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Chapter 3

“Mom, look, they are my friends. I wanted to introduce you to them but you disappeared from my sight saying something was urgent.” Vani complained to her mom.

Her parents were our host;

I can’t believe it till now.

The first time my eyes fell on Mrs. Knight, a few hours ago, I could tell by her aura that she was a noble lady.

But this noble and magnificent? This wasn’t expected by me.

“It’s fine. You can introduce them to me now.”

“Mom this is Roseanna Agnes, my roommate, and this is Athena Conner, Rosie’s friend.”

“Oh my, Vani why didn’t you ever tell me that you had such beautiful friends?” Mrs. Knight cupped my face. I smiled, bewildered.

“Mom, it’s a long story.” She sighed.

“What talks are going between four beautiful ladies.”A man in his 50’s came to us. Was he Vani’s father?

“Look, William, Vani’s friends are here. She invited them.” Mrs. Knight grabbed her husband’s hand and he encircled his other hand around her waist.

Such a lovely couple they were.

“Mrs. and Mr. Knight, Vani didn’t invite us. We have come here on the behalf of our company.”

I corrected her because having any false opinion on anyone leads to problems in the future.

“Oh, why didn’t you invite your friends then, Vani? And Roseanna dear, have you come here on the behalf of E-mat enterprise?”

“Mom, leave it.” “Yes, I’m an employee of that company.”

Vani and I both spoke in unison.

“You two are so lovely.” Mrs. Knight smiled at us brightly.

“Thank you very much, mam.” Athena finally blurted something.

She was not the type of person to be kept muted.

Since she talked to those guys, something seemed to be off in her behavior. I will ask her later.

“Roseanna and Athena dear, there is no need to be so formal. You can call us William and Marie freely.” She glared at me specifically. Was something wrong with me?

“Yes.” William continued her sentence while his phone buzzed. “Ladies, I’ve got some urgent things which to be done. You can continue.” He left us picking his call.

“By the way, you two look around my son’s age. Maybe younger.” Marie Chirped. “He will be very happy to meet you.”

She also had a son? Why did she say that we will be happy to meet him?

“And one of you could try out with him.” Marie continued and I looked at her, puzzled.

“What was she trying to say?” I whispered in Athena’s ear?

“She was saying that maybe one of us could marry her son,” Athena whispered back.

I got Goosebumps.

Why was Marie trying to be a matchmaker between us and her son? So strange…

But even if she was trying, I would decline and give this opportunity to Athena.

“I am sorry, Marie. But I’ve got a boyfriend.” Athena snatched my excuse violently.

I frowned at her.

Since when did she have a boyfriend? I was completely unaware of it.

“Oh, then maybe Roseanna could try becoming a companion for my son.”

I felt awkward at Marie’s words. With their status, every girl should be throwing herself to her son.

Then why me?

“By the way, Vani, have you seen Aaron?”

“No mom, I haven’t seen brother for two hours. I bet he might be in his goofy room.”

“Mother.” A deep voice of familiarity spoke.

I turned to see who it was.

It was him. Him…

The man I met in that room. Don’t tell me that he was Vani’s Brother.


My whole being shivered up seeing him.

It’s such a bewitching name but the person having it is the opposite.

He was cold…

Why did I meet him again? Why was my luck so bad? I hit myself continuously in my head, cursing myself.

Aaron looked at the small gatherings passively. But his gaze lingered on me for longer than I thought.

Why did he have to be Vani’s brother?

“Finally decided to grace everyone with your presence?” Marie taunted him and he rolled his eyes in anger.

“We will leave you guys alone now. Athena do you want to explore our mansion with us?” Marie was giving Aaron and me a way to have a conversation.

Athena supported her by nodding and giving me a smirk.

She was clearly unaware of this man’s viciousness. I must also get glued to them for avoiding my death.

“I will follow you.” My forced smile tried to hide the nervousness.

“No need. We can get to know each other.” Aaron held my hands, stopping me.

I tried to break free but that was of no use.

Why was he forcing me? He also behaved intimately upstairs like I was someone he knew.

“What do you want?” Clenching my teeth, I asked when the girl’s gang went away leaving me alone behind in a lion’s den.

“Let’s dance.” Why were his words so short?

“I won’t.” When I turned to leave he grabbed my waist and spun me back into him.

“I’m not asking you. I’m telling you.” He forcefully put my hand on his shoulder while tugging his hand to my waist.

I could feel my anger surfacing. He was despised by me.

The music started playing and every couple started dancing with us in between.

But we were not couples at all.

“Leave me or else I’ll scream,” I yelled at him whisperingly in frustration staring angrily in his eyes.

“Oh really? You can try it.” Aaron mused darkly. “You are feisty. It makes you more interesting and it will be fun to play with you.”

“I’m not a toy.” I bit my lips in agony.

The hunger behind his cold eyes churned me from inside.

“For me you are a tiny girl with whom I would spend my night today, making you cry in pleasure.”

What he wanted was nothing but a nightstand. I hella don’t like him.

Till today, no one has been able to shake my calm composure to this end that even I was talking rudely.

This man was mad at a whole different level. How could there be so much difference between a sister and a brother?

Vani was cute while he was insane.

The more I winced, the more pleasure he got in making me feel weak.

This was what I hated about influential people.

Our bodies swayed together on the whole dance floor in harmony.

“Look at me.” Aaron held my chin, making me pull closer to him.

He was looking at my face with no emotions.

The moment I looked into his eyes, I got lost.

Somewhere along the musical lines and his enchanting face, I forgot everything.

My heart was getting attracted to his face while my body was resisting it.

The music stopped and his hand around my waist slightly loosened.

I again took it as an opportunity and hit on his hand. “Psycho…”

He grunted and eyed me coldly, grabbing the attention of everyone surrounding us.

“Did she really hit Aaron William Knight?” “Such a fool.” “Now he will make her living impossible.” “A seducer she is. Aaron wouldn’t be interested in her even if she had a beautiful face.”

I ran away from there after making a scene. There was no strength in me to listen to all those mocking.

If only he wouldn’t have been Vani’s brother, I would have defiled him showing people his true nature, and then would have run to some other country for safety.

Please God don’t let me meet that crazy man ever.

It’s my first ever plead to you.

I looked around for Vani and Athena to leave. There was no way, I could stay here longer.

There they were. I hasted my steps in their direction.

“I am tired; can we leave from here?”

“Yeah, you are right. Me too. Let’s leave together. This party has totally exhausted us.” They both agreed.

After informing Richard about Athena and me leaving, Vani and I drove to our dorm immediately.

Athena went to her house.

“What happened in the ball, Rose? Your mood seems to be off?” She asked while drying her hair with a hairdryer after bath.

“I will explain it some other day. Let me get some sleep please.” Covering my face with a blanket I fell asleep without even wasting a single second.

“No problem, I’m also going to sleep,” Vani said.


Third person’s pov

“Who was that girl attending the ball today?” Aaron asked Richard, the boss of the E-mat enterprise.

“Who? Are you talking about Roseanna?” Richard smirked seeing Aaron interested in a girl.

Till today, he didn’t spare an eye to even a single girl after she died.

“That girl had the nerve to hit me in public. So I’ve decided to give her a little punishment.” Aaron chuckled darkly.

Richard stared at Aaron with a boring type of look and murmured. “So you want another girl for a nightstand. Here I thought you were moving on from your past.”

Aaron’s slightly livelier expression turned into a bloody ruthless look.

“Don’t get your hopes too high and don’t ever mention the past again. That girl is nothing to me more than a one-night pleasure. Find all the details about her. I give you three days.” He coldly hissed, went away from his room leaving Richard alone.

“I guess Aaron hasn’t forgotten about Josephine even now.” He muttered to himself.

“Here I thought that making the most beautiful girl from my office come here would change his insides.”

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