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Chapter 2

“Hello, Rose. Where did you go with umm?” Vani’s high voice demanded answers the moment we appeared in front of her.

She was frowning at Athena.

I haven’t briefly introduced them to each other, have I?

Even though I told Athena about her, it was only explained to her in fragments.

“We just went for a little talk. By the way, she is Athena, my office mate.” I told Vani.

“And she is Vani, my roommate.” And turned to Athena.

“She doesn’t look like just an office-mate.”

“She doesn’t look like a Roommate either.”

They both spoke in unison, turning the atmosphere awkward.

“Well, you both are my very good friends. Can we now focus on this party instead of fighting?” I smiled nervously trying to calm them.

They are just like my sister when getting jealous.

Vani and Athena huffed and held both of my hands tightly, more like proactively.

My arms were tearing while I was trying to keep my balance.

“Rose, let’s go and explore this mansion,” Athena spoke, eying Vani.

“Okay, let’s go.” I sighed.

We explored every corner of the mansion together in curiosity asking Vani lots of Questions.

“Hey look, there are lots of handsome men around there. Let’s go and flirt with them.” Athena tried to drag both of us there in excitement but I immediately refused.

“I won’t go there.”

“Me neither.” Vani followed my tone.

“Why are you two so boring? Okay, I will go alone.” Athena said, leaving us on our own.

Finally, I can ask her about the matter.

“Vani, why did you hide from me that you were the daughter of the Knights?”

She looked at me and sighed in sadness. “I guess; I can’t hide this truth anymore.”

“Look Roseanna, I was always approached by people for the wealth I have. Nobody wanted the real me as a friend. I almost went into depression, until you came.” She paused.

“You made me realize the meaning of a friend. I shifted to your dorm because you had become special to me. As I was about to tell you about my family background but then I heard you saying that you don’t like rich people.” Her voice sobered up and she continued while trying not to cry.

“You hate them. Till then to now, I couldn’t gather the courage to tell you the truth.”

“So sorry...”

“Please don’t disregard our sisterhood.” Her eyes teared up.

I hit her head slightly. “Why would I disregard our friendship, Idiot? I did say that I don’t like rich people because they were rude, but that doesn’t mean that every rich person on the earth was rude. You think too much.”

My real reason for saying that I hate them was because they had the power to do anything.

They thought that they had the power to suppress the small people and kill anyone without getting any punishment.

Just like when my parents were killed by some mysterious rich background.

I shouldn’t have been so open to Vani.

“Thank you, Rose, Thank you.” She kissed my hand repeatedly.

“Can you tell me where the washroom is? I’ve got an urgency.” I asked her in a daze trying not to prolong this matter.

“Ohh, God.”

“At this time Rose?? I was going to attend to other guests. The washroom is upstairs; can you go there by yourself?” She replied.

“No problem.”

I didn’t have much time, my legs were giving me immense pain.

Making an excuse of the washroom to get some time alone, I Climbed the stairs.

I gasped seeing the interior of the entire mansion on the first floor.

The decoration and architecture of this place were very splendid. Everything was screaming finance and rich competence.

Vani’s family doesn’t seem like the people to be messed with.

This was so amazing. The pillars of this floor seemed to be platinum.

Was there even a place like this in the city?

I opened countless doors to find the washroom but couldn’t find even one.

Cursing under my breathe I dashed in the opposite direction and opened a room in anger.

If there was no washroom I will just enter one of these rooms and relax.

No one will come here since everyone would be downstairs.

But what if someone thought that I came in here to steal?

Forget it, I just want to rest for 5 minutes.

I entered the room and sat on a stuffy chair placing a hand on my foot, wincing in pain.

The heels really did a damage to it.

The room was dimly lit, colored with a shade of blue and white. The bed was in the corner and there was a side lamp beside it.

A glass window with a balcony on the other side with red and black flowers made the balcony more formal.

A perfect definition of elegant and aesthetics.

“Nice.” I winced. “But why am I still here?”

“This should be my question.” A deep voice made me bolt straight up and stand.

I breathed in fear when a shadow appeared across me from the darkness.

I could tell that he was strong, by the way, he was standing.

Very Strong...

My mind was constantly warning me to run.

Because if I stayed here longer, I would regret it.

The deepness of his eyes was not lessening. He was glaring at me murderously.

I was already caught in the complexity of my thought and his presence was bothering me even more.

It will be good if I leave right now.

As I turned to open the gate he grabbed my arm and prevented me from doing so.

He turned me to face him and my eyes zeroed to his eyes.

My heartbeat quickened as I glared at him intensely.

His face was attractive but shouted precariousness.

Sharp features...

His nose and jaw were perfectly aligned.

This man could become a prince for a romantic love story, but he was more capable of being a villain because of his black tousled hair.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to sit here. I was just tired.” Mesmerized by his handsomeness I almost forgot that I had to leave from here.

My friends would be looking for me.

As I turned to open the door he slammed it in front of me.

But this time he was being intimate. I was glued to the door with him making me uncomfortable by invading my personal space.

How should I move without getting touched by him?

“What are you doing? I did say that I was tired.” My stubbornness made him look at me from head to toe.

What a pervert... I shrank in disgustingness.

“Leave me.” My voice came out weak when I guessed the possibilities of me being in danger around him.

“No.” He replied in a simple word.

I was about to argue with him but my phone buzzed suddenly.

It must be of Athena or Vani.

As I was about to pick it up he snatched it away from me.

“Hey, Give it to me,” I yelled at him.

“Tell me your real motive for coming here.” He hissed coldly. “Watch each of your words.”

“I did tell you. Can’t you be more irritating?” His arrogant self was unnerving and palpitating at the same time.

“Let me go otherwise I will scream.”

“I would like to see you try it.” He laughed sinisterly.

Just like a prey was in the hands of a predator.

What made him this arrogant? I bet it might be his money.

“Why are you..” He stopped me midways.

“Shhh.” I hate blabbering women.

All these things suddenly started feeling terrific.

If he has money, he could do anything with me without anyone knowing.

My mind started having goosebumps.

The door opened and he separated his body from mine.

I took advantage of it and got out of the room when Richard, who had opened the room entered there.

There was no time for me to ask Richard’s relations with that man and that was none of my business.

He looked at me in confusion and I walked faster from there, without sparing a single glance to anyone.

I wish to never bump into that psycho, ever.

My being was not afraid of death but, If I would die who would provide aids for my sister and her caretaker, who was more like a mother to us.

“Did you get lost, Rose?” Vani came, running to me. My intense heartbeat came to ease seeing her.

“Yes.” I stuttered, not having the nerve to explain anything which happened back then.

“It’s reasonable to get lost in such a big mansion. My father spent a lot of time preparing a wizard’s house.” She giggled.

Was there something funny in what she said?

“Enough of giggling. Let’s go to the ballroom. It’s time for a dance. Your friend might be also waiting for you.” She dragged me downstairs.

Has any of them ever asked me about going anywhere?

They just drag me here and there like a lifeless thing.

Athena was talking to a boy in the corner of the ballroom. We both went to her.

“Have you talked enough?” Vani mocked her and she grunted in disapproval. “Does it have anything to do with you?”

“Guys stop fighting.” I came in between both of them when they started arguing? “Are you some sort of children?”

“You are right Rose.” I turned around to see the answerer to my question.

It was Mrs. Knight, Vani’s mother.

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