

"Don't call me Mal"I frowned

"But why, I always call you that, "she said

"Not anymore cause you are not my friend," I said with an evil eye

All four of them said

"Well you lied bitch " I said with an angry face

"B-b-b-but what did I lied about," she said almost crying

"Mal tell us what are you talking about?"Elsa said

"She cheated on Chris and told us that he cheated on her so that his image in front of everyone fucking one can spoil! Right, Diana!?" I yelled at her

"Is this true Diana" Elsa, oshin and Kim asked

She didn't answer

Like seriously what is left for her to say she has already said too much shit

"Why are you asking her she wouldn't tell why would she tell us, Chris showed me their text messages so she can't lie anymore" I yelled again

Elsa, oshin, and Kim were all shocked hearing to that

"But it was a mistake mal-" I cut her

"Oh really! Don't try to manipulate me okay I know everything how you and Cole came so close why you started to like him and all that so don't fucking lie, you will never change NEVER and I'm not going to forgive you " I yelled again


"No stop you know I hate whenever someone cheats on someone, you know, and you also know why, but you still did, you said that you have changed you loved him that you will never do something like this but you still did—"

She opened her mouth to say something but didn't have a chance

"I trusted you, Diana, I thought you were my best friend, you can never do this cheap thing with anyone, but you did, and especially with Chris you knew how much I cared about him even though I never really talked to him after Elle — I thought you were different, different from—"

"We have nothing to do here Mal we don't wanna waste our time with a cheater c'mon let's go, " Oshin said with an angry look as she grabbed my arm and dragged me away from her

Chris p.o.v.:

"Hey, Mal," I said...

What do you think will happen?

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