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“Baby Doll” the words roll off his whiskey soaked tongue like a promise. I can’t stop my eyes from devouring his appearance. my ears from relishing his deep husky voice, nor my mind from his enticing selection of opening words. As if he didn’t already captivate me hook line and sinker.

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1. Fuck it

Chapter 1: Fuck It.

(Music: New Medicine - Fuck It)

The deciding feature had come from his honey colored eyes. A color that would normally foretell a sweet and caring man. Even with a touch of dominance in them. These eyes though. His eyes are more along the line of a lour like the angel fish's light. Just there to attract prey. They serve a purpose. One I’m sure most women wouldn’t know until it was too late. If I had more time, perhaps I would have suffered that same fate. But I don’t so I see it.

I can’t help but to wonder about his approach to this game. Was he straight forward? Did he promise you forever without saying a word to leave you destroyed the next morning? Would his tongue drip with the same honey as his eyes while he told me lies? I don’t currently care. I’m already invested. Already decided that I will take everything this man offers tonight.

How could I not? I came to this dank ass bar to say my farewell to this meth fucked town. All that matters is that he is my every fantasy personified. Who he was in the morning wouldn’t matter because I won’t be there. It’s better that he won’t promise me forever and mean it because I sure won’t. We are both playing a part and we both will execute our performance with the knowledge that we are a closing act. The first and the last in which we’ve both been casted.

His hands were already on my hips pulling me towards him. If I had any doubt that he knew how delectable he was they would be gone now. Or perhaps he is just the type that takes what he wants. Better to say sorry then ask for permission. Yes, that would be similar to the quote that he would speak if I were to object to his touching of me. I should, but I won’t. I take his bait and just appreciate the feel of it.

He is a tall man but not so much that he dwarfs me. Black medium length hair slicked back with just the start of the salt and pepper on the sides. Thick brows that frame his deceiving eyes like the masterpieces they are. All his features are nothing short of god-like to me. His chest broad covered in a leather jacket and a cut. Of course he had to be a biker as well. This man is sinful. One designed to bring me to ruin I’m sure.

He takes my albeit silent but appreciative staring as a green light. “What are you drinking?” I let the giddy smile grace my face. “Whiskey on the rocks” my eyes are confident but my voice is unsure and timid sounding. He waves over the bartender and almost immediately I have a drink in my hands. I should have got a whiskey and coke normally I would. But I find I need that bravado only a buzz could give me. “You from around here?” I ask as I take the stool beside him. He smiles showing off award winning dimples. “Nah, just passing through how about you Babydoll?” My thighs instantly clench together. I’ve never wanted a man so much that his words could claim me. That his touch could bring me to heel. This man can. “Something like that I suppose” I say before letting the whiskey kiss down my throat with its burn.

He gives me a questioning look but another man in a cut comes up grabbing his attention. I pay no mind as I text my friend who is across the bar. To let her know I’ll be leaving with this man. I decide I don’t care to know his name and I won’t be giving him my real one. As if on cue the other man looks at me and excuses himself but not before giving me a lustful run of his eyes. “You haven’t told me your name Babydoll, im called Carnage”

Of course he has a vicious nickname. The local club guys don't all have silly and ironic ones. Then again they don’t sport the 1% patch this man dose either. “no point I’ve decided I like how you say Babydoll” the whiskey induced confidence couldn’t have come at a better time. He looks taken back but chuckles. “I have a room at the local motel, maybe I’ll get your name after I make you scream mine” his eyes shift from honey soaked to something dark and calculating. Something hungry.

The only response I give him is a lustful gaze and a lick of my lips. It’s all he needs though. Standing he grabs my hand weaving us around and through the crowd into the parking lot. He doesn't let me go until we are beside his bike. He doesn't say anything as he throws one leg over it and starts the beast. I hop on behind him. My dress rides up and my bare cunt presses against the big centerpiece patch on his cut. I’ve read enough fantasy to know it’s his club's logo. The bikes rumbles are not simply auditory. No it’s a vibration that goes straight to my core. This would be the longest ride of my life.

As he takes off my arms instinctively go around his waist. God the feeling of him and his bike between my legs only gets better as he pulls out and goes faster. I’m helpless against myself as I push my cunt harder into his colors as I lean with him as he turns. I could climax just like this I realize. Just with the bike's roar and the rough embroidery of his weathered club logo.

I’ve always been a creep but never have my physical actions ever depicted the shit in my head. I’ve never let myself go, not really. I stayed with the teenager type troubles that had become boring just as quick as they started. I was known as one of the bad kids. The bad influences. But I was so much worse beneath the surface. I’m letting go tonight. And I already know I’ll never be able to reign myself in again.

Just like I know I’ll never get any satisfaction from boys my own age. Not that I ever really had. There had been once. I had closed my eyes and imagined a man much like the physical one I’m holding onto now. I had almost gotten there too but that asshole blew first. I had sworn off sex then and there. Why bother when my hand does it better.

The bump of the entrance to the motel lot pulled me from my thoughts and had me firmly planted in the now. My top teeth clamped over my bottom like stifling a pained moan. My clit hood piercing was pushed down against him hard, almost sending me over in an instant. We are at a stop too soon for me to collect myself enough to stop the whimper coming out of me as he gets off. Just before I slide off after him he catches the sight of my dress hiked up not hiding my lack of underwear nor the circular piercing.

“God damn” he utters. His eyes wide and his hands stopped me from moving. It’s like he is willing the sight to be burnt in his memory forever. His other hand runs down the length of his denim strangled cock. And it’s for sure strangled in the tight fabric. Too engorged to be kept at bay. Using his distracted state I reach and undo his belt before he even registers it. Once he does his eyes go wide but he doesn't stop me. His eyes dart around us wildly.

That makes me giggle. “Didn’t take you for a shy man” my hands are still busy trying to free him. His cock is too big to be freed merely by undoing his pants button and zipper. I have to pull them slightly down to free him. “Didn’t take you for an indecent exposure…” he’s cut off by his own open mouth groan as I pick up his girth and suckle his balls before licking his balls to crown. Once I’m there I take my time. Worshiping his cock like it’s a religion I’ve known all my life.

I work at making his entire length slick with my spit. I’ve never taken a man this big in my throat but fuck me I’m going to. I want to feel his cock deep In every part of me. I want to physically feel it there for days like a good switch bruise. I hear the other bikes but I don’t stop nor do I pay them any attention. This cock while it’s mine won’t ever share attention. His friends make cat calls but his gaze never lifts. I can feel their stares And the fucked up parts of me sing with glee. Once I’m satisfied that he’s slick I work his length down my throat. his gaze transfixed to mine until I’m two inches away from the base. He head falls back “fuck me” he moans.

But I’m not satisfied. I push forward till I’m at the base. He looks back down at me surprised. One of the men approaches to go for a side view. “Holy shit she’s a sword swallower,” the man laughs.

I drowned out the laughter as I grabbed Carnage’s hand and rested it on the back of my head. I dare him with my eyes to fuck my throat. A message not lost on him. His hand twirls my hair into a good grip and he goes to town. Ramming himself balls to my chin every time. My mascara is bleeding down my cheeks. My excessive amount of slobber drips from his balls to my chin then to my cleavage.

Suddenly he Pushes out of my throat. His hand immediately wrapped around his base squeezing the shit out of it to suppress his release. His eyes are wild and excited. He lifts me from his bike with one arm around my waist. And pulls me inside his room. Pushing me immediately onto the bed and spreads my legs looking again at my cunt. “Your so wet your glistening Babydoll. How did your bare pussy feel against my cut?” He’s panting as he talks. Trying hard to rangle his need to cum.

I pull my bottom lip through my teeth and pout some. “ So good I was about to come before you parked” I sat up and pulled the dress above my head and then let it fall to the floor. He pushes off the bed and begins undressing himself. I watch, unable to look away. His body is covered in curious scars almost entirely hidden by tattoos. “You like the taste of my cock Babydoll?” He palms his cock stroking his length. Reaching back he digs into a pocket in his cut he turns and I don’t know what he’s doing till he’s leaning down snorting a white power off the entertainment center.

He cocks his head motioning for me to come to him. There’s another line of white powder. I’m not stupid I think it’s coke but also I’m not sure. Anyone my age in this place has a parent on drugs. It’s one thing I’ve never even considered doing. He must see my apprehensiveness. “Not tapping out already I hope” I look up at him to see a wicked smile. He hands me a straw. Fuck it. Leaning down I repeat the actions I saw him do. As soon as I’m done his hand is at my throat. “Open your mouth” his voice is dark and leaves no room for questions. I should be tapping out but I’m utterly elated. The feel of his palm on my rapid pulse. Then the squeeze. I open my mouth without asking even myself why.

He spits in my mouth and I’m in shock still held still by my throat. “Swallow it Babydoll” I do while looking him in the eye. And then I smile. Probably the most sincerest smile to ever grace my lips. I’m fucked up. I have issues. I love this feeling. “Thank you…” I stop myself. A knowing look flashes his eyes. His other hand swipes smacking my breast hard before gripping the nipple and toying with it.
Something clicks in my head and I Finnish my sentence. “Daddy”

His twisted smile and deviant dimples return. “That’s right Babydoll”

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