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5 terrible or overreacting?

Flashback 4

Warning— contains emotional trauma and physical abuse


I heard Mal and her friend's voice so I ran towards her to see if she is okay now

"Hey, Mal !" I said while breathing fastly because I was running tho!

But I saw Diana crying instead and mal, Elsa, oshin, and Kim walking away from her

"Hey Mal!, Wait" I yelled but she was far away so she didn't hear that

I going from there but
"You spoiled everything," she(Diana) said holding my shirt

"But you cheated me! And also humiliated me so you deserve it " I said throwing her hand away

"You gonna pay for this both of you," she said with a challenging tone

"Please I don't have enough time for your shit, oh Cole must be having, right go fuck with him, " I said and ran behind Mal and her friends

"Hey! hey!Mal!wait!" I said while breathing fastly

"Oh Chris what happened why you breathing so fast," she asked

"Oh because I was running," I said still breathing fastly

"Come with me, "she said and took me towards the bench

"Sit here first and relax," she said
"Okay, "I said with a smile

She reminded me of my Lil sister always, I miss Elle so much—

"So tell me what did you do with her?"I asked

"Ah..um.. nothing just broke my friendship with her," she said looking towards the ground

"Did she say something to you?" She asked

"No.....she was just saying that we both gonna pay for this... I don't know she is a bitch don't take her seriously"

"What no, we can't underestimate her she can do anything of she wants to we all have to be careful you know," she said worriedly

"I'll handle it don't worry," I said

"I think I should go home now," she said

"Yeah, sure! Later! " I said with a smile

Mallory's P.O.V.:

As I was walking towards my house I was thinking that what Diana is going to do now

I thought about all the secrets I have, but they are not that big that she can do anything with

Suddenly I heard my mom talking to someone

I peeked
And I saw Diana talking to my mom

"What's going on?"I said

"You come in I'll tell you what's going on," my mom said angrily

Wtf she said to my mother I swear I'm going to kill her!

"What happened mom," I said politely

"What happened huh? You have been having affair with someone not even any other but that Chris who is a mess this is what I have taught you huh? I just can't believe how can you have an affair with him I tell your father & you are grounded " she yelled at me and walked away without even waiting for my explanation

"But I don't have an affair with anyone"I shouted

Wtf! She said that I have an affair with Chris who is like my brother I'm going to kill her now!

I said and walked out of the door where I saw Diana standing and enjoying all the scene


"How dare you to talk something this cheap about me and Chris who is like my brother, your psychotic manipulative bitch "

"How dare you slap me huh!? Nobody hurts Diana and your best friend got cheated on in her 2 years of relationship and commitment suicide is not my problem, that is why you hate people who cheat right !?" She said with a challenging tone

Suddenly my heart felt so heavy I couldn't handle tears coming out of whenever me when someone is talking about my past of Elle being cheated just blew me off cause she was my best friend it was supposed to be that way, me and her together not giving a fuck about what others think, it was supposed to be us me and her

I walked away from her without even looking at her I could guess that she is smiling seeing me in pain, she always gets revenge on people but I hadn't even thought that she would do this to me—I was more than disappointed

"We all will talk about this at dinner when your father will come," she said

"But trust me mom I didn't do anything I swear," I said with a puppy face

I know after this, there will be nothing named privacy and freedom in my life

"I said we'll talk at dinner now leave me alone " she yelled at me

God, I can't handle this please help I prayed

Finally, the night came and I was super nervous about how everyone will react to this thing which this stupid bitch has told my mom
God! Please help me!

"Mallory" I heard my dad shouting my name with an Angry voice

I came down immediately in hurry and all of them was looking at me with an angry face

"Ah...mmm.yes, dad " I somehow spoke, standing in front of him

His hand slapped my face as my cheek became bright red
"You will not understand easy way right!?"

"This is how we have raised you huh?!" my dad said angrily

"But dad I swear I haven't done anything I swear!" I said almost crying—just pull yourself together Mal

His hand slapped my face one more time and tears started to fill my eyes

"Is this what you've been doing? huh!" He said pure Venom dripping from his words

It didn't hurt, him beating me I have become used to it whenever I do something that will so-called called family name in the society, he always does that, even though there is not my fault, they always blame me

But what hurts the most was no one ever stops him, knowing that he could beat me to death, no one does anything

I saw my two younger brother and sister hiding behind my aunt scared for me, tears dripping from their eyes looking at me innocently—I have to stay strong—for them, I can't let them see me breaking

"I-i swear—"

"Oh really, you will not understand this way, "my dad said, his hand in the air just about to slap me one more time when my grandma stopped him

"Enough, talk with the mouth which you have been given," she said to his son

"Mother don't you dare to come in between—"

"What will you do to beat me also? Huh!?" She said angrily

"That's what I thought now don't touch her, you have a mouth to speak, use it," she said

My dad didn't do anything just looked at my uncle and my uncle nodded

As if already knew what to do, He took out his phone and dialled someone's number I don't know who it was, so I was just standing there like a dumbhead

"You are going to boarding school next year if you don't wanna go you have to be a decent girl and will never talk to that guy, if you do so whole year then we'll think about it," he said without any emotions on his face

They left me alone and walked towards the dining table I walked straight towards my room and I was still shocked by what just happened down there are they sending me to the boarding school no I can't go there I just can't how can they be so emotionless are they my family! I just can't deal with these people I said in my mind and started crying

"Sissy?" I heard someone

I shot up my head to look at my two younger brother and sister

"Will, Emma what are you both doing here," I said as I quickly wiped away my tears

"We wanted to see you" will said as they both sat beside me

"Did you both had dinner?"I asked them

"No..." they said at the same time

"Why?" I asked

"We were not hungry anymore, and you also didn't ate anything" will said

"Yes sissy, so I and will be saved these chips for you," she said handing me a half-full packet of chips

"Awe—but I'm not hungry you can have it, " I said

"No, we will only eat if you'll eat," will and Emma said


"No sissy," they said making a pout face

"Okay I will eat," I said

"Yay" they cheered

After few minutes my aunt came into my room

"Will Emma what are you doing here I told you to go and sleep no come on come here, "she said

"Mom can we sleep with sissy today," Emma said

"I said get up now," she said a little louder

They both got up from my bed and walked towards their mom

"Mom please we promise we will not do any mischief" will said

"Didn't you hear what I said? "she said and stretched her hand to slap him

When I stopped her

"Really aunty, they are just kids, what did they even do," I said standing in the middle of my aunt and my brother-sister

"You are not their mom I am I know how to handle them, you don't have to teach me and besides I don't want them to be like you," she said grabbing her son and daughter's hand

"Sissy" they cried

"It's okay, it's okay maybe some other time" I whispered to them as she dragged them out of my room

I don't want them to be like you

I don't want them to be like you

I don't want them to be like you

This keeps repeating in my head I covered my ears and collapsed on the ground near my bed

Stop stop stop stop just stop
I haven't done anything I cried out

After few moments I wiped my tears and stood in front of my mirror

That's enough I'm are going to live my life on my own, im going to NEW YORK before they send me to boarding school and makes my life worst than hell,


What do you think will happen next?

Till then...

Thank you for reading

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