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Chapter 1


This was the right word to describe how I was feeling these days.

Over the years.

But these days were worse than ever.

I missed them every moment.

My parents.

My sorrowful life started with the night my family’s lawyer came to talk to me about my parents not coming home.


They left me and went to heaven when I was 15.

I shouldn’t have been shouldering such a big responsibility of my sister if I had not suffered the blow of their death 6 years ago.

It annihilated me completely.

Emotionally, physically and mentally, changing my life, making me leave my passion, and forcing me to become what I never wanted.

I, Roseanna Agnes, have finally reached a point where one could say that I’m successful.

My first earning came from E-mat Enterprise where I started working as a Coding Developer four months ago, which means I did coding to make websites and guided my underlings.

Working under this Enterprise was everyone’s dream, they worked hard day and night, but this was not my case.

My heartfelt dream was always to become a fashion designer, which faded away from my mind after their death.

That was the time when I had to choose between my career and supporting me and my little sister, financially.

Of course, I chose my family and started working wherever I got a part-time job, with side studies.

I couldn’t follow my dream, even if I wanted to.

It made me remember the memories of the times I spent with my parents.

They encouraged me to follow the path of designing clothes because I loved to customize them at that time.

I remember the police said that they died in a car accident. But that was not the case at all.

My mind knew that they were murdered…

Even after knowing that they were killed, I locked the secrets they told me, deep in my heart, not daring to come anywhere near it.

This was mainly because I didn’t have the power to face those who killed my parents.

Their power was something no one could imagine.

It was better for me to stay away from those mysterious people and keep my sister safe.

I looked at my computer. This was the last work for the day to call my work off.

After completely doing it I took a long sigh and looked at my phone in annoyance.

It has been an hour since Athena called me and said that her work was about to finish.

But she hasn’t come here till now.

Though Athena was an underling working under me, she was more like a friend to me.

Supporting me whenever I was sad and being my right hand.

“Hey, Rose.” I snapped my head to the right. Athena came...

“What took you so much time to come?” I asked her worriedly.

“The boss had called me to inform everyone to get ready for a party. You are the last one to whom I’m telling this.”

I straightened up and looked at her shockingly. “Athena, it’s 8 pm. Richard wants us, employees to go to a party, this late?”

“Well, he said that this was some kind of formal party. Don’t tell me you aren’t going.”

“You guessed right. Safety is first for me and I don’t like parties.” I focused my attention on shutting down the computer instead of her.

“C’mon, don’t be a pooper. You are going and this is my decision. Don’t be stubborn always, okay.” She dragged me with her.

“Wait, what are we going to wear at the party?” I tried to make an excuse as always but, sadly, she was aware of each one of them.

It was no use. Today I will have to do what she says otherwise she’ll have a matter to taunt me on, forever.

“Richard has prepared the dress for us. We just have to go in the trial room to change.” We were standing in front of the trial room.

I hesitated to go inside.

There must be many females in there. And my relationship with them is not that good.

It’s not like I care about the relations but since the day one girl locked me in the bathroom, I became more cautious of people around me.

Who would I have offended at that time?

“Let’s go inside.” She held my hands tightly giving me an assuring look.

I nodded timidly…

“Look who has come.” “Oh, foolish head. The introvert.” The girls started laughing as we opened the door.

“Do your work,” Athena spoke boldly making them shut their mouth in an instance.

She had a strong personality, a personality that I could never imagine of, to have.

My mom once claimed that life was a sensation in which individual pieces represented different emotions of you.

Every piece made you feel a new emotion.

On their own, the pieces were unimportant but when put together they formed a bigger picture called existence.

All you had to do was to feel their essence and live your life to the fullest with whatever you were experiencing.

At that time, I didn’t care about what she said.

But now when I think about it, did she mean that if you were happy one time, the other time you would be sad?

Did she mean that if I had spent 15 years smiling, I’ll spend another 15 years crying?

Was she trying to say that if I feel sad I should cry to the fullest?

Her sayings were never understood by me. Nor then, nor now.

Contemplated in my thoughts I changed my pencil skirt and shirt to a gown, which was gray, decorated in pearls and glitter.

I paired a matching heel with it and pinned my hair into a messy bun applying minimalistic makeup on my face.

As I came out of the washroom Athena turned her eyes on me. Everyone had already left the room.

“Hey, are you…” Athena stopped mid-sentence.

“I don’t look good in it, right.”

“Oh my god!!!”

I was completely lost by her surprised reaction.

“Look at you.” She spun around me.

“Athena, I will fall. You know I’m not good with heels.” I warned her.

“Oh don’t be so grumpy. I’m sure; even if you would fall someone would be dying to help you.”

I stared at her in uncertainty.

Where exactly the party was being held? These dresses were a bit much magnified.

“You look beautiful.” I changed the topic from me to her.

She was wearing a cocktail dress with her hair falling on her shoulder. Her hourglass figure was perfectly standing out.

“Lots of men will be around you,” I told her honestly.

“Oh really, they will choose you before me. Are you even real? You look like some fairy from those TV shows.” She commented.

“Okay let’s go now.” I stopped before she could flaunt my unreal beauty.

Did I even look like a normal person? In my eyes, I looked like some pig always wanting to go in the mud.


“You said it was a formal party?” I repelled her words, which she said earlier. “This is some sort of annual ball. I am not coming with you.”

“Don’t make a fuss now. I know I lied. Can we go now?” Athena gave an entry pass to the guard who was guarding that royal palace type of mansion.

I sighed and went inside with her.

Why do I feel that something very big was going to happen today, which could change my life?

This uncomfortable feeling in my heart just, won’t go away.

The hall was full of renowned people. It concluded of all types of celebrities, CEO and every influential people.

Richard, our boss was not anywhere. Even the employees of the E-mat company were there, eyeing me dangerously.

“Athena this party looks so costly that even a king couldn’t afford it, can you tell me, who invited our company to such an extravagant party?” I looked around, slightly perplexed. “It is not someone ordinary, isn’t it?”

“You are right,” Vani replied on her behalf. My eyes widened, seeing her. She was my roommate!!!

What was she doing here?

Was she also invited? But by whom?

Vani and a lady were standing right in front of me. The elegant lady seemed to be her mother. “Hello.” I greeted both of them respectfully.

“I don’t know. It was some family who came from a foreign land. Someone who has a surname… What was it? I can’t remember.” Athena said trying to remember hardly.

“Oh yes, William Knight. Their surname was William Knight.” She said in a relaxed manner.

My eyes moved to her in shock.

“Yes dear, we have thrown the party.” Vani’s mother spoke.

Wasn’t she from an ordinary family?

Are you telling me that she is the daughter of the Knight’s about whom I have heard everywhere, but never seen them, not even on TV?

“Oh my God. You are Mrs. Knight. It’s nice to meet you.” Athena shook her hand in contentment and gave me a look of disapproval.

“Rose, can you come with me for a second. Pardon us, Mrs. Knight.” She dragged me to a corner.

“Hey, how do you know them?” She almost shrugged me so hard that I would faint if she continued.

“I will tell.” I sighed.

“Look Mrs. Knight’s daughter is my roommate. Till now, even I didn’t know that Vani was a Knight. I had just listened about their success on TVs, not expecting ever that a Knight would be my friend living with me.” I explained everything.

“Oh, so this was the case. You were unaware. But don’t you find it good to have such a useful roommate.” She snickered.

“Don’t talk rubbish. I have yet to ask Vani why she never told me that her family background was so extravagant.”

“I was just joking.” She patted my back slightly.

“But do you know these people are said to be very mysterious, filled with secrets?” Her teasing look turned into a grave one.

I stared at her in disturbance. “That’s nothing got to do with us. Now let’s go back. What if Vani was waiting for me.”

“Okay then. I was just telling you about the rumors. What a boring person you are.” Athena shrugged her shoulders and we both went to the place where Vani was standing.

Her mother had disappeared from there.

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