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"Do you know, what I do when people don't adhere to my rules?" His lips were just an inch away from mine. It started raining slightly, making me scared to the core. "I kill them."... Just one word was enough to make me feel deceased. ........................ Two different broken hearts met each other. One was the world's domination, the mightiest, and one was the insignificant, the weakest. When they met, the mighty tried to demolish the insignificant in every possible way. The whole world was at its end because the devil met the angel. They fought, fought with everything in their way. But did they spend their whole life dissenting with everyone? Or was there an end to all the complications they were facing? **** [WARNING] Killing scenes. Enjoy reading...

Romance / Thriller
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What is love?

What is life?

Why is love said to be an essential part of life when one can live without it?

Love is something that connects two hearts to be one.

It is the most beautiful thing amongst all the creations of God.


Every other day went by like the previous one. Not even a single change...

Wake up, work, sleep then wake up again. What can I even expect?

My feelings are more like a robot because the human in me slept years ago.

The pain, the emptiness, I feel now, is nothing compared to that day when I realized that the people I loved the most are not anymore. They left this world handling me a responsibility that I was not even capable to handle. But now, that responsibility is my reason to live.

That was the starting of a new struggling life for me, with no emotions but only agony. And till now, I have the same feelings.

Since then the world is changing a lot. People are becoming greedy, Love a business, and marriage an obligation.

And due to this, my dream of a prince proposing to me on his white horse shattered.


Dreams never come true...

This is what I thought before meeting him. The Aaron William Knight.

But they can come true, in the most horrifying way and you will never be able to figure out that, what was your mistake, what was wrong, were my thoughts after meeting him.

He was my nightmare. Worst of all the nightmares. A nightmare that no one would ever want to see.

First I visited hell but after meeting him I started living there.

My sad life was full of pain and hurt and he only increased that.


Once upon a time, there were two souls. One was a boy and the other was a girl.

They were opposite.

One was born to give the pain and the other was born to take it.

One was fire, other was water.

The only similarity between them was that they had a very dark past.

A past to be remembered, that broke their hearts and made them mature at a very young age.

As they started living with an unchangeable sad past, destiny again pushed them into darkness.

But only one change was noticeable at that time. They had to face that darkness together.

Their fate to be together led to a huge change in the life of theirs.

They faced all the obstacles, war, emotions, and consequences.

Each time they cleared an obstacle, another one would be already waiting for them.

However, we all know that to be unique and perfect, we have to face all the problems coming during the journey of life with all our efforts.

And so did they...


Everything happens for a reason. Accept it with a smile.

The journey of Aarose’s Life starts here...

A Love that never ends.

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