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A Letter to A

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The short letter to A from our mysterious writer apologizing for how she treated him.

Romance / Other
Cari McHenry
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A Letter to A

Dear A,

Although many years have passed, you still cross my mind. I just want you to know that I never meant to hurt you. Even to this day, all I want is for you to be happy. I am truly sorry for everything and I hope that one day you can forgive me. I know there is no excuse for the way I treated you or the way I ended things between us, but I wasn’t the nicest person in high school. I shut down emotionally after being pushed to the edge by people that refused to accept me for who I was. You, however, never made me feel like I was nothing, you made me feel special. And to this day, you’ve always been the best guy I've ever dated. I hope that if we ever meet again in the future, it will be like the first time meeting you all over again; that just maybe all our history together will just melt away and we will be two people meeting again for the first time. I know you'll probably never see this, but I just needed to write all this down to get it off my chest. If you are reading this then, I hope you understand. But if you don’t, I can understand because we can never erase our past.

Your First Girlfriend
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