Guardian demon

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"Cahira Ira Clarke Gallagher" I announce using her full name "If you burn me one more time with that fucking straightener, I will kill you." I issue the death threat.

"murder wouldn't look good on your transcript" she replies while she works on my hair.

I was forced by Elo and Cahira to buy a dress.


It's not that I'm insecure about my body, I know i'm hot, I've got curves in all the right places and a flat stomach.

He made me wear a dress and used me like some kind of fucked up barbie. I still remember how it felt when h-

Stop I remind myself

I just don’t like it. I don’t need to have a reason.

I said no, multiple times to Elo and Ira but somehow I ended up with the dress anyway. It is pretty badass though. It's black covered in red dragons, ends mid thigh while hugging my curves perfectly. It’s my dream dress come to life.

I see Elo enter the room holding up a pair of black dainty high heels. I know what she’s going to ask. "Hell no" I almost growl.

Elo looks beautiful. The white bodice of her dress is fitted and ruched but it flares out at her waist and ends at mid thigh. She shows just the right amount of cleavage so she doesn’t look trashy and it fits her aesthetic perfectly.

"Fine. I'll get your combat boots." She agrees playfully.

"And your hair is done." Ira announces proudly "Do you want me to touch up your makeup?"

"No, I'll do it myself" I reply. I go to sit in front of the mirror and redo my eyeliner, making a sharp wing. I coat my lashes with mascara and give my lips a swipe of crimson lip gloss. Perfect.

Ira is wearing a dark green cowl neck fitted dress that would look ordinary on anyone else, but stunning on her. It ends at slightly above mid thigh and she dresses it up with a pair of knee high black boots. She looked sexy and somehow classy with her auburn hair curled and resting on her shoulders, a nude color lining her lips and highlight on her cheekbones.

Elo passes me my combat boots and I slip them on before lacing them up. I see Ira running her eyes up and down her body in the mirror while she smooths down her dress, her hands lingering on her waist.

“Cahira” I call out to her softly “stop. You look beautiful.” She moves her gaze from her waist to my eyes and nods.
“Ira, you can do this” I whisper under my breath but loud enough for ira to hear it. She mutters a breathless thank you and leaves the room.

Cahira had an eating disorder, bulimia to be precise. She would binge eat for an hour, until she was almost sick, then not eat at all for the rest of the day and sometimes it went on to the next day.

That was over a year ago but I sometimes I still see the insecurity in her eyes when she looks at herself, no matter how much she tries to hide it.

"Ria hurry up" Elo calls to me. I grab my phone and slip my lighter into my bra.

"I'm coming" I holler back.

--at the party--

We made it to the party at around half past nine. We head up to the door and I am immediately greeted with the sight of sweaty horny teenagers grinding on each other. God it reeks of cheap booze.

Elo and I push through the crowd while Ira is already dancing with everyone else. She has a group of boys trying to dance with her and she either likes the attention or is oblivious to it. Either way she isn't giving them a reaction.

We make it to the drinks table and I grab a beer bottle before taking a long swig. Why am I here again?

Surprisingly I don't feel uncomfortable in the dress, I honestly thought I would be ripping this dress apart by now but I feel oddly comfortable in this dress. Probably because the dress screams don't talk to me and it's useful when i'm at a party full of idiots.

"Elo that pasta bake better be good." She grins at me in response and walks off. I see her start her seduction routine on her next victim. It goes something like this

1. Find target

2. Walk up to them and act shy at the start

3. Be more confident and whisper in their ear

4. Leave them and wait for them to come talk to you

5. Fuck them

I'd say it's pretty solid, not for me though. All I have to do is walk up to someone, grab their shirt and say what I would do to them. Works every time. I'm not a virgin but I haven't fucked a lot of people either. I think 5 but it could be 4, I can't really remember.

I lean against the counter and I feel like I'm being watched. My eyes slide across the room until they settle on a guy looking at me with so much intensity it almost makes me want to cower. Almost. I stand my ground and stare back at him. I get lost looking into his stormy gray eyes and everyone else fades. I can only see him but it feels as if there is an invisible barrier between us.

His angular jaw is chiseled and he looks like he was made by the gods themselves. Gray orbs are still staring at me through his long lashes. Lashes so long that it almost touches his bushy eyebrows. His cheekbones look like they were carved out by marble, along with his sharp nose. I let my eyes travel past his face to the rest of his body. He has toned abs encased in a scruffy black v neck shirt. So hot.

Wait. What the fuck am I doing? I snap out of the trance.

I ask a guy for a cigarette and thankfully he has one. I step out of the suffocating mass of bodies into the backyard, the fresh breeze hits my face and I feel like I can breathe again. I fish my lighter out of my bra and light my cigarette, needing the drugs in my lungs.

I inhale and savour the taste of cheap nicotine.

"You do know that smoking kills right?" I hear. I look up and see a fairly hot guy gazing down at me.

"Why do you think I do it?" I replied emptily. Ugh why is he talking to me?


He is kinda hot. Like for the fuck and leave type. He looks like he would be packing. You can see the outline of his abs from his shirt and his dark brown eyes never seem to leave my face. He has a rich complexion and his face is somehow flawless. Not a blemish in sight.

"You obviously have some deep ass trauma but im too tired to deal with that crap so lets get shit faced drunk" I was about to refuse his very kind offer.

Note the sarcasm.

But then I feel the same burning gaze on me as earlier so I reply with a nod.

I finish off the cigarette and flick it on the ground before putting it out. He stands up with his hand out.

"Before I take your hand, name."

"You don't remember me." He gasps, acting hurt "I'm joking. Call me Noah." With that I slip my hand into his and hear him say "You gonna tell me your name?"

"Hmm, fine. Adria. My name is Adria" I've known him for like 10 minutes but he honestly feels like the brother I never had. Still fuckable though.

Moving to the drinks table with him, I sweep pass the beer and grab a bottle of vodka.

"Ready to play" I drawl at him, smirking.

He only grins in reply.

Three shots later I'm feeling tipsy. Not black out drunk like I want to be but I’m on my way. The party is still in full swing with people making out and grinding on each other.

Six shots later I grab a random guy and kiss him. It’s sloppy but I’m drunk so I don’t care.

Elosie and Cahira run up to me and yank me away from the guy.

"How many of these have you had?" I giggle at how mad Elo sounds

"Ten. No, nine. No, ten. No, nine." I slur. They seem to mutter to themself and I’m just standing in front of them. Ugh this is boring.

I march back to the rando I was kissing ready to suck his face off.

My feet lift off the ground and I realize that I’m thrown over someones shoulder. I look back to see Eloise and Cahira speechless, just standing there. Wow such great friends.

I sober up a little and start pounding on the dudes back. "Who the fuck do you think you are?" I scream at him "Let me the fuck down right now." He doesn't. He doesn't even reply. Who the fuck is this dick? If I could see his face I would be pounding it in by now.

But I can see the muscles under his shirt ripple and for some reason I want to lick him. Is that weird? I think so. He smells so tasty though, a mix of ash and wood.

He opens a car door and sits me down inside. "Seatbelt." He says without another word. When I glance at his face.

I finally realize.

"Gray eyes?"
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