Guardian demon

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"BEEP BEEP" my alarm blared into my ears. I woke up with a massive headache. After my 'guardian demon' left last night, I drowned myself in vodka, finished two packs of cigarettes and found a cuban cigar in my mom's closet. I probably shouldn't have smoked the cigar but hey I'm dying in a year so honestly who cares.

What day is it? Wednesday right? Probably.

Ugh school

I rolled out of bed, took an extra long shower before I slipped into a white crop tank along with black jeans and of course my bike jacket. The thought of seeing people honestly disgusted me more than academics itself, I didn't bother myself with either but for some reason girls kept trying to talk to me. It was annoying at this point. The only people I like are Eloise and Cahira, Elo and Ira for short, i've known them since middle school. They are the only people have never left me, the only ones who actually care about me, everyone else is toxic and fake. I don't deal that bullshit.

I turn my head towards the clock as it glares back at me. I'm late for school but I don't care. I'm basically only an hour and a half late, 9:37 to be precise.

I slipped on my ratty but treasured jordan's. My jordan's were one of my prized possessions, it was white with baby blue and black streaked throughout it. It took me two months to save up for, completely worth it. Before exiting my room, I grab my bike keys and head out. Technically I'm only 17 so I'm not allowed to have a motorbike but my fake id says i'm 21. My bike's name is scarlett and the amount of horsepower she has is unbelievable. I saved up years to get her. And ironically her name is fitting, the base is matte black but the glossy crimson vinyl stands out against the darkness. I say ironically but I meant to name her scarlett mostly because I wanted to be reminded of the person whose name shall not be said. I don't anymore but I can't bring myself to change her name, it just makes sense.

When I was younger I remembered I made a list of all the things that were important to me in order.

1. Eloise and Cahira

2. Scarlett

3. Cigarettes

4. Jordans

5. GI Joe

Everything is the same save for GI Joe, he's been replaced with alcohol. While I love Joe, he never gave me the ability to forget, so alcohol rates higher.

--at school--

I waltzed into AP physics, only to be met with Mr. Spitsface or whatever-his-names ugly ass face in addition to his idea of a 'power' pose.

I bit my lip desperately trying to hide my laugh. Keyword: Trying. I let it tumble out of my mouth.

"That's it Ms. Verlice, you come in two hours late, looking like you drank the entire liquor store last night and then you disrespect me. Detention today after school. May I remind you that underage drinking is a crime." He slammed his fist on the desk while I burst out laughing harder. Wow was he done with the monologue?

I sauntered over to the desk in the back corner as I retorted with a "No, you may not" and waved my hand lazily, essentially dismissing him.

By the time I sat down and faced him, he was as red as strawberry and his 'glare' had me trying not to laugh. Again. He huffed before getting back to teach the rest of the class.

I focused my eyes on the clock, I don't think time has ever gone so slow. Why do we even have to do AP subjects? Like i'm not that dumb in regular classes but AP classes, especially AP physics makes me look like I have iq of an idiot. At least the throbbing in my head subsided, It wasn't that bad but I hate any level of headaches regardless. You would think i would be used to it by now. Newsflash: I'm not.

At some point I must have fallen asleep because Mr. Spitsface slams his fist down against the table. "I'm sorry Ms. Verlice, am I boring you?" he spits out

"Yeah, why do you think I fell asleep? And there's no point in giving me detention, I won't come anyway." I replied honestly. Snickers came from everyone in the room. He took a deep breath in, as if to calm himself, turns around and doesn't spare me a second glance.

Finally, the bell rings, signifying lunch. As I stroll out of class, I hear Mr. Spitsface again. "Ms. Verlice, I will be contacting your parents." I scoffed as I heard his words.

"Yeah sure, good luck with that"


I take the brown sludge that our school calls 'food' and make my way to my usual table. Eloise and Cahira are already there chatting amongst themselves. I take my seat and Eloise's face lights up.

"So... Ria, have you met your guardian angel yet?" Elo asked me. I hesitated for a minute, technically I did meet my guardian angel. It's just that my guardian angel is a demon. A minor difference.

"Yeah," I reply, plastering on a fake smile, "She was great, really pretty, kind. It's nice to know someone's actually looking out for me I guess."

If it was anyone else I wouldn't have gone into detail but somehow Elo always knows when I'm lying. I had to make the lie believable. She eyes me skeptically but decides not to push the subject further. She and ira were the only people at school who knew it was my birthday yesterday, they also knew that I hated my birthday so we never celebrate it. I was thankful for that.

"What are you doing tonight" Cahira inquires, I roll my eyes. She obviously knows the answer. For some reason I have a gut feeling that she wants something from me.

"So don't say no but there's a party at Nates today" she gushes.

"I'm not going" I reply before she can ask

"Yes you are" she contradicts stubbornly.

"No" I glared at her. She's obviously getting antsy. She searches my face for the one thing that could make me go. Just like that, her face brightens up.

"If you go, I'll buy you lunch for the rest of the week." she proposes

"Uhh, ira you do know this is just sludge right" i pick up my spoon and let the brown mush fall out.

"I'll buy you Mcdonalds and my mom's pasta bake." Ira counters. Ugh, my weakness, her mom's pasta bake.

"Fine. I'll go but you owe me pasta and mcdonalds" I say waving my hand around.

"We are going shopping today." Elo gushes out and I groan inwardly. "Oh and we'll go to my house to get ready after." I have no choice but to agree.

"Okay" was my only reply.
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