Summer in Paradise

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Two young people must face enormous challenges in front of their love. Will they overcome everything in their way? You are gonna find out, if you read this one of a kind story. You can also imagine film scenes while doing it.

Romance / Drama
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chapter 1

…She leaves pieces of her life everywhere she goes. Her moves, style and gestures were so precise. Such woman cannot remain unnoticed. Her life is extraordinary, like herself. And yet she is a mystery to many. One big unsolved mystery. The End.

Ryen was reading a passage from his favourite pocket-book, wanting one day he also to be successful writer and millions of people to read his novels, but for now he is just an eighteen years old very young man with dreams in his head and a love in his heart.

He was in love with a girl and it was his first serious relationship. Beside the butterflies in his stomach, Ryen feels so liberated and secure when being with the girl of his heart. He didn’t wish this kind of feeling to go away. Never. Probably because he experienced so much difficult moments at home. And this girl was like a gulp of fresh air from his polluted universe.

The prom season was knocking on the door but for Ryen everything looked calm. He knew exactly what he is going to wear and who is going to be with, so avoiding all the hussle was the best decision for him. There was only one problem-his parents. Unsuppostive and alienated from him, they were about to find out very soon Ryen’s plan about his girl. Not just for the night of the prom.

The next day, at school, after the Calculus class, the eighteen year old senior boy met secretly his love interest-Summer. They have arranged a small private event only for them in the English garden, behind the school building where they can be far from curious eyes. It was almost noon.

-How are you, my love? I miss you! We haven’t seen each other for whole two days.

-I know, Ryen. I missed you so much, too.

-Are you ready for the prom next month?-she asked.

-Of course, I can’t wait. I already imagine in my mind our first dance. I love you so much, Summer. I don’t wanna lose you!

The young lady smiled and blinked twice with her eyes. She even blushed a little.

-But you know what, there is one tiny problem. My parents.

-What about them, dear love?-wondered Summer.

-They still don’t know about us and I don’t know to what an extent they are gonna react positive when I tell them I have a girlfriend.

-My mom knows about you and me and she doesn’t mind.

-Yeah, your mom is your mom but my parents are something different. I don’t wanna burden you with my domestic problems abut somehow I guess I have to announce them these big news.

-Our folks have to know. Otherewise we are gonna hide from everybody for long and this is something I am not keen to do.

-I understand you, Summer, and I promise you I would do everything possible to convince my parents you are lovely and bright girl and that I want to spent the future with you!

-To spend the future with with me! This is so well said. I love it. I want to spend my days that I have with you, as well, Ryen, only try not to loose courage. I am sure everything will be fine.

-Yes, I guess.-replied the boy and then kissed Summer on her peachy pink lips.

A week prior to prom

One day, after meeting his girl, Ryen finally found strength to tell his parents about her. She is his first school love after all. The big announcement arrived in the afternoon.

-Mom, dad, will you sit down for a minute? I have something to tell you!

-You sound a bit mourning. Is someone dead?-asked him the mother.

-No, no, quite the oposite…I mean…it’s good news, I hope!

-Alright then, shoot!-suggested the father and he received what he asked for.

-I have a girl. A girlfriend. Her name is Summer and at the prom next week I am going to propose her.

Ryen’s words felt like a cold shower for both of his parents. And all of a sudden the short silence was substituted by an array of words and questions:

-How come? My son married? So young? He is in love with someone called Summer? Why we learn now? How long have you two been together? Do her parents know? Where did you meet? Is she pregnant?

Ryen had to explain so much things he just didn’t know where to start from. Then he asked if it is possible for both his mother and father to calm down and to start listen to him once again. He knew they tend to be abusive, that’s why the eighteen year old boy made the second step carefully.

-People, may I have a moment of quietness, please. I can explain everything!

-You better do!-interrupted him the father ready to slap him on the face or to kick him on the back, it wouldn’t matter much because when he was younger Ryen remembered how many times he received so much ‘love’ and ‘warmth’ from his parents.

-Summer is incredible girl. We truly love each other and nothing can separate us. No, she is not pregnant and yes, her mother knows about me. I don’t know about her dad, because they are separated and she lives with her mother only but rarely she visits her dad who lives somewhere else.

-Great, that girl Summer is a child of divorced parents!-exclaimed the mother.

-It’s getting prettier and prettier!-added also she.

-Just listen, OK? I am dating Summer for three years and with every year our love becomes stronger and stronger. She is the person that completes me, she is my other half, the missing part of me, my savior and shelter. With her I feel in the right place and I strongly would like to spend the rest of my life with exactly that girl. I don’t care how old I am. Somethings are just beyond numbers and age. That’s it.

-You expect congratulations from us, son?-asked him the father.

-Why not. At least say that you approve my decision and that you will be happy for me!

No one from tha parent body said anything similar to that. On the contrary, inside their minds they both consider their son naive and irresponsible, even stupid to find a girl of divorced parents and dating her for three long years, without even telling them about that.

Ryen looked disappointed. Then another question arrived fromm his mother:

-And what did you two do together all this time? Just kissing?

Ryen could feel the sarcastic tone in her mother’s voice but calmly and with no visible tension replied:

-Not just that. We like going to Amusement Parks together, to eat ice-cream or cotton candy, to hold our hands and to dream, to shape our future, stuff normal couples do.

-Very nice, very nice, my son!-severely hinted his father and grabbed him by the neck.

-You deserve to put you in the basement and lock you for the rest of the year, you little ‘’lover’’. But I won’t do it. I will be merciful this time. But beware. Beware very much. You don’t know what I am capable of……,son!

Ryen trembled like a rabbit, facing his father’s angry face. He was that close of domestic violence.

-One last question, Ryen.-this came from his mother.

-How are you going to buy a ring for your bride-to-be?

-I won’t buy her a ring! I will give her my grandma’s. It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?

-Only over my dead body!-screamed Ryen’s mother and left the living-room. The father also left him alone. Nobody wanted to listen about Summer anymore.

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